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The Palettes of Skullgirls

It's true, we Squigly players can survive without Golden Squigs, tho the void in our hearts is real, oh well, Beetlejuice Squigs will have to do.
They got rid of my Tager color after BBCT and I'm fine. They got rid of my Potemkin color after #Reload and I'm fine. EWJ Squigly is gone and I'm fine. You will survive.
Anyway, that #24 Squigly is really nice and I love it, as long as all the new (and free) ones :)
I'm remembering some of the early colors from pre-launch. I wonder if any more of those will come back? Grinch and Makoto did, so there's a chance. Though, some of them look kinda similar to existing palettes, so maybe not.

Here's just a couple that I found looking through one old video.


pls o pls mike make a Akiha palette for filia then akiha vermillion palette for fukua. pls take out that orange palette and put in akiha vermillion palette. Thank you.

but seriously all the palettes so far are UHHAMAZING.
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I'm still waiting for the Jenny Wakeman/XJ-9 skin for R. Fortune, please based ZONE give us your blessings!
psssst.... when's actual ken Fukua? (He was the original clone T_T)
Hi I don't know if this is the right place for this
Or if there even IS a right place for this

But I have two notes/questions on Robo Palettes
I asked various people where to post this but nobody answered, so here goes~

#1 Samus Aran:

Robo has a Varia Suit palette! It is very pretty, I like it quite a lot. Thanks! 8]
However, her Beam is yellow, which I don't think fits all too well.. Here's why! [Super Metroid Spoilers incoming]
The Item combination of "Pea shooter (which the yellow beam is supposed to be [E: I hear it's Spazer, but that doesn't change the thing]) + Varia Suit" is actually not present for any notable amount of time in the game.
The Pea shooter is what one runs around with at the start of the game and it is closely knit to the *Power Suit*, but Varia comes pretty late and Ice comes pretty quickly afterwards!

Here is the comparison between the two in a "classic" playthrough:

1.Peashooter (or Spazer, but that's yellow too)+Varia

- Kill Kraid, attain Varia
- Go back down to Norfair, enter the first room to the right, follow a fairly linear path
- Collect SpeedBooster
- Run around in circles some, trying to figure out where to go - until you remember that room with the closing gates
- Enter that room, collect Ice Beam (Peashooter gone)

2.Ice Beam (or Ice+Spazer, but that is blue too)+Varia
- Collect Ice Beam
- Spend some time trying to figure out where to go - until you remember Red Tower
- Go back there, climb up by freezing all the guys
- Collect PowerBombs (major item!)
- Do the Full Circle and spend a long, long time just running around Brinstar/Crateria to collect some bonus upgrades while figuring out where to go
- Drop down to Norfair, kill Crocomire, get Grapple Beam (major item!)
- Spend further time in all the places collecting bonus upgrades (perhaps WaveBeam too, but that doesnt change the Beam colour)
- Figure out where to go, enter Wrecked Ship
- Kill Phantoon (major boss!)
- Clear most of (if not the entire) Wrecked Ship
- Collect Gravity (Varia gone)

- The Varia+Yellow Beam combo is present only for a minuscule amount of time, as Ice is the 2nd upgrade you are going to collect after Varia, and the Varia-Speed-Ice-Pbombs segment is one of the more linear parts of SM
- On the other hand, Varia+Ice Beam is a combination that sticks around for a long long time while you are basically uncovering the entire map (sans Maridia and Lower Norfair, both of which aren't traversable pre-Gravity), which constitutes "the middle half" of the game and the major exploration parts, and includes "the big revelation" of the full circle - one of the biggest 'moments' in SM
I haven't really played the Primes so I can't tell how it looks there (AFAIK you start with Varia and probably have only the yellow beam there, so it would make sense from a Prime perspective?),
but I have played Zero Mission, where you get Ice Beam PRIOR to the Varia Suit (so the Beam post-Varia is never yellow), as well as Metroid Fusion - in which you are only wearing the classic Varia Suit for a short short time; but hey.. look at that Beam (and it's the only time in the game where you actually get to use it)!

TL;DR: When I think of Varia Suit I think of the Ice Beam, and as such I think that a Blue Beam (rather than the current Yellow one) would be the better choice?

That said, perhaps both Varia and Grav Suit running on Blue is a bit "boring"?!
*If* that is the case, I would propose the Gravity Beam to be GREEN, like Plasma Beam, as an alternative.
Plasma is what you use in conjunction with Gravity Suit for a good while in Fusion (prior to getting WaveBeam) -most notably during the entire underwater section, which is the Gravity Suits time to shine-,
and while technically the beam in SM will likely be blue for casual players (Plasma+Ice gives a blue beam), I don't think it's too far-fetched for people to make the [Gravity (aka Last Suit) - Plasma (aka Last Beam) - Plasma Colour makes more sense than Ice one]-connection?

#2: Are the Beam Colours for the other palettes finished?

I presumed at first they were just using the Squigly-Placeholder, but then I noticed that
1) Both Samus palettes have a 'custom' Beam colour
2) All(?) Palettes have their other effects coloured (eg Palette #2 has yellow stuff flying around the blade with sHP, etc)
Just asking because of the current 17 palettes, 15 are using the same pink beam colour -
I don't mind it per se (much less since I am going to use a Samus palette anyhow :P); was just curious.

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To kind of answer #1 I guess, or more like fill in on some information.

I can really see where you're coming from with the thoughts about why the Ice Beam would be more fitting for the Varia Suit out of a perspective from the 2D Metroid games, but as you said about the Prime games that's not the case.
In the Prime games (atleast the first game I'm sure about, not 100% sure about the others since it's a while ago since I played them) you start with the Power Suit, which is color-wise the same as the Varia Suit with only a little different design, or even just a less upgraded version of it. But you do change from it later on into other suits.
Her normal beam is also indeed yellow from the start in the Prime games and is kept that way all the time from what I remember with additional other beams existing that you use on the side of the default yellow one. So even though the Varia Suit isn't any of the more special suits in the Prime series Varia Suit+Yellow Beam is the default equipment you will start with and play with for a while.

So from that my guess would be that the Varia Suit palette is more or less only based of the suit and beam as it is from the Prime series and doesn't have anything with the 2D games to do at all as it is not a normal combination in them but the default one in the Prime games.
Yeah, Prime doesn't use the stacking upgrade system from the 2D Metroids it uses a weapon switch system, going between the Power Beam, Wave Beam, Ice Beam, and Plasma Beam. In Echoes it's the same deal but with a Light, Dark, and Light & Dark Beam, and in Corruption the multiple beams are scrapped for the old stacking system and instead of choosing from multiple beams with the + button, you get Hypermode.

But if you want to look at it from the perspective of the Prime games, in Prime 1 the Power Beam remains a heavily used weapon because it's the only one with rapid-fire capabilities and is the second fastest after Plasma, but with a larger hitbox. In Prime 2 there's no reason to not use the Light&Dark beam unless you run out of ammo, and in Corruption, yeah, it stacks and you end up with a red Plasma Beam by the second hunter boss which later turns into a green Spazer Beam.

But all of that is irrelevant because Prime is the best Metroid, so the yellow color makes sense.
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I actually have to agree with Super being superior, but only because i have a grudge agaisnt the original Prime game since it took me 8 years and over 5 tries to finish it.

So yeah, i can live with the change.
Y'all a bunch of wusses who can't handle the truth.
Are the beam colors going to have light sources attached to them? They are energy so they would be bright, right?

I guess this also applies to peacock's argus beams too since they don't cast light but the individual shots do.
This week, on Unsolved Mysteries...

Amongst all the Beowulf hype (it's Beo's Eve!), two unknown palette references stand out. One is for an unfinished character and can be replaced at any moment by a Doraemon color or Metal Sonic color or whatever. The other is Beowulf's #19.

Five pages ago, Mike described it as:
The red IGG color is a reference, but that's all I know.

The IGG backer hasn't come forward and #19 is headed to millions of Skullgirls fans' homes tomorrow. Any final guesses?

I was reluctant to do this but I have no choice but to summon him... How does this work again? Draw a circle with chalk and say "Brian" three times into the mirror?

@EU03 - What is Beowulf #19's reference?


As for Robo-Fortune: The wikia guesses Robo-Fortune #7 is Fei-Yen (Virtual-On series). Google Image search those terms and you'll get a page full of pink robots, with few instances of alt. colors. One shares a similar cyan scheme:
If the legs were more white, I'd be convinced, but it is closer than the mermaid from Mega-Man. Maybe it's an original? *shrugs*
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The Robo-Fortune one reminds me more of SplashWoman from Megaman.
But Splash Woman doesn't have yellow highlights around her waist, and her eyes aren't that turquoise.
Plus I feel like the shoulders and hands should be white and the legs a darker blue.

The overall color scheme is reminiscent of Splash Woman but the details are off.
Fairy Leviathan from MMZero maybe? Nah, the colors are too bright for her...

welp, I'm out of ideas.
Persona confirmed it's still Fei-Yen in a stream (source somewhere in this thread I think).
Can we really say it's even from Megaman? could be from somewhere else.
So now that the patch is out, I hope someone updates the SG wiki on SRK.

It's easier to read that than comb this whole thread to remember what references what.
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That said, @Mr. X, as you're the OP, will you eventually update the first page of this thread with a complete set of palettes for all characters, or was that plan abandoned?
Not abandoned. Just need to find a cracked version of PShop and some help from @Pizzarino to get screenshots and maybe @render can PM me the actual reference list from Lab Zero if Pizzarino doesnt have it.

Ill do another set of articles for the front page as well since they were loved so much.
Not abandoned. Just need to find a cracked version of PShop and some help from @Pizzarino to get screenshots and maybe @render can PM me the actual reference list from Lab Zero if Pizzarino doesnt have it.

Ill do another set of articles for the front page as well since they were loved so much.

I have it, and I am (slowly) updating this on the SRK wiki. ETA end of the week and I will email you when I'm done!
I have it, and I am (slowly) updating this on the SRK wiki. ETA end of the week and I will email you when I'm done!
I can edit the SRK wiki as well. PM me if you need help on that front.
Some new palette for RBF (the golden one) I think is either Maria from Metropolis or C-3PO from Star Wars, if it wasn't established yet. Yeah just wanted to say it might be from Metropolis.
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There's also the last one that's just...
Is it the original color map for Robo? The multicolored one with the green top.
She's an original character by Atrox-C if I'm not mistaken[/spoiler]
Oh, now it makes sense.
There's also the last one that's just...
Is it the original color map for Robo? The multicolored one with the green top.
No, but I don't want to talk about it. :[
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