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The Canon Info Thread - What We Know


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Sep 2, 2013
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Where the sky's been tainted red
Painwheel Cerebella
Advice for new players: This thread is intended to be a companion to the Skullgirls games, not a replacement or a recap. The information won't make much sense to you if you haven't played the game or don't already have basic knowledge of Skullgirls lore. I would suggest playing/reading at least all the stories in Skullgirls 2nd Encore first before diving in.


Unofficially relaunching this subforum by reviving this thread :p. Old archived thread along with all the old replies and such are archived here https://skullheart.com/threads/the-canon-info-thread-what-we-know.8/

NOTICE: The information provided in this thread has been collected and is, to the best of our knowledge and effort, accurate and up-to-date canon info provided by reliable sources, unless stated otherwise. Until any particular info appears in the game or any other canon sources (official bio, supplementary materials, etc.) though, they may change at any time based on further information revealed in official materials or from people who are authority on the matter.

This thread will be used for archiving canon info about the Skullgirls universe that doesn't actually appear in the game (at this point including the main Skullgirls game and Skullgirls Mobile) or in official bio but confirmed personally by Alex Ahad or people we know are familiar with the Skullgirls lore.

The official bio are those on the official site, the Indiegogo page and the LZ's voteable character info page.

Since the old thread blew up and was never recovered, I'm going to be regurgitating info from memory into this new thread. I'm sorting the info into those related to characters/factions/locations/etc. to make it tidier. Please help by posting anything I missed and any new info here!

The booklet that comes with the limited physical version of 2nd Encore also reveals further information. Since not everyone has access to this version, I will add the key info below.

Currently playable characters:

Filia & Samson:​

  • Samson used to have a host, Delilah, who was a very important host to him.
  • The hairpin swords that earlier versions of Filia used is still canon, she is just not using them right now.
  • Samson has lots of contacts and "friends" that he bugs to get him and Filia a place to sleep, so they've been bumming it out.
  • Samson knows Yu-Wan, and he is one of these "friends".
  • The reason why we don't see people looking for Filia might come up in the canon story mode. People are looking for her but there's only so much that can be shown in the character's own story mode.
  • Samson took over Filia’s hair; he’s halfway to being her hair. His “texture” is basically like hair but with possibly some muscle structures underneath.
  • Filia is not as “smart” as she is before, i.e. she is more naïve due to losing her memory.
  • Filia’s favourite type of dog is golden retrievers, and medium-sized main-character-type dogs
  • Samson can close his mouth and eyes to stay hidden. His mouth can look like a headband. Samson generally hides because he knows that it’s a stigma to have a parasite
  • People who knew her previously probably think that Filia has dyed her hair if they aren’t aware of Samson
  • Filia probably dated guys pre-Samson
  • Samson can feel what Filia feels
  • Filia didn’t have a lot of genuine, sincere friends; most people sucked up to her or were afraid of her due to her being a mafia princess. Carol was one of her few true friends
  • Measurements: 34C-26-39
  • Age: 16
  • There is a rational explanation for Samson's apparent inconsistencies in Filia's stories in Skullgirls Mobile and Skullgirls 2E, which will hopefully be explained in future stories


  • Her ethnicity was meant to be the equivalent of Brazilian in the Skullgirls universe.
  • Like the rest of the Cirque des Cartes (Circus of Cards) members, she is based on a card motif, in her case the diamond suit.
  • Cerebella isn't "literally pure" but is pure in the sense that's she's not entirely aware of how bad the Mafia is.
  • "Cerebella" is her stage name. Her real name is Cassandra Veranos (confirmed in Limited Edition booklet)
  • Cerebella’s Vice-Versa was with her since she was passed onto the circus. Probably given to her by her mother
  • Cerebella has a lot of strength but Vice-Versa has the ability to negate a lot of weight, letting her perform feats such as lifting multiple elephants like in her story mode.7
  • Cerebella being able to turn rocks into diamonds is a true-to-lore power, which was demonstrated in her ending. It is likely that diamonds aren’t worth as much in the Skullgirls universe due to the mob having a member who can create them. :P
  • Cerebella's mother was/is good at crafting Living Weapons
  • Cerebella idolises Beowulf and partially based her on-stage attitude on his antics (confirmed in Limited Edition booklet)
  • On her 18th Birthday she was entrusted with the knowledge of how to perform the "Patada Circular de la Familia de Veranos", a secret technique passed down from generations, which she executes with deadly precision" (from the Limited Edition booklet. NOTE: Kind of a weird one? Not sure if it is supposed to be serious canon or a joke entry. If she was handed to the circus at a young age then who from her family taught her the secret technique?)
  • Measurements: 32D-23-36
  • Age: 18


  • Full name: Patricia Watson
  • Her eyes used to be green
  • She used to work as a maid along with Marie in Rommelgrad, before they were captured by the slave traders
  • Avery is a male bird
  • Peacock's Ant Wasted move does not kill the ant, but rather the beam from the magnifying glass teleports it back to a safe area. In addition, all ants (if Peacock summons multiple through canceling the move repeatedly) are the same ant, summoned from alternate universes.
  • Peacock is capable of ageing. Some of her parts may need to be re-fitted because of this
  • The Avery Unit has the power to “distort” which is a side effect of Peacock’s insanity. She can’t create things out of thin air, but rather modify Lab 8’s range of specialised arsenal. There are certain limits and her summons are only temporary. Her power is still growing so she may be able to summon more things in the future. This particular lore is ambiguous right now.
  • Peacock based Andy Anvil on Stanley, Tommy Ten-Tons from the big blocky scientist, and George and Lenny off the small scientist with the top-knot.
  • Patricia was too defiant to be a slave, so she was broken an example to the others.
  • Patricia has been Peacock for about a year or so. She rapidly adapted to her new set of eyes and developed advanced spatial awareness. Normally she would not be put in the field so soon but her adeptness with the Avery Unit made her one of the best bets against the Skullgirl.
  • Peacock will NEVER stop believing in imaginary friends
  • Peacock likely started smoking after becoming Peacock. They are probably imaginary cigars which are created like her other summons
  • Peacock's planned romance is with Leduc - pretty innocuous first-love type of romance, not "the type that people draw on DeviantArt"
  • Measurements: 18A-17-20
  • Age: 13
  • Peacock was a tomboy type that liked to watch cartoons all day. Marie was more reserved, but hanged out with Peacock a lot as she always protected her.

Ms Fortune:​

  • She can harden her body parts such as her ears and tail to use as weapons. It is a Feral special ability.
  • Her ethnicity is meant to be the Skullgirls universe-equivalent of Latina.
  • Fortune likes small dogs
  • Fortune can feel pain despite being undead
  • Ms. Fortune was a stray hanging around Little Innsmouth before she was found by the Fishbone Gang.
  • Fortune as a child was always with the gang. She was an orphan, and learned the art of thievery from them. She was always causing troubles.
  • Ms Fortune's "power level" in terms of the Skullgirls cast is pretty low - about down there with Beowulf
  • Measurements: 32B-23-34
  • Age: 20


  • Krieg is a family heirloom.
  • Measurements: 34DD-24-38
  • Age: 25
  • Parasoul childhood was always about training to become a fighter and to take the role of her father in the future as a leader. Umbrella was more goofy and spoiled in comparison.
  • Parasoul chooses to be in charge of the Egrets, she likes more to take action than do paperwork. Natural leader.


  • In Filia's ending, she carries around the large cello case that contains the blades from the Buer Drive.
  • The full name of the Gae Bolga parasite is the Gae Bolga Matrix. (May be outdated info - all new official materials so far has referred to it simply as Gae Bolga)
  • Painwheel is possibly one of the most, "powerful," of the cast, as is the case with the other ethically-challenged Lab creation (Peacock), but she is (as is evident in her/Valentine's story mode) kind of unskilled. She's a raw murder machine without much time to get herself together, but given time and practice with her enhancements, she could be nearly unstoppable.
  • Unlike other characters, instead of getting stronger by becoming a more evil version, she'd probably gain strength if she were to calm her heart (from the Limited Edition booklet)
  • Measurements: 21B-18-23
  • Age: 15


  • Her real name is Valerie
  • Prior to Last Hope being wiped out, she was a specialist with the bone saw. She took skills of her fallen comrades to add to her current arsenal; scalpels from Christmas, syringes from Hallow, IV naginata from Patty and body bags from Easter. Alex said that it can be seen as a selfish act, but also a sentimental one.
  • Valentine lost her eye in the incident that destroyed Lab 7. The cross in her remaining eye are result from the drugs and the experimenting, since they were part of it too not just in charge of them.
  • The scar on the lips of Valentine are from a different time, not the attack on Lab 7. Not yet determined. Why she hasn’t replaced her eye is from a character design standpoint.
  • Valentine got along with the Last Hope team but had a bit of a rivalry with Christmas. She got along best with Hallow.
  • Valentine’s “superhuman” feats can be attributed to her ninja skills, and she is able to exceed certain human limits due to Lab 7’s modifications. Her counter animation is most likely an illusion or a body double.
  • Outside of her "job", she's a very straightforward person and her sexual act is just a part of her kunoichi technique
  • Measurements: 36E-25-40
  • Age: 27
  • Valentine prefers acoustic instruments (not a fan of heavy metal). Perhaps Brain Drain would be more interested on electric ones (Alex made that up).
  • Valentine had a rough childhood and entered to the labs early on, for training purposes


  • The nun form that she takes is based on no one in particular; it's just a form she takes to blend in at the cathedral.
  • Double can mimic anyone's voice, and is capable of talking normally to appear as, for example, a nun or a stranger at a party, in order to spread rumours about the Skull Heart.
  • Venus views Double as a maid or a butler, although it’s not quite as straightforward as Double represents many things.
  • Double’s purpose is to manipulate the situation to pass the Skull Heart to the right candidates, i.e. people who are desperate enough and who would wish on it in such a way that it would corrupt the person into the Skullgirl
  • Double can emulate things by sight
  • Double chooses a nun form in order to manipulate people with religion
  • Double does have sentience and a sense of self, but not so much that she could actually do anything outside the will of the Trinity
  • Double pretty much started the Church of the Trinity. It's evidently part of the, "long con," as they say, and based on how ubiquitous the church seems to be in at least the Canopy Kingdom, it gives a clue as to just how long Double has been active.
  • The nun identity goes by the name of Agatha Gloomfoil, and if you can guess why, you are one of the cool fans (confirmed in Limited Edition booklet)
  • Skullgirls Mobile social media account/in-game promotion confirms Sister Agatha's birthday is on 11th May, although since Agatha isn't a real person, it is not clear what this date actually refers to (The "birthday" of this persona? Just an "official birthday" on her legal papers?)
  • Measurements: Varies
  • Age: Unknown
  • Double's true form has been long forgotten. But the face in the nun form does have hints of what her original image was (from Reddit AMA)
  • Double was never a child. She seems to have been around for a while.
  • Double can’t travel through time and in terms of ranks, she’s below from Aeon and Venus. Her whole purpose is to manipulate people and situation so the Skull Heart can be passed to the right hands, a.k.a. giving it to someone suitable enough and be desperate to wish on it and become the Skullgirl

Squigly & Leviathan:​

  • Squigly was not resurrected during Queen Renoir's transformation into a Skullgirl, as the Queen was currently in another land at the time and her powers did not extend back to the Canopy Kingdom's dead-and-buried.
  • Before she died, Squigly was considered to be a Mezzo Soprano
  • Leviathan was present for the clash between Samson's old host, Delilah, and Eliza.
  • Squigly’s full name is currently “Sienna Contiello”. Her middle names mentioned in older lore materials and her Dragon Empire heritage are no longer canon. She still retain some Chinese theme in her moves
  • When Squigly talks about Parasoul’s height, she has never met her before but has seen her in photos and on TV and such.
  • While Roberto has Leviathan living in his shoulder, due to the stigma of having a Parasite, Leviathan would generally be hidden under a short cloak or a coat (Potential contradiction with his art in Squigly's Origin Story, since Leviathan is just hanging out in plain sight. Although it could just be that the portrait art is just stylised and doesn't show exactly what he looks like in public, or it was a more private event for close friends and family so he was more comfortable with showing off Leviathan.)
  • Squigly and Leviathan is able to tap into Abaddon's ability to manipulate space to perform moves such as Centre Stage.
  • Measurements: 28B-21-38
  • Age: 28 (14 at death)

Big Band:​

  • He wears striped boxers with musical notes on them.
  • He was given music-based power as Dr Avian is a fan of jazz music. Like how Peacock creates cartoon-based power for herself, a better understanding of the mechanics of jazz instruments means that Avian can create mechanisms based on them more effectively.
  • Big Band has newer technology than Dahlia, who is the very first generation of ASG subjects
  • Measurements: 170-160-150
  • Age: 40


  • Measurements: 34C-26-39
  • Age: Unknown

Eliza, Sekhmet, Albus & Horace:​

  • In the Canopy Kingdom, Parasite hosts are generally feared and shunned, but due to the fact that Eliza's parasite is virtually invisible, she doesn't have to deal with that kind of discrimination.
  • Originates from the Skullgirls universe-equivalent of Egypt
  • Eliza is older than Annie.
  • Eliza's been operating under her current guise for about 20 years now
  • Eliza is basically a vampire; she can keep living forever as long as she gets blood
  • Compared to Horace, Albus is younger, more aggressive and rough around the edges. In contrast, Horace is older, wiser and more refined, even if a bit out of shape. They generally work well together as a team even if they argue every once in a while. They act as back-up for Eliza as she does most of the fighting as soon as she gets an excuse to, otherwise they act as moral support for her. They are pretty strong and would give Beowulf and interesting match.
  • There are other club singers in Canopy Kingdom, but Eliza is one of the best known
  • Eliza is fond of cats
  • Eliza confirmed to originally planned to be the main villian of Skullgirls 2
  • Eliza is thousands of years old, having been a top general below Lamia, queen of the ancient, highly advanced civilization that you can see the ruins of in Gehenna
  • Eliza launched a rebellion against the royal family, and Lamia's daughters Aeon and Venus were killed in this conflict (presumably by Eliza herself?). Whether Lamia herself survived that confrontation is not known, nor is how her daughters came to exist in their current incarnations.
  • Measurements: 36DD-24-41 (average)
  • Age: Unknown


  • He's NOT Scythana's dad. :p
  • The Hurting is just a really durable chair
  • Beowulf’s weight class is the mid-lower end of cruiserweight, the level just below heavyweight
  • Beowulf is basically a side-character who is pretty detached from the main story. Until now his career has not brought him into contact with the main group
  • As for Beowulf’s reason for retiring from wresting after his match with Grendel: most fans thought that it was to keep his winning streak, but ripping off your opponent’s arm and killing their mom… you have to think about where your job is taking you.
  • Beowulf is currently undefeated with a win-loss ratio of approximately 32:0 (which is a completely arbitrary number and will probably change in the future)
  • Measurements: 55-38-42
  • Age: 37


  • 32B-23-34 (adjustable)
  • Age: 1st Generation


  • Annie is several-centuries-old. Her immortality was gained when her parents wished on the Skull Heart so that Annie would never have to experience the hardship of adulthood, thereby making her forever a child.
  • She has had many different weapons and abilities throughout her life.
  • Sagan, her remote parasite. keeps her right eye in his mouth.
  • She's physically not able to swear due to her condition
  • She is familiar with Double due to her experience fighting Skullgirls
  • Annie has encountered a lot of Skullgirls and has killed a lot, but not the same a lot. She's seen the cycle multiple times and seen how they become stronger each time and is looking for the underlying source now.
  • The Annie of the Stars show is very similar to the Super Mario Bros. Super Show with live action segments with cartoons and PSAs and commercials in between.
  • Sagan can talk. Somehow.
  • Annie hides her immortality by getting a new hairstyle every few years. The show tells the audience that they have simply changed the actress. Eliza also pulls a similar trick
  • Age: Unknown (15 forever) (listed on the official website for a few days before it got taken down)


  • Hungern's favourite food is spicy food, but really he would eat anything.
  • Around 10- to 11-year-old
  • Hungern "is actually a bit different" from the other Renoir umbrellas

Future/Potential DLC characters

Bloody Marie:​

  • Marie's last name is Korbel
  • She became the Skullgirl in late summer, and it's been a couple months since then, as the game takes place in autumn.
  • The makeshift orphanage that Marie and Patricia lived in was formerly a nobleman’s house, so they made do with the clothes that were available, i.e. maid uniforms. Marie took care of housework and “clicked” better with the maid uniforms. Dressing up like a grown-up also made other kids listen to her.
  • Skullgirls inevitably become hateful and violent towards all life. Marie has been resisting the transformation with a strong will, but she’s already becoming more cold and ruthless, but still with a moral compass. She is in the “middle stage” of the transformation so to speak.
  • Patricia and Marie knew each other before the war hit their home, and became close due to both having to survive after the war as orphans.
  • Marie escaped from the slave traders and was never technically a slave. Technically, Patricia was the only one of the two who became a slave.
  • Skullgirl-ification makes your hair turn pale and eyes turn red. Before becoming the Skullgirl, Marie’s eye and hair colours were blue and brown respectively
  • Bio information from Limited Run booklet:
    • Age 13 (12 at death)
    • Birthday: April 3rd
    • Blood Type: SG (formerly O)
    • Height: 4'9"
    • Weight: 94lbs
    • Measurements: 17A-16-20
    • Likes: Tidiness, innocence, fond memories, apples, jams and jellies, books, Patricia, Hilgard's orphanage, Rommelgrad, divine retribution
    • Dislikes: The Medici, war, weapons, criminals, mice, the Anti-Skullgirl Project, the Skull Heart, powerlessness, suspicious nuns
    • Story: Marie is a vengeful spirit risen from the ashes of No Man's Land. A region left decimated by the Grand War, its countries never recovered and gave way to lawlessness. She and others lived in a makeshift orphanage, but in the end there was no sanctuary and it was attacked by slavers. Marie alone escaped, thanks to her friend. A mysterious figure offered her a powerful artifact, the Skull Heart, as a chance to save the others. Sadly, she did not arrive in time and became the next Skullgirl. But for Marie, this was only the beginning. She embarked on a bloody path, following the paper trail from the slave traders of No Man's Land to the Medici Mafia in the city of New Meridian.

Black Dahlia:​

  • She is an ex-member of the Anti-Skullgirls Labs and her body was modified with weapons from there. Like Big Band, she was part of the Labs before they worked with synthetic parasites therefore her body doesn't have them.
  • She is the trainer of the Medici's legion of female assassins who specialise in hidden weapons such as the footblade that we see Cerebella uses.
  • Black Dahlia's time in the Labs drove her mad, she used to be a lot different and had a different name before becoming an assassin
  • Dahlia was the first ASG; essentially a prototype. She was gravely wounded in a Skullgirl attack and Geiger put her back together.
  • She is around 50 to 60
  • Dahlia doesn't have any true loyalty to the Medici. She is powerful enough to be the second-in-command of the Medici and loves to be their due to her deranged, violent nature, as being with them gives her a constant excuse to be violent
  • Black Dahlia is NOT Elven. She is human. Alex said the idea that she was elven sprung from the misinterpretation of a piece of art where her ears were stylistically more pointed, but never meant to indicate she was anything but human.
  • She was always “rough around the edges”.

Mrs. Victoria:​

  • Her first name is either Devannah or Diana; it's not quite decided yet. Both the names are references to something.
  • D. Violet is her alter-ego.
  • The Pazuzu whip brings out a deeper, maybe repressed side of Ms. Victoria in the form of D. Violet. Like the Hulk but with horniness instead of anger
  • Victoria’s “missing student” mentioned in her bio is Filia (added this since some people speculate that it could be Carol)

D. Violet:​

  • The D. stands for Deep.


  • His surname is Whitefin.
  • Like sharks that cannot swim backwards as they need to push water into their gills by swimming forward, he cannot walk backwards.


  • Hive's Beezle Bomb is a mix of an implanted modifier and her suit, so she could take the suit off and be more or less normal, but still have access to her powers.
  • The triangle on her head is a reference to dorsal ocelli.
  • Hive and Leduc are around 15, slightly younger than Filia.
  • Hive controls mechanical bees. They are basically bee-shared bombs and missiles with she controls via her Synthetic Parasite, the Beezle Bomb. They are not alive and don’t contain any Theonite.
  • Hive wanted to dress up as a sexy devil in order to go to the cool teenager Halloween parties. It was either that or a sexy nurse, but that was already taken ):


  • Leduc is about 16 year old.
  • Leduc can walk normally despite having goofy feat. Having a Segway-style dash might be possible.


  • A veteran ASG soldier, she has fought 2 previous Skullgirls with Big Band.

Brain Drain:​

  • Before Brain Drain was rebuilt as a robot, he was less shiny and more opaque (lol)
  • Brain Drain is younger than Avian. He has been a member of the Labs for a long time
  • Brain Drain was the only “successful” psychic soldier, meaning that the other psychic solders were unstable. The destruction of Lab 7 was caused by the instability of some of these soldiers. There is a particular psychic soldier which is relevant to the story right now which has not been named yet.
  • If anyone else gets a canon robot version, it would probably be made by Brain Drain


  • Andy Anvil's appearance was based on how Peacock see Stanley. She thinks that he looks like a walking anvil with sharp teeth who likes boxing.
  • Likes basketball
  • Tommy's full name is Tommy Ten-Tons.
  • Andy's story was to revolve around attempting to retrieve Peacock's missing toon-town wagon.
  • Andy is a sports nerd and likes boxing, rugby and basketball


  • She is 17-year-old
  • Alex mentioned that the ghost birds on her head were summoned to her due to the fact that she had such a bad sense of Feng Shui that the very arrangement of her furnitures causes such bad chi flow that it attracts numerous ghosts into her house. He said that this was more of a joke origin that he just happened to think of, but according to her official bio on the DLC character info page, this might actually be canon?? (Pretty much confirmed based on Cerebella's Origin Story)
  • She is Cerebella's roommate
  • Based on the ace card
  • Feng confirmed to NOT have romantic feelings for Cerebella. It's just a normal, non-sexual "oh she's so cool" girl-crush, similar to Minette and Ms Fortune


  • He is of an "elf" race, as seen from his pointed ears. The elves are a very rare race in the Canopy Kingdom, and unlike elves from other fantasy universes, they are mostly the same as humans and do not have a longer lifespan than humans. Dr Avian is also a member of this race.
  • Muse keeps Taliesin's hands in her mouth.
  • Based on the Jack card
  • Taliesin most likely doesn’t view other humans as people. He is essentially a sociopath with a detached view of others.


  • Based on the heart suit


  • Many of the animals she commands are hybrid versions of animals that we would find in our world.
  • Based on the Queen card


  • Based on the club suit

Ottomo & Tom:​

  • Tom used to be a member of the ASG Lab 4 and a colleague of Stanley, who decided to sell out to the Mafia and stole the M3 (Mighty Metal Man) robot, Ottomo, from the lab.
  • Tom is a crude drunkard while Ottomo has a refined personality. While Ottomo has his own AI unit, his body is controlled by Tom.
  • Tom is an axolotl/salamander Dagonian.
  • Tom maintains Black Dahlia's mechanism. Despite Dahlia's mechanism being from a much older generation of ASG tech, he can still work with it using his engineering skills.
  • Ottomo is a custom Mighty Metal Man (M3) unit that Tom made for himself to pilot. He is one of Lab 4’s experiments in creating vehicle/weapon hybrids.
  • Tom and Stanley would definitely be considered rivals if they meet again due to Tom’s betrayal of Lab 4.
  • Ottomo's AI is refined and is a robot butler who handles the dirty work. He has been programmed like this in order to please mob bosses.
  • While not as infamous as Black Dahlia, Tom and Ottomo is still feared as one of the mob’s deadliest henchmen.


  • He has a brother, Shumei. You can see him on the Little Innsmouth stage with his arms crossed and looking the other way.


  • One of her sisters, the nautilus girl, is called Nautilee.
  • Minette thought that Ms. Fortune was a pretty cool cat so it did not take much for them to become friends. They met as the Fishbone Gang hung out at Yu-Wan’s restaurant all the time, since Little Innsmouth is a small community.


  • The handcuffs she is wearing are infused with magic that makes them unbreakable even with her Gigan strength.


  • Her real name is Rosie.
  • One of her jobs is to maintain Panzerfaust's tanks, which he keeps breaking due to his reckless techniques.
  • Roxie is an easy-going girl who is driven by curiosity. She likes puzzles and is a fan of dissembling and reassembling things to see how they work. She also likes sandwiches because of how she can put them together. She tends to get away with adding stuff which was how Molly’s Graham-o-Tron happened.



  • His surname is Kapowski.
  • Adam’s feeling for Parasoul is basically unrequited as Parasoul is pretty oblivious to it ;-;
  • As far as the canon goes, Adam and Parasoul is probably the closest Skullgirls would have to a romance



  • While Isaac doesn’t have any connection with the ASG Labs, his job has brought him in contact with unusual tech and it would make sense if he knows Stanley in some way, due to the latter’s connection with the Labs’ advanced tech. They would know each other on the side, being of different professions.
  • Isaac is a professor at the University of Canopolis.
  • Isaac hair was gravely injured by a pair of scissors, leaving a cool scar



"Evil" Samson:​

Archive of removed items due to them having been confirmed or changed in-game:​

- Filia wasn’t really evil. “We’re all good and bad in different ways” Filia's Origin Story in SGM shows Filia pre-Samson, and it seems her personality is quite different to what we had come to expect based on previously revealed info
- (Alex seems to implicitly confirm that Samson is the cause of Filia’s amnesia?) Kinda confirmed in Filia's Origin Story

- She used to be second-in-command of Last Hope before the rest of the group was wiped out. Christmas used to be the leader. Confirmed in Valentine's Origin Story

- Squigly was 14 year old at the time of her death. Confirmed in her bio
- Leviathan was attached to Roberto’s arm/shoulder area and was visible externally. Confirmed in her story mode

- Her birthday is April 3rd (Marie has bio info in the booklet for the Limited Edition. It's not found in an official source online or in-game, but you can find them easily on the Google anyway so I won't include it in here)
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Where the sky's been tainted red
Painwheel Cerebella


The Renoirs:​

  • It is not known whether King Franz is still alive or not - either he's dead or he's gone and will come back later, "whichever is cooler"
  • Eroberung (the Living Weapon umbrella Franz used to defeat Nancy) is not something you want to use very much. It's part of the reasons No Man's Land is how it is

The Medicis:​

  • The Medicis are descendants of the original inheritors of the land that the Canopy Kingdom is on, thus making them the natural enemies of the Renoirs.
  • In the Medici Tower stage, in Lorenzo's office, there are 4 portraits. They are of Lorenzo and his 3 sons.

The Anti-Skullgirls Labs:​

  • The ASG Labs originally had 9 divisions. As of present, all of them have been shut down apart from Lab 8 and Lab 0. The original functions of each labs are:
    • Lab 1 and 2: Research labs which developed technology for the other labs
    • Lab 3: Super soldier development
    • Lab 4: Handheld weapon and vehicle development
    • Lab 5: Specialised weapons
    • Lab 6: Theonite research
    • Lab 7: Medical/Drug research
    • Lab 8: Synthetic parasites
    • Lab 0: The secret lab. Research Skullgirl blood
  • Lab 3 and 4 used to develop soldiers and weapons for the Canopian government in exchange for research resources for the Labs
  • The Last Hope nurses were originally members of Lab 7.
  • Due to Lab 0's existence being undocumented, they could conduct much more amoral/immoral researches than the other labs
  • The kids in the back of Lab 8 are orphans with conditions that would have had trouble leading a regular life without Lab 8's help. One of the reasons Lab 8 originally went renegade was to prove they could help humanity outside of making weapons. The kids are written off as test subjects in order to justify taking care of them. The same was done people like Big Band and Peacock.
  • Each of the labs has a "metric bunch" of scientists. There's no specified number.
  • The order of creation of the known ASG members are Black Dahlia, Brain Drain, Geiger, Big Band, Ileum, Hive, Leduc, Peacock and Painwheel, respectively. Dahlia was the first but was under a different context. Big Band and Ileum are from the same generation before the Grand War. Hive and Leduc were introduced around the same time. Peacock came a bit later. Painwheel was developed in Lab 0 in tandem with Peacock. The latter 2 are the latest ASG units.
  • Leduc, Hive and Peacock are the teenage troublemakers of Lab 8

The Cirque des Cartes:​

  • Every member of the Cirque des Cartes has their own reasons for joining, some of the more nefarious members like Taliesin, Beatrix, and Regina know they're working for the Mafia, while people like Hubrecht don't. (Not sure if this is overridden by Cerebella's Origin Story. Maybe Hubrecht didn't know exactly the implication of what he was involved with)

The Divine Trinity:​

  • The Great Mother is aware of Aeon and Venus's interference in the verse. Venus is getting restless and might try and pull something.
  • The Mother is, apparently, not Lamia, or at the very least, not the same person in the way we'd normally comprehend it. The mother is an ancient God, but past that, it is unclear. (NightPhyre's understanding from Alex's explanation: I believe that Lamia was something of an, "immortal," queen, with her power being derived from the Skullheart/The Mother in some fashion.)
  • The Trinity live on a separate plane of existence called The Abyss. This realm does not interact with the normal world except in extremely rare cases; so rare, in fact, that Alex answered with regards to if Aeon/Venus had ever meddled in mortal affairs, "no, never." His comments about Squigly/Leviathan possibly ripping a hole in space via Abaddon's power (thus allowing Venus into their world) does make it clear that the realms can connect, though.

The Canopy Kingdom:​

  • The capital of the Canopy Kingdom is Canopolis
  • New Meridian is a "megacity" that also includes the areas of Little Innsmouth and Maplecrest. It's name came from the old country that used to occupy the land, the Meridian Empire.
  • The official currency of the Canopy Kingdom is called Bones. (Update: "Bones" may not be the official name of the currency and may actually just be a slang term - like buck is a slang term for US dollar. It is still undecided what the official name of the currency is.)
  • The distances between the Canopy Kingdom, the Gigan Nation and the Chess Kingdom are roughly the equivalent of the distances between Europe, Russia and the Middle East. They are separated by No Man's Land.
  • The climate zone of the Canopy Kingdom is based off of northern US and the norcal area specifically. It's mostly based off of whatever looks cool.
  • The Canopy Kingdom's gentlemen's clubs all closed down after a sharp increase of girls without bras getting into street fights.
  • There's a lot of discriminations against minority groups like ferals. Parasite hosts specifically are heavily ostracised as hosting a Parasite is seen as taboo.
  • All three kingdoms were pretty ambitious in expanding but the Canopy Kingdom was the most aggressive. King Franz invested a lot into combining technology and magic to take on the other 2 countries
  • Rule under King Renoir was much harsher than under Princess Parasoul. Political freedoms were restricted, and you could expect jack-booted government thugs to do unscrupulous, unethical things without question. Weapons R&D was extremely high priority. Alex agrees that it is "kinda Nazi-ish". This kind of thing has diminished after the King's disappearance/death, and although still highly nationalistic, the Canopy Kingdom is significantly more free under Parasoul.
  • According to the Skullgirls Special Selection Soundtrack cover (the CD that came with the Limited Run edition of the game), New Meridian is located on the "West Continent" (Note: interestingly, it says "New Meridian, West Continent" rather than listing the country, Canopy Kingdom. Since the soundtrack is supposedly recorded by Medici Recording Studio, perhaps it shows the Medici's disdain for the Renoir's rule?)

The Black Egrets:​

  • The Black Egrets are open to people from any and all walks of life.
  • The Black Egrets have different divisions and hence variants on the uniform. Pictures of officers with trench coats and military caps in some concept arts are those of higher ranking officers.
  • The Black Egrets would go through daily regimented training, with a 7-minute workout at minimal :P
  • The Black Egrets still have battalions of experimental Metal Slug-esque tanks, but they are mostly for display now that the War is over. Like in our WWII, there were many experimental weapons created during the Grand War

Little Innsmouth and Dagonians:​

  • The sea urchin kid on the Little Innsmouth stage is called Leroy
  • The hammerhead shark Dagonian is called Steel.
  • Dak'kull Dubu is the name of Yu-Wan's restaurant. Dak'kull is the style of cuisine while Dubu means tofu in Korean. The restaurant does serve other food, like how "noodle houses" serve other food that's not noodles.
  • The Dagonians do eat fish, in the same way that humans eat other mammals without thinking much about it

The Gigan Nation:​

  • One of the three nations involved in the Grand War. along with the Canopy Kingdom and the Chess Kingdom.
  • The Gigan Nation's king is called Gilgamesh. He is a giant Gigan with a special chain mail that protrudes knifes when he flexes. He's had some epic battles with King Franz back in the days
  • Gigans come in many different sizes and the towns of the Gigan Nation can be seen to be built for many different sizes of inhabitants
  • Taking into account all their different sizes, the average Gigan height is 15 feet.

The Chess Kingdom:​

  • The Chess Kingdom's "technology" is based on magic, which the Canopy Kingdom is more based on science.
  • The main religion of the Chess Kingdom is a variant of the Trinity religion
  • The Chess Kingdom’s demographic is mostly human. It resembles a traditional European society with a medieval motif but within the modern setting
  • The name of the Kingdom is derived from the majority of its military force having robotic golems that resemble giant rooks. The Chess Kingdom’s lore is still uncertain and may be changed in the future.

The Dragon Empire:​

Parasites, Artificial Parasites and Living Weapons:​

  • Parasites and Living Weapons derive from a common source, which is related to Theonite.
  • Living Weapons are forged by specialist weaponsmiths, some of whom can gain pretty legendary statuses.
  • Parasites cannot be unbounded from their host without killing the host. Parasites also cannot survive without a host for very long. Unlike a Living Weapon, a Parasites generally gives its host greater power but at the cost of a permanent bond with it.
  • A Living Weapon can only be wielded by certain people
  • A remote parasite needs a part of the host body in order to be bound to the host
  • Parasites can greatly vary in age, some are ancient while others are relatively new. New ones can be created. They can stay alive forever as long as they have a host.
  • Artificial parasites are not sentient.
  • Parasites and living weapons can having different effects on the people who use them.
  • There are various side effects to synthetic parasites but no universal ones. The first successful parasite was put on a burn victim to replace her skin, and she now prefers to wear a mask.
  • Living weapons don’t age but does adjust to the size of the person. Can be passed on from generations if maintained, like a real-life sword for example
  • While the point of attachment of Synthetic Parasites can’t be removed without massive surgeries, certain Synthetic Parasites have removable parts. Examples of these are the blades on Painwheel Buer Drive and Peacock’s arms.
  • Soul contamination is a mental corruption that can happen with a person is a host to multiple Parasites, natural or Synthetic. It is part of the reasons why Parasite hosts are looked down upon. It’s generally dangerous and can be deadly.
  • Parasites don’t necessarily need food or sleep even when detached from a host. Their abilities to survive outside a host vary. Some Parasites can go into “minimal” states like a bacteria going into a cyst form, but it won’t last them forever.
  • When a Parasite host becomes the Skullgirl, the Parasite too is likewise corrupted into the undead. They could lose their individuality as well. This process also depends on the wish of the host as well.
  • Maybe it would be cool if Brain Drain or another scientist to eventually make a godlike Artificial Parasite, but currently there's not plan to explore this
  • Theonite is roughly as rare a meteor rock (maybe just a bit more common) and has some connection to the Skullheart (not 100% clear). It's what Living Weapons are made of, whereas Parasites are directly derived from the Skullheart itself, in some way.
  • In the ancient civilization where Lamia used to rule (very much modelled after Egyptian antiquity), parasites were much more common and totally accepted as power/status symbols among the elite ruling class.
  • Parasites can change hosts if the host die, gets too old, or can handle them anymore, or gets killed. The act on hoping to another host would kill the current one. They’re individuals, can decide their host too.

The Skull Heart:​

  • If the Skullgirl is defeated and the Skull Heart isn't wished upon or destroyed, she will regenerate eventually
  • The reason men cannot wish on the Skull Heart is due to incompatibility based on the origin of the Skull Heart.
  • Boys can't do much with the Skull Heart. They can look at it, punch it, yell at it, polish it, show it off as a trophy, turtle wax it.
  • No one has ever been able to wish on the Skull Heart without becoming a Skullgirl. “Wishes are selfish by nature”
  • The Skullheart is of alien origin, having crashed on the planet a long, LONG time ago. Alex implied that it may or may not have kickstarted evolution, but that part seemed like more of an idle musing on his part than a legitimate canon building block.
  • "Could a trans woman wish on the Skull Heart?" It was answered that if Poison from Final Fight wants to wish on the Heart, she could


  • Patty and the horned schoolgirl in Maplecrest are Ferals
  • The Grand War lasted for about a decade or so
  • The various NPCs in the background of Meridian based stages: http://blackbookalpha.deviantart.com/art/Dolchebon-NPCs-139427108
  • Bigsby Esquire is editor of the Seven Year Midnight Scout - a major newspaper of New Meridian.
  • The building Marie upends in Squigly's story mode is one half of Medici Tower. The other half is the building burning in the background of Rooftops Assault
  • No Man's Land is a collection of smaller countries and territories that became ravaged and fell into anarchy as a result of the three main countries quickly pulling back from war. Bandits in the area were able to get their hands on war equipment and human trafficking began in that area. Peacock and Marie are from Rommelgrad, which is a town in that collection.
  • There are a variety of other religions in the Skullgirls-verse, including many different denominations of the Trinity. Practitioners are called Trinitists.
  • The gender roles and stereotypes are roughly the same as they are here, so chauvinists and slimeballs still exist. The Skullgirl might be equated to a witch hunt, enforcing this sexism.
  • Filia doesn’t have preferences on alcoholic drinks while Samson would drink anything he can get his hands on. Valentine likes hard drinks like whiskey. Parasoul is a wine person. Eliza likes beer as ancient Egyptians used to make beer. Peacock likes the Skullgirls-equivalent of Jack Daniels (Jack Donnies or John Daniels? Lol) Painwheel probably doesn’t have a preference. Valentine would probably like a Japanese drink like sake
  • There are manga and anime from the Japan-equivalent part of the Skullgirls universe
  • There are no videogames in the Skullgirls universe
  • Humans in the Skullgirls universe have around the same lifespan as us
  • Dinosaurs existed (exist?) in the Skullgirls universe
  • Rommelgrad was a city in a country, but the name of that former country has not been determined yet. The country no longer exists and the land it stood on is now part of the vast No Man’s Land. (Potentially confusing as Marie's DLC bio uses the term "country of Rommelgrad", but since this is directly confirmed by Alex and the suffix -grad is used in real life for city/town names, I think "country of Rommelgrad" probably means the country which Rommelgrad was situated)
  • The Elf race characteristic is defined by pointy ears. Other than that they have a variety of skin tones in cooler colours such as blue, purple, pink, lavender or pale.
  • "There are several coincidences and parallels in the SG world that give it the same language and holiday names as ours. They may not have had our exact Jesus, but somebody else there is considered anointed so they ended up with a holiday celebrating them named Christmas."
  • Every single thread of fate in the game is possible - in a sense everyone is capable of defeating the Skullgirl and destroying the Skullheart if they perform at their peak level. (You can draw a parallel with saving at a checkpoint in a game. Every time you die and restart, you are essentially creating multiple timelines where in one timeline you can eventually beat the game) (Note: this was confirmed before the addition of obviously joke stories like Robo-Fortune and Fukua's)
  • In the canon story, it takes 3-4 people to defeat Skullgirl Marie, and Marie isn't even a good Skullgirl
  • A possible plot point for Skullgirls 3 would be Squigly pushing the space manipulation power so hard (to save Filia or whoever) that it rips a hole in space and allows Venus and Aeon to cross into their world
  • Neither Heaven nor Hell actually exist in the Skullgirl universe, but to most people, the concept of heaven and hell are fairly accepted, possibly as part of the false religion of the Trinity.
  • Musical instruments in general would be the same as the time of Skullgirls is set (Fourties). But they can take liberties around it with the motifs of technology from the various labs.

Archive of removed items due to them having been confirmed or changed in-game:​

- King Franz Renoir has/had red hair.
- The Renoirs wield umbrella living weapons based on the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Parasoul wields the war umbrella, Kreig. Umbrella wields the famine umbrella, Hungern. Concepts in the sketchbook showed King Franz with the death umbrella, Todd, but this is up in the air and may change into the conquest umbrella in the end.
Confirmed in Parasoul's Origin Story. King Franz ends up with the Conquest umbrella and Queen Nancy wielded the Death umbrealla

The Anti-Skullgirls Labs
- Big Band and others managed to escape Lab 8's assault in Peacock's story mode. "You'll see later." Confirmed in Big Band's story mod
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