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The General Movie Discussion Thread

got to see Ant Man today. really fun, funny, and I really love all the characters in this movie.
really good use of big to small scale humor, was nice to see a cameo of an avenger, and Paul Rudd really sold it for me as Scott Lang.
and I like how you get to see the dad perspective of a divorce with him and his daughter, who is absolutely adorable. she's also a really good child actor. especially during the climax and denouement.
definitely gonna be one of my top 5 Marvel movies now.
I also love every scene with Evangeline Lilly as Hope. can't wait to see her become Wasp.

And to this day I will never get why the minions have their own movie...
cancer spreads.
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Guess I'm Necromancing tonight
Deadpool came out, I got an early screening because reasons.
Movie's fucking awesome, perfect mix of sidesplitting comedy and really good action
The fact this was made on a $50 million dollar budget is incredible.
is that..a small budget?

For a bit of perspective,

Dark Knight Rises cost $275 million.
The Hobbit Trilogy Clocked in at $250 million a piece, ditto for Avengers 2.
Man of Steel cost $225 million.
Amazing Spider-Man 1 cost $220 million, Amazing Spider-Man 2 cost $200 million.
Pacific Rim cost a little under $102 million.
Edge of Tomorrow (Live, Die, Repeat) cost $178 million.
Inside-Out, $175 million.

$50 Million is a pretty small budget, all things considered. Movies are super-expensive.
The new Jungle Book movie missed a big opportunity by not casting Christopher Walken as Kaa or whatever the snake was called.
There's also the fact allegedly Deadpool got an addition 7 million slashed from the budget.
They skirted around that by mixing characters together, and
Cutting a firefight by working in a running gag about Deadpool forgetting things in a taxi/his house
All things considered, given how long/how much it took to make the movie, plus those, it's amazing how well it turned out. Movies super fun too.
See it if you can
Incidentally, I also recently returned from a Deadpool showing. 20th Century Fox logo had me worrying, opening credits fixed it immediately, everything else was equally good. Tone was set up just enough for Deadpool to ruin it beautifully. Ryan Reynolds is a great Deadpool when they, ya know, give him lines. Writing was great for the most part, action scenes were surprisingly well-done. Colossus should be in every movie, he's so adorable.
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Not exactly sure why 20th Cent. would be worrying, considering they also released Days of Future Past aside from crap like Fantastic 4.
The last F4 movie was pretty lame too
why the fuck is Galactus a cloud, Fox

anyway there's also Origins Wolverine
aka that one movie anyone who likes it only does so for Ryan's scenes as a talkative Deadpool
Wade Wilson in that movie actaully greatly helped secure the Deadpool movie's future since people like Ryan Reynolds when he was allowed to talk.

Also, the Galactus Cloud?
A thing in Ultimate Marvel.
Blame that, not the movie.
Recently saw The Hateful 8, and it was pretty good.
They only made Fantastic 4 2015 in a desperate bid to hang into the Fantastic 4 license, since they lost spider-Man earlier in the year too.
you can tell how hard they were trying to make it appeal to people what with the having to write Sue Storm as adopted and making Ben Grimm's catchphrase some shit his brother said before he beat him up.

fuck that movie.
after watching Civil War, I just wanted exposit on the new guys they showed off

okay, lemme say I've always loved the EMH version of Black Panther, and it really feels that THAT is what they got for their interpretation of the character.
they just made T'Challa chill as fuck and super cool.
like, the worst worst worst case scenario I imagined for him was holding up the severed heads of two white poachers while screaming "MY PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE!
thankfully they didn't do that and made him a cool guy.
he shouldn't have taken off the helmet in the final scene.
like, there's a guy with a gun right there.
stop having superheroes do dumb things for the sake of being dramatic!
wear the damn helmet T'Challa!

in this movie that is basically a bunch of action figures fighting one another, Spidey was just the fun plush toy having a good time.
I'm excited for MCU Spidey and his never ending motormouth.
also, I'm glad that MCU aunt may is NOT a frail old lady made of glass.
let Aunt May be young if you're gonna have Peter live with her!
stop making Aunt May old and her life shit!
stop it!
young Aunt May is way better!

The Ruddiculous antics of Ant-Man
Ant-Man was great/
he was funny.
he did the thing.
and thankfully, he wasn't talking about his penis.
you'll understand when you hear the line.
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Saw the film "Dope" yesterday. It was really good, but I didn't like where it took more of an unrealistic turn. I'd much prefer if the movie remained smaller as a coming the age film as a geek in the ghetto. I also hated how Zoe Kravitz wanted became so interested in the protagonist solely because he helped her with math.
push for no Kubo sequels.
if you want a kubo sequel,
fuck you.
Came back from an Early showing of Logan.
VERY good movie, but you need to understand this is a radically different genre from any other of the X-men (or even Marvel) movies, it almost feels very Last of Us at times, and there are TONS of quiet moments.
It can be exhausting at a 2 hour and 21 minute run time, but I'd say it was worth the ride.
Lemme guess though, there's no in-bred trailer park Hulk clan is there?
It's a road trip with old Wolverine and mutants are pretty much dead. Also remember the reason Wolverine stopped fighting? There is something vaguely similar hinted at throughout the movie. I guess it also shares the violent tone and desert setting, but that's about it for the similarities.

Also X-23 is there, of course with some origin changes, but keeping enough of it intact.

Movie is pretty enjoyable, nice change of pace from most comic movies and it was nice we were finally allowed to see Wolverine do what Wolverine does on screen. It's been like 17 years of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and I can honestly say this was probably the best way to end that.
Baby Driver seems to be some of that good shit right now

have any of you been able to see it and give some thoughts/possible recs?
Haven't seen it yet, but Edgar Wright makes good stuff. Everyone typically likes Shaun of the Dead, I was a big fan of Hot Fuzz and Scott Pilgrim. The World's End wasn't as widely liked but I thought it was still alright.
The World's End wasn't as widely liked but I thought it was still alright.
It's much better on second viewing.
Holy shit, Okja is really good.
It's the perfect mix of funny and moving; the fact that someone with an attention-span as short as mine was able to sit through the whole 2 hours is a testament to how good this movie is.

If you've got Netflix then there is literally no reason to not watch this on your free time.

P.S. There is a post credits scene.
have any of you been able to see it and give some thoughts/possible recs?
Just saw it, don't go in expecting Cornetto/Spaced or Scott Pilgrim, this is pretty much a straight action film that has some humor and clever writing. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed it, don't remember the last time I liked a car chase that wasn't Fury Road and it has a pretty good soundtrack (which it better considering how music heavy the film is).
Whatever you do, DO NOT WATCH THE EMOJI MOVIE!!!
Haven't seen it, but from what I've heard, it is basically heavy in product placement(those products being apps of course), rife with the most cliche plot, and extremely unfunny jokes that tend to get drawn out for a very long period of time.
But I'm sure you already knew all this given that you are on the internet and 99% of discussion and review essentially repeat this.
I don't know what direction this movie could haven taken to become acceptable.
It's tied for the worst movie on rotten tomatoes I think.
I dunno what kind of lesson would have been acceptable; maybe about the limits of communication with emojis?
Theater not far from me is doing classic French films this month for some reason or other, so I got to see Le Samourai for the first time, that movie is great.
this movie was something special, if you haven't seen the first one or the three prologue short stories please do so and go see it!

" After surviving a near fatal bovine attack, a disfigured cafeteria chef (Wade Wilson) struggles to fulfill his dream of becoming Mayberry’s hottest bartender while also learning to cope with his lost sense of taste. Searching to regain his spice for life, as well as a flux capacitor, Wade must battle ninjas, the yakuza, and a pack of sexually aggressive canines, as he journeys around the world to discover the importance of family, friendship, and flavor – finding a new taste for adventure and earning the coveted coffee mug title of World’s Best Lover. "
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