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The General Movie Discussion Thread


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Sep 3, 2013
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So. Cal
Discuss about anything and everything relating to your favorite films, new movies that is coming out or movies you have watched recently.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer# 2
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I kinda feel bad for Captain America. When I was a kid, I used to think he was basically Superman without flight. Since then, I've had to learn about all of the other stuff he can't do. Hopefully with these new Marvel movies lining up, Winter Soldier still manages to keep the Cap on top.

Anyway, last week I was able to take advantage of the weather closings we had, and watched a bunch of movies I hadn't seen before. The biggest standout from the pile was Stranger than Fiction, which I had honestly never heard of, but it turned out to be pretty good. I also saw Life of Pi, which I thought was great aside from a few quirky CGI moments.

Speaking of CGI, there was also John Carter. Man, I really wanted to like that one. It wasn't a terrible movie, but it sounds like I'll get a lot more enjoyment out of the books.

And of course there were some oldies in the pile that I hadn't seen either, The Paper Chase and Places in the Heart. Can't go wrong with those, I suppose. I'm just glad I never went to Harvard, or had to grow up picking cotton!
Guardian of the Galaxy Teaser Trailer. A trailer for a trailer..

The full trailer will be reveal later tonight. Kind of funny how there is a talking raccoon and a tree in a movie before a Wonder Woman and flash movie. Get it together DC!
I really like Marvel's cinematic universe; shame they split-up their licenses and few are still under other hands.
Anyway, the Captain America movie was my favorite from Phase 1 (next to Avengers), and the Winter Soldiers seems like it's gonna be better than Iron Man 3 and The Dark World.

About The Raid 2, I haven't watched the first yet; but I want to as son as possible.
doesn't fall under rules but they should of made a movie adaptation out of Transformer: War of Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron. That would of been pretty cool (I would of liked it anyways)
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you know that cowboy vs alien movie?...what was to keep other aliens for coming back?

this movie really just tugs at my heart. im not afraid to admit this movie made my cry alot.

Sorry if this trailer.offends anyone. Its really a great film that touches on gangs,racism,and how hate is a nasty cycle.
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also, what about one of the greatest parody films of all time?
Check out the first 10 mins of Captain America:TWS

These were shown in the recent Marvel documentary about the Marvel Cinematic universe that was just recently aired.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Concept Art.

Scarlet Witch




Guardian of the Galaxy concept art

Peter Quill and Rocket Raccoon. This one looks great.


Groot and raccon
The Raid 2: Internet Trailer
A battle brews between the Japanese yakuza, Indonesia mafia and corrupted cops.

96% rating

Besides the main character, so far, they shown Hammer Girl, Baseball Bat Man, the guy with the machete from the 1st trailer ,the yakuza, fights in car chases, gun fights, prison riot, gangs warfare..I Can't wait for this movie to come out already. I want too see all of the actions, gore, and it bone crunching goodness! Hope the last fight is as good or better like
the mad dog fight from the 1st one
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So, I saw Captain America: the Winter Soldier last night.
I squealed like a little girl and silently sang "America! Fuck yeah!" to myself in all of the action scenes.

its a good movie. Lot's of great actors, great scenes and chemistry, and all around great portrayal of all the characters, including The Falcon. I was surprised how they took a more obscure yet popular Marvel hero and made him a really likable and fitting character in the movie. Also the Winter Soldier stuff was AMAZING! the best fights all have Winter Soldier in them.

Can't wait for Guardians of the Galaxy!
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I watched it last night as well.

Things I liked or notice about the movie:

  • The Winter Soldier has little screen time in the movie but they made it worked.
  • Cap suplexing the Winter soldier was slick. The mid air knife juggle by the Winter Soldier was cool too.
  • The senator from Iron Man 2 was a Hydra. No wonder they wanted Tony's suits.
  • Poor maid..
  • That Stephen Strange name drop
  • I really liked the Hydra/Shield aspect side of things.
  • Once Tony Stark found out Hydra killed his parents, I think they may be some consequences..
  • Cap is actually fighting and using his shield to good use.
  • Armin Zola

Things I disliked:

  • Where is Hawkguy?
  • The part where Falcon coming down with a parachute..it feels to quick and to close to the ground. I thought he was going to break his legs or something.

Thought this movie was pretty good. I think general audience will get confused with the plot but the people that watches Marvel Studios movies since The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man know whats up. All their movies is in the same universe if ya didnt know.
I'm just excited for the on screen appearance of the best character in cosmic Marvel
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The Batman costume /batmobile for the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie
Can't wait for Guardians of the Galaxy! It's scheduled to be released here at the end of July, so I can't wait.

I've watched some old horror films (from the 30s and 40s, great stuff) and recent animation films (The Lego Movie, Frozen), I liked them all. However, my only complain about Frozen is the Olaf character. It was so annoying. And not, he is not Sebastian nor Mushu. He's not funny. He's just an annoying snowman.
yeah, Olaf is annoying, but he's not as annoying as the trailers made him out to be.
hey guys, who watched eragon ? its amazing dudes, but they don't make another movie by it

Eragon was amazing... Who knows whats happening to a sequel. It must not have done nearly as well as expected.

There is always the books, which are great themselves :)
I'm gonna admit it, I love the first three Spiderman movies. They're silly, yeah. But there's Molina as Octopus, my favourite actor as my favourite Marvel character, it's perf. And how can you not love emo Peter?

I mostly watch animated flicks, my favourites are Go West!, Wreck-it Ralph and Belleville.
I also like to cry a lot. The Help, Mary&Max and Albert Nobbs are the perfect titles for it.

Go West is fully avaible in english on Youtube, btw:
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yes, i agree. about that. book adaptation movies really is different than the original. if they didn't change that. it would be more awesome. especially percy jackson. i totally like it. awesome story
I'm gonna admit it, I love the first three Spiderman movies. They're silly, yeah. But there's Molina as Octopus, my favourite actor as my favourite Marvel character, it's perf. And how can you not love emo Peter?
my major quip with them is that they focus too much on "feel bad for spider-man." like, he's supposed to be a hero I can relate with, but I'm not sad all the time.

I find the new movies Peter Parker more of a social outcast, who is more relateable nowadays. plus, I feel Andrew Garfield is way better than Toby Mcguire.
but in the field of acting, toby mcguir has a lot more style to play spiderman than andrew garfield. too bad, he's not on avengers
the only thing I ever remember of Toby McGuire was that he still had that awkwardness as Spider-Man, even in 2.

that and
I mean I got nothing against people who like him, I'm just seriously not a fan of him at all.
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Here is Wonder Woman, Batman and Super new looks in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie

Wonder Woman




its sad that only Wonder Woman looks like she's having any fun. :(
The DC movies are boring as fuck. Too much forced drama. Sometimes the villains are great
Marvel on the other hand, it's always entertaining even if overall the movie is junk(Spiderman3 and Thor1-2, fo me)
I blame Christopher Nolan.

with his stupid broody heroes and his stupid making superman not take his fights away from people and populated places and his popularity.

make DC movies fun godammit!

make all comic book movies fun!
sorry for double posting, but I got back recently from Guardians of the Galaxy.

a bunch of douchebags save the day. 'nuff said. go see the movie.

also, I really want Photoshops of Drax on roller coasters. you know the scene if you seen it.
So, without spoilers, does Guardians stand with the other Mahvel movies? I've been wanting to see it myself, but I wanna make sure I can get a rec before I go see it, theater costs and all that, you know.
So, without spoilers, does Guardians stand with the other Mahvel movies? I've been wanting to see it myself, but I wanna make sure I can get a rec before I go see it, theater costs and all that, you know.
it the best movie of the year. That's all that needs to be said.
Well, I wasn't gonna skip it regardless, but it's nice to see that kind of reaction from it. Well, i'm set then.
The movies I have saw so far this year are:

The Lego Movie
Captain America 2: Winter Soldier
Edge of Tomorrow
The Amazing Spiderman 2
Transformers: Age of Extinction
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
How to Train Your Dragon 2
Muppets Most Wanted

Overall 2014 is looking much better than 2013 so far.
Well, I wasn't gonna skip it regardless, but it's nice to see that kind of reaction from it. Well, i'm set then.
it's a bunch of douchebags in space saving the day. that's all you need to know.

also Bautista steals the show.
I watched Guardian of the Galaxy this past weekend.

spoiler alert..
Things I like about this movie:

1. Just enough comedy but not too much. (one of my favorite bits was about the eye and the leg)
2. The chemistry between the characters is great. I really loved Quill and Rocket the most. Also, I was really skeptical about Bautista but he was actually really good.
3. Yondu is badass. He is basically Merle from the Walking Dead but covered in blue haha
4. The opening sequence with Quill dancing through the cave was pretty cool.

Things I dislike:
-Need more Collector. I liked him but he wasn't in it enough
-Fight scene between Nebula vs Gamora and the chase scene with Gamora and Quill was meh..The Raid 2 kinda spoiled me.
-Ronan was lame. Such a throwaway character like the villain from Thor 2. Thano calling him boy make him sounds weak.

Im guessing for GotG2, they are going to touch on Peter Quill's Dad back story a bit. His mom mentioned that he is an angel and Yondu and his right hand man says he is a jackass at the end but we never get to see him. Wonder why his dad when to Earth in the first place and how did he fell in love when his mom?
Just saw tmnt... Anyone want me to spoiler it up and answer some questions post here since i dont think its out in the states yet (it isnt officially out here in au yet, but i saw a pre screening) if it is out in the states... Go see this shit. Its good in a big explosions/ridiculous shit/awesome special effects kind of way.

If you like those kinds of movies you will obviously be going to see it.

If not... Stay away, it isnt telling a story you dont already know.
I have heard so many different opinions about the movie.

the best friends hate it, andre the black nerd feels mixed, and Blunty liked it.

from what I saw from trailers, I do like the Turtle's personalities. and I love how Raph is finally the beefy one. 'dat elevator scene. I want a movie with all scenes just being the elevator scene.