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Your own headcanon

I literally stopped 8 months of lurking and created an account here just to post this, so here goes:

So, there's no solid proof that Double was killed the last time the Skullheart was destroyed, leading to the belief that she's been around for some time, waiting patiently every 7 years for the Skullheart to re-emerge. During that time there's not much she could've done besides the occasional set-up and plotting, so i like to think that she got into TV shows. One of her favourite things to watch was actually NMO Wrestling, where she got to know the Gigan Slayer Beowulf. She became really invested into wrestling which may have inspired some of her moves, but the important thing to note is that 7 years later when the latest Skullheart reappears and a certain retired legend comes bursting through the Cathedral doors looking for a nun, she immediately recognizes him. It makes sense on a retrospective scale. Double removes the Skullheart's influence from Grendel's arm almost immediately, an act of sympathy unlike Double's usual personality. Why would she help Beowulf instead of just watching him thrash around trying to wrestle the Skullgirl-influenced limb? She aids him in claming it down and asks him to renounce it and leave. When beowulf refuses and instead announces his comeback plans, Double gets a plan. Here's the second bit of the evidence: How does Double know so much about Beowulf's life? She knew Zane was his old agent, exactly how he talked and acted and as Zane she frequently alludes to Beowulf's wrestling past IN DETAIL. She then manipulates Beowulf into fighting some of the cast for her, including Big Band and Painwheel. Now, if Double had the same thought process as 80% of the cast had, she'd realize Beowulf is just a regular guy and that pitting him against a Skullgirl hunting veteran would be a huge mistake, but she KNOWS that Beowulf is exceptionally skilled and has the stuff to keep Big Band occupied while she and Valentine storm Lab 8. Even after she fights him and traps him in Gehenna, she refuses to subdue and wrap him in tentacles like the rest of the people there. She just flat out tells him to sit down and get comfortable cause he's gonna be here a while.

Why? Because Double spent a good half of her waiting time watching Wrestling, and Beowulf is to her what Annie is to Peacock. Double is probably secretly fangirling on the inside whenever she gets to talk to him. She's a bigger fan than Cerebella.

A willingness to negotiate would change so many story modes... but then again, it's a setting with a focus on getting characters to fight. "Hey let's talk this out" is only practical in battle for Phoenix Wright. Still, off the top of my head:
  • Cerebella to Fortune: "Look, I don't want to hurt you, but if you keep making threats like that, I don't have any choice. Idea! Skullheart, can you harmlessly remove the Life Gem from Crazy Pants here so I can deliver it to my husbando boss? I just don't want to hurt anybody."
  • Bella to Eliza: "Okay, you're a lot stronger than I expected... and ickier... seriously, that's really gross, how long do your lackeys spend cleaning up this place...? Point being, what exactly do you want? We can work something out. Make this easier and more beneficial for everyone without making any more mess... geez, I can see that bird guy is already getting out a mop..."
  • Filia: "I want to know more about my past, don't you think I should, you know, ask some questions besides 'Who are you?' How do I even know my way around this city? Or how to read? Who is John G. anyway, and why am I so concerned about his lies?"
  • Valentine: "Hey, Lab 8, put on your best 'fake your own death' faces, things are going to get rough in a bit and you'll want to lay low for a while. Maybe go hide some weapons in conveniently placed chests for other heroes to use in their quest."
  • Marie: "Hm, I want to exact vengeance on the planet while satisfying the Heart's bloodshed. It's not like there's a land of perpetual war or something where I can hunt after the slavers who ruined me. Nope, collateral damage for everyone!"
  • Painwheel: "I WANT A PUPPY!!!"
When's Reasonable Debate Girls?
Sounds a lot like "How It Should Have Ended" for Skullgirls. I love it. ;)
Another headcanon this time it's about everyone's favorite pigtailed zombie.

Despite her politeness, Squigly has a tendency to be sassy. It's much more noticeable when she's feeling down or upset.
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Also I like to think Ms. Fortune's hair was the auburn like color she had in concept art, but after swallowing the Life Gem and the incident with the Medici mafia, the gem turned her hair white. Kinda like white blood cells.
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Also I like to think Ms. Fortune's hair was the auburn like color she had in concept art, but after swallowing the Life Gemini and the incident with the Medici mafia, the gem turned her hair white. Kinda like white blood cells.
Or stress. Idk, maybe the Life Gen causes rapid aging, followed by equally rapid "youth-ing"?
Personally I think the life gem may or may not be a form of theonite with properties similar to Skullgirl-ification. Just no bones exposed or undead minions.

But who knows?
I'm gonna crosspost this with another thread because I'm not quite sure which one would work best. Anyways, although the full canon story hasn't been revealed, after careful replaying of each character's story modes I think I've successfully pieced together a full timeline of events featuring every character's story modes. Keep in mind, certain events in their respective story modes have been changed. This is to assure that every character does what's important in their general stories without the contradictions that present themselves (EX characters dying, Everybody fighting and killing Marie simultaneously, everything about Eliza's story). Hold onto your hats, this'll be fairly long and contrived.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, it's SHOWTIME!

X years prior to Skullgirls
-A massive, unknown event, thought to be tied to Theonite, creates the parasites of the world. Among them are Samson, Leviathan and Sekhmet.
-Eliza and her parasite, Sekhmet, scour the lands for centuries as the Red Scourge. They gorge themselves on blood and kill Venus and Aeon, continuing a reign of terror until sometime around the 21st Century.
-The Trinity, now comprising Venus and Aeon, create the Skullheart.
-Annie's mother wishes for her daughter to never grow old, before either becoming a Skullgirl or dissapearing due to a pure wish.
-Now immortal, Annie comes into contact with her parasite Sagan and they become Skullgirl fighting heroes and even folklore legends.
-The Anti-Skullgirl labs are formed and named 1-8.
-Brain Drain is created by Lab 7 but he quickly goes awry, no longer trusting humans and developing sadistic tendencies
-Before they resorted to experimenting on people, the ASG had a group of black-ops called The Last Hope. They sported a nurse motif and were named after holidays.

14 years prior to Skullgirls
-Ben Birdland is a police officer with a strong sense of justice. This eventually gains the attention of the mafia (Not the medicis, however), and they resolve to brutally killing him by employing his own police force brothers to shoot him up. He is recovered and remade by Lab 8 and renamed Big Band.
-The Contiellos, Squigly's family, celebrate her mother, Selene's birthday with a large gathering. Double attends the party as Delilah (my name for her scarf lady persona), and unknowing to the Contiellos, offers them the Skullheart as a present. Double tipped off the then small Medici family of this, and Black Dalhia and several Medici goons storm the party and kill most of the Contiellos. Selene is distraught and wishes on the Skullheart for the revival of her family, unwittingly becoming the Skullgirl. She is destroyed by what is implied to be Annie or the Anti-Skullgirl Labs (Namingly Big Band or Illeum). Squigly is killed but is quickly preserved by Leviathan, her father Roberto's parasite and they fall into slumber.
-Around this time, Eliza and Sekhmet have relinquished their days of torment, opting to keep their bloody habits to secret. Eliza becomes a celebrity famous for her singing.
-Lorenzo Medici, the then-head of the Medici family, discovers the Life Gem and uses it to keep himself from aging.

7 years prior to Skullgirls
The Canopy Kingdom wages war against a race of Enormous beings called Gigans. The Grand War. During these times, numerous events happen:
-The Last Hope's newest incarnation play big parts in defending the Canopy Kingdom against the Gigans. Among them are Leader Christmas, Hallow, Valentine, Easter and Patty.
-The ASG Labs continue to remake patients into Skullgirl fighters. Their actions remain secret from the government.
-As morale for the Canopy Kingdom drew low, seeing as the odds seemed insurmountable, the government turns to the now bigger Medici family for a plan to boost their army and population's morale. Together, they organize a wrestling exhibition match between Gigan warrior Grendel and a semi-popular human wrestler, Beowulf. The Medici have secretly rigged the match by drugging Grendel prior to the fight, and Beowulf emerges victorious, having not only killed his opponent, but ripped his arm off with a supplex. Grendel's mother, who was spectating, becomes enraged and attacks, however Beowulf surprisingly wins against her as well. Distraught over the brutal climax of the battle, Beowulf retires from wrestling but not from the spotlight, as he quickly becomes a public hero and household name. The Government's plan succeeds and morale returns to the Kingdom.

-Queen Nancy Renoir, mother to Princess Parasoul and then-pregnant with her second child, prays at the Grand Cathedral every day for peace. One faithful day, Double, under her guise of a nun "Sister Agatha", presents to her the Skullheart which Nancy uses to wish for an end to the war. This "impure wish" transforms her into the next Skullgirl.
-As Queen Renoir uses her powers to ravage both sides of the war, effectively "ending" it, she is ultimately destroyed by what is implied to be Annie or the ASG Labs (Namingly Big Band or Illeum).
-As the war ended, Beowulf fades from the public spotlight. His fame stemming from the nation's pride during a war, he is now left starring in cheap action flicks and finally as "The Big Bad Wolf" for an unnamed period of time on Annie's now popular Anti-Skullgirl show, Annie of The Stars. Unlike Beowulf, Annie is seeing a rise in popularity due to Queen Renoir's recent rampage. (Hah, Alliteration)
-Parasoul, having lost her parents, discovers that her mother did give birth to her child during her time as the Skullgirl, and she takes her in and names her newborn sister Umbrella.

Now that the Background lore is taken care of, we can finally delve into the actual story modes that occur during Skullgirls. Stay Tuned for Part 2, happening just after the break!
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Now for the actual events that unfold during the story mode. There are 2 versions here: An elaborate version and a quick rundown. I've presented both options below.


Long Version
-Patricia and Marie are orphans and slaves (most likely to the medici family), the former having been too defiant to give in to her master's demands, she is brutally beaten, dismembered and blinded by the heads there, made as an example for any other possible future rebels. Traumatized by the brutal maiming of her best friend, Marie flees the house and arrives to the Grand cathedral for sanctuary, where Double lures her to the Skullheart, convincing her to wish on it. Marie wishes for the total eradication of the Medici mafia, and her violent wish is deemed impure. She is made into the next Skullgirl.

-After catching frequencies and traces of a new Skullgirl emerging, the ASG Labs quickly deploy The Last Hope to attack her while it's early and possibly kill her. Double is ready, however, and she and Marie kill all of the Last Hope but one, deciding to spare Valentine if she agreed to serve the Skullgirl. Valentine begrudgingly accepts.

-Filia and Carol are best friends in a school at Maplecrest. However, an unknown event occurs, implied to involve ASG Lab 0, the lab that Brain Drain operates in. The 2 girls are separated and Filia awakens sometime later with no memories and a parasite on her head in place of her hair: The vulgar but powerful Samson.

-A group of dagonian thieves from Little Innsmouth named "The Fishbone Gang" run rampant throughout New Meridian. One member, Nadia Fortune, successfully infiltrates Medici Tower(as the Medicis have now grown into a city-wise underground force) and steals the Life Gem from Lorenzo, crippling his figure and causing him to retreat from the public spotlight. When Lorenzo orders his men to kill the thieves and retrieve the Gem, they catch and brutally dice the Fishbone gang, killing every one of them but Ms Fortune, who had actually consumed the Life Gem beforehand and was granted immortality by it.

-Around this time, Princess Parasoul, now the commander of her army as well as the Black Egrets, is informed that the newest Skullgirl has emerged. Marie has begun to reveal herself, and Parasoul and the Black Egrets dispatch posthaste. Princess Umbrella, the then-infant sister of Parasoul, begins exhibiting strange behavior and wanders out of the palace on her own.

-Behind Marie's back, Valentine collaborates with Brain Drain to create an Anti-Skullgirl weapon unlike any other. They plan to use not one, but 2 synthetic parasities to guarantee victory. Additonally, Valentine inserts some of the Skullgirl's blood into the subject's body to equip her with a natural ability to sense the Skullheart as well as provide her with a boost of power. Brain Drain, on his part, uses his psychic powers to program her brain so that she will always serve her creators loyally. The Project is given the power to create sharp constructs from her blood and a large bladed wheel that emerges from her back; The subject is in fact Carol, Filia's best friend, who is renamed "Painwheel" by Lab 0.

-On the other end, Lab 8, the only other lab to have survived the years(?) and home to Big Band and Illeum among others, also decides to create a perfect Skullgirl hunting machine, theirs going in a completely different direction. Once again opting to add not one, but two synthetic parasites. The caring, yet firm good doctor Avian oversees the Project; she is granted a large radius sight and Skullgirl-disrupting Z-rays, as well as access to the entirety of Lab 8's gauntlet; the subject is in fact Patricia, Marie's best friend, who is renamed "Peacock" by Lab 8.

-Marie, still wishing to kill the Medicis, is lead by Double to Maplecrest, home of some medici-related families. Double returns to the Grand Cathedral as Marie, who has begun revealing herself by going on a murder spree within Maplecrest, is quickly reported on hours after Parasoul hears about it.

-Meanwhile, Beowulf, a now retired middle-aged man living by himself is attacked by Grendel's arm, which he keeps as a trophy. He takes it to The Grand Cathedral, wrestling it along the way, asking Double who is under the guise of Sister Agatha to Exorcise it. Double removes the Skullgirls's influence over the dead from it, and warns Beowulf to relinquish the limb. However, he decides to do the opposite and plans to make a comeback to the wrestling scene and regain the spotlight. Double sees this as an opportunity and takes the form of Beowulf's old agent Zane, offering him the opportunity to re-become the hero he once was by taking down the variety of parasite-wielders, cyborgs, mutants and the likes roaming New Meridian's streets, although in reality she means the main cast and all who serve as her obstacles.

-Cerebella, a young acrobat for the Cirque Des Cartes, a Medici-sponsored circus/hitman group, is offered the chance to fight in an exhibition match against her hero, the wrestler Beowulf to aid in his comeback. She excitedly fights him in the ring and probably gets her living weapon Vice-Versa signed afterwards.

-Painwheel, in a fit of rage at the people who turned her into a monster, escapes Lab 0. Valentine hears of her escape and secretly takes off after her, searching in the streets of New Meridian.

-Parasoul, en route while hunting the Skullgirl in Little Innsmouth, finds Ms Fortune, who is still wanted for thievery. They fight briefly and Nadia escapes.

-Peacock, detecting high Theonite radiation, begins to hunt the Skullgirl. She searches through New Meridian and encounters Filia, who is also searching for the Skullgirl to wish her memories back. Filia and Samson engage Peacock, believing her to be able to lead them to the Skullheart; they are vanquished by Peacock who’s superior arsenal knocks them out of the way.

-Valentine encounters Painwheel in Maplecrest, as she is after revenge on her and Brain Drain. They fight briefly before Valentine executes a command, which triggers Painwheel to rebel further. Angered at her creators for messing with her mind, she flees the scene, and Valentine runs off after her. Painwheel takes refuge in Little Innsmouth for the night.

-Double, who is now aware of Painwheel through her own means, takes on the guise of Zane and tricks Beowulf into searching Little Innsmouth for the cyborg teenager. He finds her and, believing it to be a wrestling match, fights Painwheel, injuring both him and her. Painwheel eventually escapes him, and, believing him to be from Lab 0, runs deeper into Little Innsmouth as Beowulf returns to New Meridian.

-Valentine, who is still searching through New Meridian for Painwheel, meets Beowulf. Learning that he had met and fought Carol, she curiously tests him by fighting him herself. Despite her years of training and vast arsenal, Grendel’s arm overpowers her briefly and she opts to retreat, believing the fight to have been a waste of time. Beowulf goes home for the night, marking the fight as a victory.

-News spreads of Marie’s murderous Medici Massacre (Haha alliterations again), and Ms Fortune, still in Little Innsmouth, realizes her time is running out and sets off to challenge the Skullgirl and use it’s wish to revive The Fishbone Gang.

-As she searches for the Skullgirl, Fortune encounters Valentine, who is still out searching for Painwheel. She takes interest in Ms Fortune’s dismembering abilities and attempts to subdue and capture her for testing purposes. Fortune fights, but is overpowered by Valentine. Before she can capture her, however, Double emerges and reveals that her presence has been requested by Marie.

-Marie orders Valentine and Double to attack Lab 8, as they are creating soldiers and weapons that could kill her. Valentine begrudgingly accepts, and regretfully prepares and plans her attack.

-Meanwhile, as Peacock has yet to locate the Skullgirl, Big Band decides to head out and do some investigating himself. Wether he tells the others or not is up for debate, but he senses her presence in the River King Casino, and, knowing of her grudge against the Medicis, enters the building searching for Marie.

-Double begins to see resistance in the Skullgirl. She confers to the Trinity of this, and learns that they are unsatisfied with Marie. Double pleads with them and agrees to heading out and finding a possible new host. In the meantime, knowing of Big Band’s power, she once again disguises herself as Zane and tells Beowulf to head to the River King Casino for his “next big match”; she plans to use Beowulf to distract Ben from Lab 8 while she and Valentine attack it.

-Valentine keeps correspondence with Brain Drain since their time working together, while Brain Drain is skeptical, he reads through her notes of the Skullgirls’ whereabouts and the characters she meets.

-Beowulf enters the River King Casino and locates Big Band. He naively assumes it is another Wrestling match while Big Band assumes he’s a Medici hitman. The two men fight eachother and Beowulf holds Ben off. Minette, who is there “catering” the event, is captured by two of the Medici’s men (Lawrence and Riccardo?) while there.

-Meanwhile, Marie, Valentine and Double storm Lab 8. They destroy their equipment, burn their research and kill off their staff, especially seeking Dr Avian. While Avian hides within the lab, he attempts to contact his 2 other ASG units who are out on the field to help. While Peacock and Big Band receive his transmission, they are too late and Valentine finds him. Dr Avian is killed, Double and Marie leave and Valentine stays behind to terminate the little research that is left; Double secretly captures some of the Lab 8 females as possible Skullheart hosts.

-Brain Drain intercepts Dr Avian’s message to Ben and Patricia, discovering Valentine’s nature as a double agent. While he is able to keep his anger from overwhelming him in the moment, he reads through Valentine’s last letter to him, including a crude but enthusiastic hand drawing of Ms Fortune whom she had faced earlier. The excitement Valentine displays with Fortune is the last straw, and Brain Drain explodes with rage and pride, deciding to build his own version of Ms Fortune. He spends several hours but ultimately finishes his newest creation: Robo Fortune. He sends her out to capture the Skullheart and attack Valentine along the way, but secretly believes R Fortune to be underqualified and inept, and plans to create another when he finds the time and motivation to do so.

-Robo Fortune scans throughout New Meridian and eventually locates Valentine, who is just leaving Lab 8 through the secret exit after finishing up. She engages her and they fight fiercely before Valentine exclaims that they’re on the same side, both Anti-Skullgirl fighters. Robo Fortune reveals to her that Brain Drain has labeled Val a traitor and that she is a hindrance to the mission. Valentine, infuriated with Brain Drain’s ego, breaks off their partnership and escapes. Robo Fortune begins to have doubts over Brain Drain’s authority, and is coaxed into taking the New Meridian Rapid Transit by Double, who is disguised as Delilah.

-Meanwhile, Filia and Samson, who are still tearing through Medici goons and Dagonians alike searching for clues towards the Skull Heart, land themselves in Little Innsmouth in the dark of the night. Slightly unnerved, their fear only grows once they encounter the howling of Painwheel, calling Filia’s name. Filia fights out of self-defense and eventually subdues the monster, who tensely reveals herself as “Carol”. The name brings back memories for Filia but before she can press further with her old friend Painwheel believes Filia to have rejected her and flees to find Valentine once more. A now-conflicted Filia decides to board the New Meridian Rapid Transit to distract herself.

-Elsewhere in New Meridian, Peacock and Ben have left their respective fights (leaving behind a confused Beowulf, unsure of what happened and now slightly suspicious) and headed towards Lab 8. As Big Band investigates the scene, Peacock finds the mortally wounded Dr Avian and hears his last words, urging her to use her powers seriously and defeat The Skullgirl. She leaves the building and Big Band finds several incriminating clues, directing him towards a prime suspect.

-Outside, Peacock argues with the survivors of the Lab 8 attack, as they believe the best course of action is to hide out and attempt to recover anything that might’ve survived the battle, Peacock claims that she’s instead off to challenge the Skullgirl, now that she has a lead on her radiation. Ben arrives and objects, chastising her and ordering Patricia to slow down so that they can eventually locate and challenge the Skullheart as a team. Much to his chagrin and despite his efforts to subdue her, Peacock heads off alone to challenge the Skullgirl, confident in her abilities. Ben is told to go after her by the rest of Lab 8, including Illeum, who he is implied to have romantic feelings for(?).

-Filia and Robo Fortune encounter each other aboard the Transit, and R.Fortune, believing Filia to be a hindrance to the mission, attacks. Filia fights back and the two battle to a standstill before Samson launches Robo Fortune off the train.

-Not far away, Beowulf is sitting alone in the NMO Arena, his “home”, contemplating the situation. He is surprised by something crashing through the roof, and looks on to find Robo Fortune, who has crash-landed in the building. The two fight until Robo Fortune is contacted by Brain Drain and ordered to get back to the mission as fighting him is a waste of time. R.Fortune obliges, and Beowulf is left alone, until someone speaks up from behind him.

-Annie, who has been equally searching for the Skullgirl, spectated the last quarter of the fight, and mentions to Beowulf how he is now in something much bigger than himself or wrestling. Beowulf doesn’t recognize Annie from their time working together, however Annie still attempts to warn him not to pursue the Skullgirl or the characters that Zane pushes him to fight, seeing him as a sort of friend after their years on the set of Annie of The Stars. She hints to Beowulf’s famous match with Grendel being staged, but Beowulf, in confusion and denial, asks her to leave.

-Double has been gathering more and more possible hosts for the Skullheart behind Marie’s back. Marie exhibits more and more symptoms that show that she is resisting the Heart’s power, but upon suspecting that her “servant” is aiming to replace her, plans to do something big against the Medicis to prove herself as a powerful Skullgirl.

-Ms Fortune, who has now gotten into numerous fights, returns to Little Innsmouth for a brief rest, only to discover that Minette has been kidnapped. She meets Irven, a Private Investigator who is uncovering clues on the case of several dagonian kidnappings. Nadia volunteers to join him in the effort, believing that the Medicis are behind the kidnapping.

-Vitale, who has been ordered by Lorenzo to find Ms Fortune at all costs, has kidnapped Minette to lure her in. However, he grows impatient and instead enlists the help of the Cirque Des Cartes’ most powerful and capable member, not to mention his most loyal admirer Cerebella. He asks that she find Fortune and she accepts.

-Meanwhile, Lorenzo and the Medici family contact Eliza, who is still a famous celebrity and nightclub songstress. She has been skimming blood drives for the past years, keeping her bloodthirst and Sekhmet a secret to the general public. The Skullgirl is killing their men and causing them trouble, and, knowing of Eliza’s great power; blackmail her into hunting the Skullgirl. Eliza initially refuses, but ends up agreeing after being threatened by Black Dahlia. She is partnered with Cerebella who is tasked with overseeing Eliza’s progress while also keeping eye for Ms Fortune, who they suspect is nearby searching for Minette.

Short Version
-Marie and Patricia are best friends and orphans. Patricia gets maimed by the goons there.

-Marie, scared, runs to the Grand Cathedral where Double tricks her into becoming the Skullgirl

-ASG Labs pick up traces of a new Skullgirl, and dispatch The last Hope to attack. Marie kills them all except for Valentine.

-Filia and Carol are normal schoolgirls until an event tears them apart, erasing Filia's memory and binding her to Samson.

-The Fishbone Gang is brutally killed after Ms Fortune steals the Life Gem from the Medicis. Nadia survives due to eating it.

-Parasoul hears of the Skullgirl emerging and dispatches the Black Egrets to hunt her. Umbrella, attracted to the heart, wanders off.

-Valentine and Brain Drain collaborate secretly, turning Carol into Painwheel, the ultimate Anti-Skullgirl cyborg.

-Lab 8 finds Patricia and turns her into Peacock, their version of the ultimate Anti-Skullgirl cyborg.

-Double leads Marie to Maplecrest, where she goes on a Medici massacre, attracting media attention. Double stays at the GC

-Beowulf visits the Grand Cathedral after being attacked by Grendel’s arm. He unknowingly meets Double and decides to stage a comeback. Double decides to use this to her advantage.

-Cerebella and Beowulf fight in an exhibition match as part of Beowulf’s comeback.

-Painwheel escapes Lab 0. Valentine discreetly goes after her, searching in New Meridian.

-Parasoul and her Egrets are searching for Marie in Little Innsmouth. They instead find Ms Fortune, and attempt to take the thief into custody. Nadia fights and escapes Parasoul.

-Peacock, who is now actively hunting the Skullgirl, runs into Filia in New Meridian. They fight as Filia is also searching for the Skullheart, but Peacock wins and continues on.

-Painwheel meets Valentine in Maplecrest, the former wanting revenge. Valentine executes a protocol that Painwheel successfully defies, but runs off in anger, hiding out in Little Innsmouth. Valentine once again runs off after her, searching in New Meridian.

-Now aware of Carol, Double, as Zane tricks Beowulf into fighting Painwheel in Little Innsmouth. Painwheel is injured but flees deeper into the city.

-Beowulf who is returning home meets Valentine who is searching for Painwheel. They fight briefly before Valentine calls it a waste of time and escapes.

-Ms Fortune decides to challenge the Skullgirl herself, and heads out of Little Innsmouth to wish the Fishbone Gang back to life.

-Valentine meets Ms Fortune while searching for Carol. They fight and Valentine is about to subdue and capture Nadia for experimentation but is stopped by Double who informs her that Marie is calling her.

-Marie tells Valentine and Double to destroy Lab 8 because they are planning to kill her. Val begins to begrudgingly plan.

-Peacock has yet to find the Skullgirl, so Big Band heads out himself to the River King Casino to investigate.

-Double learns from the Trinity that they are unhappy with Marie and that she is showing resistance. She plans to find a new host. Meanwhile, as Zane, she tricks Beowulf into entering the RiverKing Casino for his next match. She plans to make Beowulf fight and distract Big Band while they attack Lab 8.

-Valentine regularly updates Brain Drain on how things are going with The Skullgirl. He is skeptical.

-Beowulf finds Big Band at the River King Casino and challenges him. Big Band thinks he's a Medici standing in his way and they fight. Minette, who is catering there, is captured by the Medicis.

-Marie, Valentine and Double attack Lab 8, destroying almost everything. Avian tries to call Peacock and Ben but he's too late; he gets mortally wounded by Val. Double secretly keeps some of the females there for her collection.

-Brain Drain intercepts Avian's message, learns that Val is a double agent, and becomes enraged by her letter on Ms Fortune. He creates Robo Fortune out of pride and anger and orders it to capture the Skullgirl and eliminate all threats to the mission.

-Robo Fortune finds Valentine who is just exiting Lab 8. They fight, leading Val to quit Lab 0. Robo Fortune is coaxed into taking the Rapid Transit by Double.

-Filia who is in Little Innsmouth by now is found by Painwheel and after subduing her in a fight she remembers her as Carol. Painwheel escapes again before she can say anything, though. Filia decides to take the Rapid Transit to clear her mind.

-Peacock and Big Band return to Lab 8. Peacock hears Dr Avian's last words and Big Band discovers Val might've been behind the attack.

-Outside, Peacock claims she'll face the Skullgirl alone to avenge Lab 8. She is opposed by the survivors of Lab 8 and Big Band, who urges her to stay collected, but she incapacitates him and runs off by herself to challenge the Skullgirl. Big Band follows her.

-Filia and Robo Fortune meet on the train and fight. Robo Fortune wounds Filia but Samson knocks R.Fortune off the train.

-Robo Fortune crash lands in the NMO Arena where Beowulf is contemplating the day's events. They fight until Brain Drain orders Robo Fortune to stop wasting time.

-Annie, who was watching for the last part of the match, and sees Beo as a kind of friend, urges Beowulf not to get wrapped up in the Skullgirl hunt. She alludes to Grendel's death being rigged but Beowulf denies both and ends the conversation prematurely.

-Double has more and more hosts now. Marie senses that Double might be conspiring against her and plans to do something big.

-Ms Fortune discovers Minette's kidnapping. She teams up with Detective Irvin to find her, knowing it is the Medicis.

-Lorenzo grows impatient after Ms Fortune still hasn't shown herself to rescue Minette. At the orders of his father Lorenzo, he employs Cerebella to find Ms Fortune.

-Since the Skullgirl is killing his men, Lorenzo and Vitale see her as a huge threat, and blackmail Eliza into hunting her. They pair her up with Cerebella who, in addition to searching for Fortune, now has to oversee Eliza as well.

We're not done yet! One last part until the story ends.
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Whenever ms fortune gets angry, nervous, or scared her tail gets all puffy. Also all the food that Samson eats goes into Fillias digestive system. Hence she takes in double the calories which results in her thunder thighs!

Formerly known as Neferu from the Ancient times who kept herself alive and immortal via consuming the blood of anybody who crosses her before bonding with the skeletal Parasite known as Sekhmet (thought it's still a mystery how the two met), Eliza has made many enemies during her time many years ago than she does fans of her music in today's era so it's hard to keep track on who's on her hit list or part of her fan club. Having heard that her old foe Queen Lamia (Who is now known as Double) has resurfaced and still under the guise of Sister Agatha, Eliza decided to track down her old nemesis while also setting old scores with other faces from her past along the way plus finding a solution to her hunger in the form of a certain Feline Feral. It has said Eliza and Sekhmet have been bonded for many centuries that their personalities has merged into one causing the two to lose both their individualities but however this has been proved false. <- (Note: This is a reference to how the creators of Mortal Kombat ignored and discarded Raiden's characterization from Mortal Kombat 1)
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I can see that. Why not? :)

I think I'm gonna implement a bunch of this Ms. Fortune headcanon into my Neo Ms. Fortune... it'd be interesting to give her all these quirks. :)

Alright, some more headcanon:

Many people think that ever since... the Incident... with Ms. Fortune obtaining her current form, her mental integrity is slowly degrading, and is currently that of a child.

This couldn't be farther from the truth, as it's only her puerile sense of humor that they're seeing. That's simply a mechanism employed for coping with the extreme trauma she faced from the Incident. In reality, everything else seems to be working just fine, if not better.

She's more focused, precise, and of course driven by her DETERMINATION to bring down the Medici Mafia. :)

Also I like to think Ms. Fortune's hair was the auburn like color she had in concept art, but after swallowing the Life Gem and the incident with the Medici mafia, the gem turned her hair white. Kinda like white blood cells.
I quite agree... although I'd say that either her hair was orange, or was black/dark brown and dyed orange...
Trauma-induced white hair is a fairly common thing in fiction.
Moar headcanon:

After her head was severed, Ms. Fortune started losing hair rapidly, but it also grew back at an alarming rate. It was white, though...
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SG Mobile deconfirmed that. She already had white hair before the Life Gen.
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There used to be a small group of people who used to worship Eliza as a god. She murdered them. I don't really think they minded though.

Eliza has a line of cosmetics aimed towards teens and adults. It's tagline is "Inner beauty is a killer".

Sekhmet tried to start her own line of baked goods. Horace thankfully convinced her that there's no market for blood muffins or cakes.

Sekhmet later tried to become a film director. That didn't work out either. Mostly because her films ended up being gruesome and gory snuff films.

Eliza mostly writes her notes and stuff in hieroglyphics, it's a bane to whoever has to read it.

Sekhmet has chicken scratch handwriting, regardless of whether or not she writes in hieroglyphics. Some of her words are misconstrued as swear words.

Drinking or eating things has no effect on Eliza, she does it to fit in at social events. Or because she still likes the taste of some foods or drinks.
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no market for blood muffins or cakes.
Blood pudding begs to disagree.

There used to be a small group of people who used to worship Eliza as a god. She murdered them. I don't really think they minded though.
Yeah, that's called the player base. :P

she still likes the taste of some foods or drinks
Especially blood oranges and Bloody Maries.
Blood pudding begs to disagree.
I've yet to see any Brits in the Skullverse.
Kinda funny, actually. We've got Americans, a Brazillian, the French, Egyptians, presumably Arabs (under the Chess Kingdom), a Latino cat, Nazi German-esque special Forces headed by a Pole (a bit funny, if you know your history), elves, Asians, and fish people. But not a British person to be seen.
Blood sausage begs to disagree...

Where in Skullgirls Mobile does it say that Ms. Fortune already had white hair prior to swallowing the Life Gem?

And I would argue that Skullgirls Mobile isn't exactly canon... they should really mention that in the core game if it's canon... (shrug)
Blood sausage begs to disagree...

Where in Skullgirls Mobile does it say that Ms. Fortune already had white hair prior to swallowing the Life Gem?

And I would argue that Skullgirls Mobile isn't exactly canon... they should really mention that in the core game if it's canon... (shrug)

She's in the game pre life gem


Also not canon??? What? Alex is writing the story and it's meant to act as a small prequel and have canon side stories.
I'd personally call my own headcanons predictions/assumptions because I personally am wary of making up things that could potentially be canonically deconfirmed, but here goes. :P

Ms. Fortune likes breakdancing. With all her body parts.

Minette has grown so used to Ms. Fortune's newfound abilities that she no longer gets scared (at least much) at the sight of blood.

Valley Girl Painwheel is an alternate universe Carol who is completely unaware of her new body, her situation, and the fact that she's fighting to a comically surprising extent.

Fukua's Parasite, Shamone, is dim-witted to an animal's extent, only able to shout things Samson has ever said. Fukua, who doesn't have such a limited vocabulary, considers Shamone her pet and only acts inferior to Shamone's lines taken from Samson because, well, she likes being Filia. (This goes by the Brain Drain non-canon lore instead of the dream story mode lore.)
And I would argue that Skullgirls Mobile isn't exactly canon... they should really mention that in the core game if it's canon... (shrug)

I see no reason to not consider Mobile canon. They don't need to say it's canon in the core game to prove it (like all the other stuff in the canon info thread). Alex Ahad is behind the writing, and nothing says or hints that the prequel isn't canon. o.o
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Never mind then. (shrug)

I said I would argue that it wasn't canon. That doesn't mean I haven't considered it... and I have considered it, for the record... :\

While we're on the subject of Skullgirls Mobile... I wonder what the characters would look like carrying around their new upgrades... what with the new upgrade system being introduced... (some of the upgrades, from the looks of their labels, appeared to be external devices)
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I meant I don't think you can argue that Skullgirls mobile isn't canon, with Alex Ahad writing the stories and no official word stating they're non-canon prequels. I used the word "consider" to question what reasons you would have to argue that Skullgirls Mobile "isn't exactly canon".

Also, I don't think discussion on the upgrade system or how characters look with the upgrades is really on-topic with headcanons. Maybe in the Skullgirls Mobile General Discussion thread instead?
I can't unsee Marie using the Skullheart to do really trivial shit. I don't mean wishing on it, I mean using it to boil a cup of tea or light candles.
It is constantly on fire. You know what that means... Skull S'Mores!
Beowulf will run for president soon.
Art imitates life

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I like to imagine pre-Band Ben has some history as a boxer because of the way he throws his punches. Dedicating that much weight into one swing is normally only done if you're a boxer, it's one of the reasons why boxers regularly break their hands and need a doctor.
If you're unfamiliar with the way a boxer swings, try to imagine throwing a punch with the full weight of your body behind it. Not just swinging your arm as hard as you can, rearing back at the hips and waist, putting pressure on your ankle to turn when you swing, drilling your foot into the floor for more torque, even tucking your head in a little to give your arm as much clearance as possible.
You know, kind of like how Ben punches. The only difference is that the kind of swing I just described is usually reserved for hooks and he throws haymakers.
I like to imagine pre-Band Ben has some history as a boxer because of the way he throws his punches. Dedicating that much weight into one swing is normally only done if you're a boxer, it's one of the reasons why boxers regularly break their hands and need a doctor.
If you're unfamiliar with the way a boxer swings, try to imagine throwing a punch with the full weight of your body behind it. Not just swinging your arm as hard as you can, rearing back at the hips and waist, putting pressure on your ankle to turn when you swing, drilling your foot into the floor for more torque, even tucking your head in a little to give your arm as much clearance as possible.
You know, kind of like how Ben punches. The only difference is that the kind of swing I just described is usually reserved for hooks and he throws haymakers.

There's also a likely chance he learned it at the SG equivalent of Police Academy...my knowledge about police culture and history ain't the best but I'm pretty sure boxing was taught at the Academy for the longest time....
Whenever Ms.Fortune gets happy or excited her pupils dilate from narrow slits to round pupils. Like this:
Laser pointers confuse the hell out of Robo-Fortune. Her programming says to avoid them due to the damage they do to optics, but her personality programming says to chaise them.
Oh man her head would explode from that dilemma! Good thing she has extra heads though I wonder if Robo-Fortune is that type of bot that can't process contradictions
A group of people back in the day followed in the footsteps of the Belmonts and attempted to stop Eliza... by murdering her. It didn't work.
Time to get weird and overly complicated...

I noticed a rough correlation between power levels and fourth-wall breaking/references. Since Theonite is Parasite/Skullheart Power and Theons are "gods" of the setting (even allowing Aeon and Venus to break the "no afterlife rule"), there could be a good reason for this: Theonite connects characters deeper into the fabric of SG spacetime. Thus, characters with more Parasites tend to break the 4th wall more because, for lack of a better term, they share a support column.

  • Aeon/Venus- their entire ending in Double's story mode, Aeon's proposed moveset of using "alternate" versions of existing characters
  • Eliza's many, many Egyptian references, "Blaze across the Blue Skies!"
  • Robo-Fortune. All of her.
  • Peacock- same kind of lasers, same kind of crazy.
  • Squigly- "Draugen Punch," salty demon, "get over here!"
  • Big Band- That saxual feeling.
  • Filia- not as many references because Samson has spent years lying low and keeping to himself. Older Filia from SG Alpha (pre MikeZ) had more references, including a nice "Barber-ism!" super
  • Ms. Fortune- the Life Gem is stated as being "similar in origin" to the Skull Heart, so chances are the increase in power led to more references and puns. Yes, more puns!
  • Cerebella- not particularly powerful, doesn't make as many jokes. Gets beat up in Story Mode. Still quite the performer.
  • Beowulf- like Cerebella, but not as cute
Now, there are definitely some holes- particularly Painwheel (allegedly has the most raw power, but nowhere near as many jokes). Double is arguably a puppet by the gods and has no personality for frivolity, and Marie's been stated to have excessive willpower resisting the Heart's influence.
Valentine went behind Brain Drain's back and added a protical to Painwheel that would permanently cut her from BD's control and it's just the names of her unit.
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