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    USA Skullgirls Community Tour? (Discussion)

    Yeee I remember going haha See me in V Sav
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    Who are the best Valentine players nowadays?

    Only if you're cute ;^)
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    Show Your Fightstick

    I work making custom cabinets. during my brakes at work i built my coffin stick. Used my old eightarc for the insides.
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    Show Your Fightstick

    Hi, yes its not done yet but here is a stick i made at work. https://twitter.com/nekro_surge/status/565307532428984320 https://twitter.com/nekro_surge/status/565322468957892610
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    Why do some people consider Valentine a bad character?

    Like who even plays Valentine. learn a real character LMAO
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    Hi, Hello anyone wana mash pokemans n stuff? add me 4141-2233-6370
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    USA [Jul 11, 2014] Skullgirls Encore EVO 2014 Official Side Tournament (Las Vegas, NV)

    I guess i want to give thanks/Shout outs to you awesome guys that made this years EVO awesome! I actually didnt play much SG at all cus i kinda fucked up hahahaha. I had a good time talking and just hanging out tho. I know im forgetting a lot of you awesome people but you know i love you...
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    wow Scrubcops pls Twitter! so none of that ^ happens!
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    dude make a fucking twitter! all the juicy beef goes there!
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    EVO 2014 3v3 Teams Tournament

    Panda, You and Red Savarin? lol
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    EVO 2014 3v3 Teams Tournament

    so like, Team Don't Give A Fuck (Nekro_Surge/Guitalex/MMDS)
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    USA EVO 2014 MM/Exhibition Thread

    Sign me up! :^)
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    Yah im down to get 7-0ed by Neon. I also have a pretty Gooch connec with Girly ;)