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USA [Dec 11, 2015] NEC 16 - Main Game & $1,000 Pot Bonus (King of Prussia, PA)

I didn't think I'd do another shoutouts post after combo breaker, but so much happened here that I wanted to talk about stuff too.

I'm REALLY sorry to all the people that wanted to play me that I didn't get the chance too, be it spoken or not. Besides the general poor situation with the separate venues, it was just tough for me to get in time with everyone since there was only so much time with me and drewski having a long drive to the venue each day/night and the food runs taking up a bunch of time + being split between Marvel and watching SF4 finals. Trust me when I say that there just isn't time enough anymore at the big majors to play EVERYONE, but that said I still really look forward to playing everyone IRL if I can get the chance to. Hopefully for CB we'll have a better casuals setup so I hope to everyone we can play then.

This goes double for anyone that wanted to hang out too. I loved seeing everyone and I wish I had time to chat/eat with everyone even more than playing. I'm really sad I missed everyone going on a Wawa trip (not sure I remmeber why I missed it, probably to watch SF4 finals), so I hope I won't miss the next big food trip.

Also another weird thing that I felt I had to apologize for: I felt bad about my performance against SIG. It was a risky bet that I shouldn't have done against a player that, in all honesty, I had 0 preparation for and wasn't actually expecting to play. While in general I had shaky play since that's what happens at tournaments, this time I just felt sorry for the audience since I don't feel like I put up my 100% that I've been working on and know I could've put up, and that's just lame to watch. SIG is a good player and next time I'll try to have a better plan that will, at the very least, have a much closer/better match to watch.

Individual shoutouts!
@drewski Man u suck LMAO see me in ChuChu rocket <3

@acfan I was actually happy I got to see and talk to you again, and a little more than last year I think too. I'm glad you made it to the tourney and appreciate you being another Car-Driver around the venue so it wasn't just drewski for the whole thing. Though next time we really should play.

@Beamsprouts I didn't get to see you in tournament, but I did see you putting in good work in Casuals and I was glad for it! Always great to see you though I was really sad we couldn't talk more. Also SUPER FUCKING SORRY about the Not Your Fathers since I literally wasn't told that it had alcohol in it ;_;

@Biz Casual You did super great dude and it's great that you made Top 16. I hope you'll keep on going and get even stronger for Combo Breaker so that more people can really get to see how good you are. Also side note but it felt like you were talking a little more out of your shell this time around form last time I met you and I thought that was really cool and appreciated it :3

@BrandX+ Unfortunately I didn't know where you were or what you looked like, so the entire time I wasn't sure it was you until it was way too late. Next time we should introduce + actually meet, but it was still cool seeing you. And, from what it looked like on my end, it seemed like you were enjoying yourself more than summerjam, which I am happy for. Hopefully you'll come to CB, and if you do, don't be afraid to introduce + talk to me next time since I'm more than happy to chat!

@Broken Loose It was cool to finally meet you! Though we never really introduced I think, you were still fun to be around, hopefully next time (hopefully CB?) we can get some actual time to talk and hang out since you're a cool dude and I'd enjoy that.

@Broseidon Rex Y U no show up till everything is over :( I understand the situation though, and really am looking forward to when you can show up to a major for the whole thing.

@clawmaster It was great seeing you again! Also I wanted to say this but never got a chance to, but nice Squigly cosplay dude, I hope the preparations you did before pools were at least a little helpful, sorry if I couldn't get time to talk to you more since I felt a bit busy by everything.

@cloudKing211 So proud of your performance this weekend dude ;_; I feel like We've already talked about so much so I don't know what to add. Seriously though we just have bad luck with finding time to play each other lol. We'll find the time somewhere and we can run it back (since I kind of ran with those wins :P ).

@Crypt Kiddie I can't believe you were there and we didn't get to talk at all :( Next time, you definitely need to find me and say Hi.

@dapurplesharpie Congrats on the KPB stuff :D Also I was loling pretty hard when I heard you had to fight drewski again in tournament

@Datagram It was really cool that I felt like I had more time to talk to you during the tournament matches, felt like it was more than we usually did. And thanks for the encouragement about my team, since it never gets any compliments usually, so I really appreciate it.

@DaydreamingSorc I finally got to meet you! Unfortunately, we never got a good chance to talk. Hopefully when next we cna meet we can actually talk about important MLP things :P

@Dhoppler Seriously proud for you. Midwest Boys! Seriously though I won't be satisfied with you guys till you all can beat fuzzy in tournament so keep at it :P

@dMags were you even there????????????????????????????

@Dolfinh I hope you take the losses from the event and channel it for more work to get even better, I believe that you can bounce back stronger than before.

@Dreamepitaph seeing you here reminded me that it had been too long since we last met, I was glad to help pick you up from the airport just so we could get more time to talk. I hope you take to heart the things I said and start pushing even more since I know you are a good player that can achieve more. Definitely try to come to CB this next year though.

@ElkyDori and @POS Industries I'm sorry about snapping at you guys during the finals, it just touches a personal nerve when there are hungry improving players (myself included) that are gunning for Grand Finals to avoid talk like that, especially when we are getting even closer. And it hurt a little too that it came from inside the community as well, so to speak, but in any case I shouldn't have snapped and I'm sorry about that. And I hope you guys aren't bummed about the commentary thing, since if I'd have known that voting was a thing (?) I would've put myself down for you guys since I always enjoyed your guys's commentary even if it was a lot of silly offtopic stuff. That commentary was always a joy for me back last year in Skullbats when I tried to level up a lot, so your duo on commentary means something to me. I can't help much if you guys are feeling distant and want to move on to other games, and I can respect it, but I hope you guys know that you'll still have made an impact here <3

@FuLLBLeeD It was great seeing you, and I'm glad there was some other Midwest reps here this year at NEC other than me. Same as dhoppler, I hope you guys stay hungry and really put in work cause you'll need to in order to beat fuzzy and overcome the KC curse.

@hilaryyy It was SO cool to finally meet you. You are an awesome chill dude that's really smart, and I'm really sad I didn't get to talk to you more. Also really sad that you traveled so far and I didn't get to play you. FWIW, I saw a bunch of your matches in pools, and I thought you played a lot better than what I hear you give yourself credit for, so I really hope you don't get depressed because I think there's good potential in your play to get scary. I really hope your time traveling was really fun for you, and I hope I wasn't too annoying or anything, and I can't wait to see you again at CB. PS You should try more commentary since I think you'd be great at that.

@Hirokuni And I thought I used to be quiet when I was a kid :o We never got properly introduced sadly, but it was still good seeing you and hopefully we'll get to play next time.

@IAmAphroDynamek Everyone int he community has given you much love, so I dunno what else to say other than to reiterate that the work you put in for us is MUCH appreciated and I hope you can look at us into the future and that we'll grow even bigger so that you can be proud of us.

@keninblack First off, I wanted to apologize if I was being pushy/annoying about pools and stuff, I was just a bit scared since last tournament I went to things were shaky. You did a great job running everything on time and keeping track of everything so I hope you don't take it personally. Second off, about your play, I actually thought the team switch you did was actually REALLY smart and a good counterpick and I was actually really sad when it fell through. I really hope you keep up both teams because I thought the idea you had there was really good. Personally, I felt my Parasoul play was SUPER shaky and wanted to apologize to you for it, hopefully next time I'll stay more solid, and hopefully we'll actually get a chance to play each other.

@matlokholmes It was great seeign again. That said, not gonna lie, I was dying when kenin pointed out that you and drewski were playing casuals AGAIN lmao.

@mcpeanuts I actually was really happy that you beat temple nut to get into that top 8 spot, since I thought last time you guys played each other a bunch on QM during your streams you were losing a bunch to him (not to say he's bad, just seemed like a personal demon kind of thing). I really hope you take Mike's advice about defense to heart and remember to not give up even if it's just Peacock left.

@Mike_Z It was really cool seeing you again, and this time I enjoyed talking to you a little more and was happy you could at least see my Trio play (even if you seemed more into the Solo stuff). I'm also glad I got a chance to ask those questions to you, and I'm STILL really sad we didn't get to play since it's something I've really been looking forward to :(

@Merlock I actually felt pretty bad that we didn't talk more than we did :( I hope next time we can get more chances to talk/play cause I felt bad that I only saw/talked to you once and that one time I was busy/preoccupied/something.

@Mr Peck I'm really sorry if I was annoying you all throughout the weekend with me talking about your play/giving unwarranted advice, since I actually wanted to stop trying to do that so much. I hope you don't take it badly, and I'll try not to talk so much if we meet up in the future. I hope you still had a great time, and I really stand by what I say in that you'll be great/fantastic as soon as you get the team composition you'll stick with and start churning out all the dirty stuff for it and clean up the play to the level that I know you can do!

@Natezer Wow I didn't get to talk to you huh

@Pickles I know you got this a lot, but that haircut really made you look a lot different lol. I think I got to saw you play and you were really putting it in there, I really feel like your Double practice is paying off and I know it'll only get better if you stay in there.

@Ryden Onkars How come we didn't get to talk :( Where's the midwest love? Hopefully we see each other at Frosty's and hang out since it'd be cool to hang out with all you KC guys at the same time again.

@Sarcasmic Solo dream is dead :( Nah its okay I understand, I hope next time we get to play though, you should really make an effort next time we meet to ensure that since I'd really love to.

@Saske Socks <3 You played really well in our set, and your defense against the normal Eliza stuff I was doing was really on point, I hope we get to play some eliza mirrors actually cause that was really fun. BTW TOTALLY DUCKING YOU IN WINDJAMMERS You are da gawd.

@ShadeMoneh It was cool that I think we got to talk a little more this time around, which I enjoyed. Also seriously glad that you made Top 8 since you really put in work and it shows. I'll definitely be expecting even more from you next time we play as well so I hope you stay hungry and get in there.

@Shadowstew Shoutouts to literally not playing because my stick was busted, holy crap. That said, I'm glad we hung out at the several points we did, and you were super helpful in a lot of situations throughout the weekend, so I really wanted to so thanks for all the stuff you did.

@Skarmand First off, it was great talking to you the few times we did since you always have good insight to the fun/weird things in SG and I always love talking about that stuff. Next, I feel sorry that I couldn't get to apply your advice in my SIG match, but you were totally right and I should keep that option on the table. I totally feel you on being hungry and wanting to break into Grand Finals since that's the level I'm aiming for as well, and I hope we can all make it to that point as a community someday where we can break the mold for Grand finals. Still though, you put on a great show, which is more than what I can say for my play, so I'll try harder next time around, and I'll be looking forward for you to do the same.

@Top Dallas Glad to meet you, as one of the few people to watch the KC streams I wanted to meet you after that performance you had last time. Hopefully next time we meet, hopefully frosty?, we'll get a chance to hang out properly.

@Verdant Brave I really *really* hope you enjoyed yourself at Wawa, for some reason I thought that place would have everything you wanted so I hoped that it satisfied your hunger more than Denny's did at CB :P

@[PME] Holy shit fix your name so we can tag you in SH. Also, it was great to finally meet you! Talking to you about the game was so fun, I hope in the future we can talk about Robo stuff, and I'm going to seriously look forward to the next time we can play.

@dekillsage and @SonicFox5000 among the numerous things to say, I just REALLY wanted to say that the PW mirror you guys did has to be one of the funniest things I've seen in SG ever, and that moment alone made the entire trip worth it from how much I was laughing and dying at that, so thanks for that little thing that turned out super great.
I feel like I mentioned most everyone I saw on the list + remmebered but in case I missed you you were probably a really cool person that I'd want to talk to more <3

@fenster shout outs to fenster for being the only person who wrote something on my shirt about a character I don't play.

I had the read that everyone would be doing specific stuff and that we'd see other character things on there. Needless to say, my reads are NOT on point. :(

Tell Joey D to see a fucking doctor about that snoring. I worry, is all.

Oh don't worry, all of us around here worry about Joey D :P
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@ElkyDori and @POS Industries I'm sorry about snapping at you guys during the finals, it just touches a personal nerve when there are hungry improving players (myself included) that are gunning for Grand Finals to avoid talk like that, especially when we are getting even closer. And it hurt a little too that it came from inside the community as well, so to speak, but in any case I shouldn't have snapped and I'm sorry about that. And I hope you guys aren't bummed about the commentary thing, since if I'd have known that voting was a thing (?) I would've put myself down for you guys since I always enjoyed your guys's commentary even if it was a lot of silly offtopic stuff. That commentary was always a joy for me back last year in Skullbats when I tried to level up a lot, so your duo on commentary means something to me. I can't help much if you guys are feeling distant and want to move on to other games, and I can respect it, but I hope you guys know that you'll still have made an impact here <3
Dude, you did amazing in top 8 and I was really hyped to see you play, win or lose. And I want to see you in grand finals. I want to see Peanuts there. And TJ. And Cloudking, Skarmand, Wing, Bang, Peck, SIG, Fullbleed, Taluda, Ken, Domo, Worldjem, and countless others that it would just take too long to name there, too. I want Duck and Sev back, and I don't want to stop seeing Sage and Fox there, either. I want this whole community to get there. I want to walk into a tournament and have no idea who's going to win.

And I believe you can do that. I believe we all can.

We've got six months until Combo Breaker. Make me proud. All of you.
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Didnt get to chill nearly as much as I wanted to but thanks to everybody for staying cool with me especially this far after my relevance in the community. Hope you enjoyed the Zotz. Much love.
Please spoiler your shout outs btw if they are an entire page and over : ) !

Sorry about that ;_; Good policy though and I'll remember it next time

Also, @Hopscawtch I can't believe i forgot! I saw you tweet before that you were a bit bummed and I was sad to hear that. I know things are different know that SG is a little bigger, I can only hope that it was just the weird venue that made everything a bit weird cause you are still a good force in this community that's always welcoming to see and hang out with.

And have to agree with Mike in that I didn't see you Medic so I forgot you went, sorry about that.
I think we might even need 2 salty suites right next to each other (as in two pairs of rooms with a connecting door), because oh man, the last few tournaments I went to where there was a salty suite was great, but it still felt a bit crowded.

Also NEC was super hype to watch and I wish I could have gone but I got bodied by a tournament cold from Canada Cup for like 3 weeks and wasn't feeling up to it (and I'm still not fully recovered). Definitely going to make the effort to go to next year's.
In less caps, thanks yo! :^)
As a first time attendee for anything Skullgirls, that was awesome! Thanks for the amazing weekend guys. I wish I had socialized a bit more and didn't split my time with Melee and PM as well, but now I know for the future. For those I did get to talk to, thanks for being cool! My friend and I both had a blast, and the tournament was pretty damn hype. I even went and bought a real fightstick, so now I have no excuses for screwing up inputs x.x

Quick notes/shoutouts to different people here:

@Kasumi : I'm definitely looking forward to actually playing you in Skullgirls. Sad we didn't get to do it this weekend, but I'm sure I'll see you in West Chester soon enough. I'll be bringing my fightstick down there from now on!

@Swagachu : Don't know if you're in this thread, or even on this website, but thanks for the games and helping me out! I got a lot of work to do regarding my defense.

Things I wish I said in person:

@Mike_Z : I wish I got to do this in person, but thanks for making such an awesome game! I had a blast this weekend, and it was all because of the awesome game you and Lab Zero made. So thanks!

@mcpeanuts : As a Peacock fan, I'll always be cheering for you! Thank you for developing the Peacock meta and being awesome!

Oh, also, thank you two for the stream shoutout. Me and my friend were the ones wearing the Pikachu hats :P

@Dolfinh : Sad to see you not make it out of pools, but I believe in you! Top 8 needs that Squigly play <3 Also, keep up those Ecco speedruns! I'll be cheering for you both at future SG events, and on your stream! (Actually I'm typing this out as I watch the stream right now)

Once again, thanks for the awesome weekend guys! I won't be able to travel much, but I'll definitely be around the Philadelphia area for the next event!

One last shoutout to ZOTZ CANDY. That stuff is amazing.
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damn all this love, ha good shit everyone. Also yea @fenster its cool man! congrats on getting top 8 at SG! I did fairy well for my first SG major, going 2-2, and getting a match off of Cloudking. I see that is a plus for me imo. but yea it was nice seeing you again.

I think the venue could of been better for all of us but hey with Big E changing the venue kinda at the last min since the date was moved because of Capcom Cup, did suck and made it a bit harder for some of us to get out there (ugh why be far from airport) but overall I had a great time finally getting the meet everyone in person! My only regret was not playing more sets with everyone.

After going to NEC it has tempted me to go to more majors to compete and spend time with you all!
I would like to give some shoutouts too.

Kraken dark spiced rum - Thanks for being so delicious and so high in alcoholic content

Pinnacle whip cream flavored vodka - Thanks for tasting so amazing with orange soda, and being in a bottle thats easy to carry around the venue and drink straight from when I don't have time to go back and forth mixing drinks.

Captain Morgan - Didn't get to hang with you much this weekend, but definitely hit me up some time for some sets. Always lots of fun.
so first off this was my first tournament i went to

my experience was amazing i at first was very shy and did my own thing didnt really talk much to anyone just walked around and watched the casual matches being played but as the weekend went on i met some really cool people (wish i talked to more of you guys now but there is always next event) played some sg and got totally rekt but i am new so im not to shocked but it was a learning experience but i digress as the weekend went on i got to see the sg community just blossom and i felt at home without even knowing half of you so i thank you for that and i also really got to see the passion some of u have for this game it its made me want to try and get better at sg so thanks for a great weekend filled with shenanigans, hype, and passion i cant wait to go to other sg events

p.s. i was wearing a pikachu hat with a red headband (was going for the headband pikachu skin in smash) thought it was mad funny that @Mike_Z and @mcpeanuts talked about me and my buddy @Sylnic on stream made me laugh so hard
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I am kinda late, but i wanted to say thanks to everyone involved in making this again be the greatest thing ever. Congratulations @dekillsage AND HOLY SHIT @cloudKing211 your play was sick! Also happy birthday @ShadeMoneh good shit man! Thanks EVERYONE that was able to participate! Watching strim was killing me! It was amazing!
The Epilogue of NEC

To everyone that i played. I can safely say that NO ONE is free. a lot of people gotten better. Stronger team construction. Stronger skill set. Stronger player base showing up. Not at one point in casuals did i ever get bored playing people cause you guys learned and adapted SO much from playing just a few games and adjusted to me. Honestly I was a lot more hype for casuals with everyone instead of my pools LMFAO. anyways...

I will say this as I was the last person from the SGC to get home and see everyone off. This song popped in my head when I was seeing everyone and when @herbvijkl was leaving. I cried, I cried a lot whenever everybody left. I know everyone has to go home including me, however whether some people want to think of it this way or not. The SGC in its entirety is another "home" and this year's NEC really broke me down at the end. I'm not very good with dealing with feelings Post-goodbyes. Anyhow to those named and unnamed. I prolly played you and prolly respected you in some way. Don't forget that. Now onto the shoutouts. Warning: might be reoccurring themes to many players.

@BrandX+ First off. when i first met you, you were quite the character. Mostly off and on about SG. Now, you helped get SIG to NEC, summoned the courage to apologize to a old bad relation and gotten 10X better at the game. I respect you for choosing the decision to STRUGGLE to get better. its a lot better than saying "fuck it" and just wasting your time. Know yourself, Better yourself, Overcome yourself, Acknowledge yourself, and love yourself man. No one will do that but you and if you can do that then it will show in anything you do. I believe you in you so you should believe in yourself. You definitely looked like you had a better time than Summerjam.


We should've talked about spice and wolf but we were too busy getting bodied for food. The games were good. I think your execution in squigly was fine just your confidence in your abilities was lacking and i don't know why. I know you can be better and if you're willing to work for it you will realize that too. i wish you luck buddy and if you ever need to room again then i am willing to house you or anybody.

SIG: GOOD STUFF placing high at NEC. Unfortunately my Japanese is very limited but i was gracious to exchange SOME words with you. I hope to see you at CB. I do like the multiple knowledge in characters for different match ups.

@Dolfinh I already said on twitter, but the fact still remains that you're one of my top 5 players that I look at. Especially when I think "wow, how the hell do i get better?" it was a long time that I was a moody and didn't really understand how to get better. The first step was learning to be a bit nicer to myself. By being nicer to myself I could be nice to other people and also look at the course of the set better and adjust better. It doesn't stop there tho. Your continued support for others and overall approach to fighting games is a different scope than what i was used to when i seriously played tekken, soul calibur 2-4 and street fighter. You've immensely improved from last year and even though you wanted to say "oh but twerk you won a couple more rounds than me", I don't care. The set was not free and actually was more close than you realize. We're even as far as i'm concerned and i'm very happy that you've grown to this point. Never stop improving, cause I will not knowing that people like you exist in SGC(there are QUITE a few of you that exist tbh lmfao).

@Beamsprouts Shut it. You are good at the game. Very good. we both panicked hella hard in our match to get out of losers.(that part where i whiffed fukua's j.lp on crouching band like 4 times was just OD LOL). and honestly I felt torn when you had to leave :(. You know a lot about the game and how to play it and you play it smart if work wasn't bodying you and me, i would play more sets with you. you have all the neutral sense and offense down, just like @Dolfinh said, if you tuned up your defensive skills I most likely would not be able to touch you at all. I liked playing casuals with you even though it was only once, but i enjoyed playing my good ol friend. It was definitely nice seeing you again. I will try to swing up to norcal and hang out with you guys more. we should play rivals of aether or something else sometime.

Just be be ready to.....BRING DAT ASS HERE BOI

@herbvijkl Man you're also FANTASTIC at the game. I liked playing casuals with you and also talking with you about the game and just sitting down and chilling. I wish i talked to you more, but hopefully i can make NWM so i can talk with you more. if not then hopefully i can attend CB.

@biz casual
Good shit man. Your double is scary. and your overall offense is scary too. Easily up there with high level players. I was most surprised by you putting diablos into losers. Good shit. I enjoyed going into training mode with you and showing you Fukua tactics and what not. overall it was an experience to just be in your company since you were so laid back. I would be honored to chill with you once again.

@clawmaster You did some shit dude LOL. squigly cosplay? MAH GAWD Scorpion cosplay? I N C R E D I B L E! ! ! ! ! ! !
Playing casuals with you reminded me what A-train can do and what it cannot do. I think you got a pretty good assist, an irregular one but a good one. Learn the ins and outs of it and you will be AMAZING. believe in your play, believe in yourself. Believe in the assist that believes in you.

Overall: Norcal room was best room. I spent the most time in that room than anywhere else. too many good folks that was there tbh. I hope i get to see EVERY single one of you again
@mcpeanuts ANOTHER bit of the top 5 players that i always looked up to. I said my shit on twitter, but really good shit on getting to top 8. Everyone knows and KNEW you can do it.....except yourself? Why? You have skill man. Acknowledge yourself for what you do for the community AND as a player. I would've LIKED to play games with you, but I didn't want to upset you so I avoided asking to play a set vs you. I look forward to meeting you again and facing you in pools or w.e.

@Pickles Look, Think of NEC as a Milestone. you played one straight year of Skullgirls and gotten this far. You summoned the courage to play for qualifiers. you're a better player than you imagine yourself to be. I should've played more games against you since i believe offline is vastly different than online despite SG's excellent netcode. Keep your head up and if i can make it to CB, i'll be more than glad to play you in casuals. Keep working on the team and never beat yourself up, just work on your craft. i send you my best wishes.

@Natezer Man we need to play casuals at some point lmfao. see you around friend

@dMags HOW THE HELL DID I NOT SPOT YOU AT ALL THIS WEEK? ;_; i'm so sad about that. ima change that next weekend.

I fucking TOLD YOU. I knew you would make it far in this tourney. I always knew you were a good player. This NEC was YOUR chance to shine and i'm glad tbh. We didn't play casuals, sure, but talking with you about sanik and just overall things made moments in this NEC so much fun. I will TRY to get to combo breaker just to do the whole experience again. Until then, take the achievement home with you, but don't sleep on it. Stay hungry. I know I will.

@Dhoppler You had me fucking dying dawg. HURT ME MOAR dawg. your fortune isn't as bad as you say it is. playing some casuals with you was fun as hell(you didn't have to stomp me out with peacock tho). I should've hanged out with you more often. was fucking godlike just being around you and hope to see you at the next tournament.

@FuLLBLeeD Man, took the final day to actually meet you. One cool dude and playing casuals with you was a blast. so glad both you and dhoppler used my own 4chan tech against me GAWWWWWWDAAAAAAAAAAMN. I hope to see you at the next tourney.

@drewski Still was fun to see you again. You're still a pal to the end. I was kinda sad you didn't make it out in pools, but its w.e. i wish i hanged out with you more. thanks for giving me wawa's for the first time, unfortunately i got drunk that night and forgot about the wawa until the next morning but it was STILL KREYGASM. See you at winterbrawl ( i think)

@Mike_Z Man, when you said you were surprised about me getting out of pools, i couldn't help but laugh. You didn't have to apologize. I wasn't very good last year. and even this year I don't think i'm particularly Good per say, BUT i'm def am showing promise to be GOOD and maybe even scary. I will continue to work hard at the game. and i was glad to back up your latest project: Indivisible. I will buy a PS4 and buy skullgirls all over again along with indvisible.

I respect you as a person. you gave me many talks about how to play skullgirls, things about 2D fighters and looking at the mentality of 2D fighters. Because of your game i could apply the knowledge to other 2D fighters i was pretty good at and for that i will forever thank you. Hopefully next time you see me i will place higher in a tournament and impress many people. Hope to see you at combo breaker.

@hilaryyy YOU"RE SO FUCKING COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. I should've played vsav with you so that i can actually learn the fucking game. If I go to NWM and you're there with goose then i'll play definitely! see you at the next major.

@Skarmand Thank you! I actually wrote down what advice you gave to me during our set. I hope you find a team that really suits you. if you got any questions with squigly, you got plenty of resources but i would love to lab out things for you. Another of my top 5 players to watch and observe and my only regret was that i didn't play casuals with you sooner. I send you my best wishes and hope to see you again.

@Mr Peck YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS you did so well on stream! and played many casuals with you. you're another one of my top 5 players to watch and observe and talk with. Honestly it was prolly the highlight of my NEC experience. Meeting, talking and playing with you is a blast. You have no idea just how much it meant to me to actually play you. as promised i will continue to find stuff with the characters you like and hopefully find a team for you that really works for you. I hope to play you again when i'm a lot stronger and same with you!

@Saske Meeting you was just insannnnnnnnnnnnnnne. I should've hanged out with you more. Was def cool to see you for the first time. and good shit using a wii controller for qualifiers lmfao

@WarpedEcho I really just wanted to say from the heart, that i respect you. I know you were upset losing, so i didn't want to bother you too much, but I actually really want to play games with you, but didn't know when and how to approach you. Hopefully i can play again sometime or something. you're also why I actually tried playing PW many times and still do to this day but don't quite understand her in terms of her neutral or how to utilize her armor as well as you do. I hope to see you again at the next tourney

@keninblack Yet another another one of my top 5 players to watch. your parasoul really is what got me into playing parasoul and it still shows today. its one thing to be a good player. but a good community member, a TO AND placing?!?! FUCKING INSANE. Keep your head up. I wish you luck in SFV tho and hopefully i can get some games against you in that game too!

@Blaise good shit in uniel....you still remind me of shaggy.

@Zidiane just......what the fuck LMFAO. was cool to see you again and witness mike getting bodied by M shadow assist LMFAO overall never gets old seeing you again but this is like the first time i didn't fight you in pools for once!?!?! I know you want to improve in SG and a couple of people are more than willing to help. JUST ASK! :D

@dapurplesharpie I already said my shit on twitter. I admire your dedication to the game. its only been a year and you did a lot and STILL do a lot. I do promise to get started on sending content that may benefit players. also your drunk tweets are god tier omfg. that's all i got to say about that. See ya next time KPB | SHARPIE! ! ! ! ALSO MY ANGRY ORCHARDS!!!!!!!!

@Broken Loose I'm getting that fucking game RIGHT NOW. You are fucking godlike. same with the commentary. I WILL make it to CEOtaku and hope to experience the G O O D S H I T. rest assured. Until then i will see you next tourney at some point.

@[PME] you're flat out one of those people that i cannot tag LMFAO!!!!
Anyways I was drunk and you were tired and we played casuals. You're good man. I def was happy to watch you make qualifiers. even tho in our set i won. I don't care. the main thing i wanted to let you know is that you're a strong player and that i know you can do a lot more than what you may think you can do at this moment. i wish you luck on team EC. Shoutouts to carrying my bag and walking 30 minutes away from the venue and i literally forgot most of it lMFAO.

@Datagram Good shit playing casuals with you. One of these days i will break out my val in a tournament. but until then i stay playing parasoul. see you at slapfest and the next tourny tho.


@bando namcai, snerd and other people. you guys fucking rock that's all i got to say. the roast sessions were OD and i just died. Good shit you guys

@Temple NUT! Good shit to you placing. i should've played some casuals against you. See you at next philly tourney for sure.

@FleekAlmighty MAN YOUR double/ H DRILL IS ON POINT! good shit to playing you in casuals. Sorry about earlier bad run ins i caused. you're a cool dude and didn't deserve that. I should play you in guilty gear tho and get my ass whooped.

@fleek's brother your parasoul is good. its not the tech that's required but the neutral sense. and you got it. you just need to be more confident in neutral and I KNOW YOU can do that. Keep it up. I expect you to be stronger by next tournament.

@Hirokuni I was super sad i couldn't get your ps3 pad to work. Next time I WILL have input wrapper JUST so i can play you at your best and so that you don't get frustrated in the process. I hope to play you in CF and get my asswhooped just the same. and even though we didn't really talk much, i was super excited to meet you way more than you could possibly imagine. See you next major for sure.

@Prince of Dragons MAN XRD i got WHOOOOOOOOOOOPED. telling you right now. i'm practicing so i can do actual milia things in match instead of training mode LOL!

@acfan Keep up the good work. I really wish i could play more games with you and what not. i hope to see you at next tourney tho

TO THOSE NAMED and UNNAMED. I mark NEC as my milestone. both in how long i played this game and how long i've been in this community. This milestone only solidified the memories i have of you guys. As such I will continue to do what i can by attending, making videos of weird tech that i find and more. I will also get better at this game, since everyone else is working just as hard as the next guy and i want to get better with all of you!

Special shout outs to @IAmAphroDynamek if it weren't the time you decided to take part into Skullgirls' at the time low swimming pool. we wouldn't have a local for the NJ area. we wouldn't have MORE people (speaking from my experience at NEC) asking just what is skullgirls and actually PLAYING IT. We wouldn't get to this point if it weren't for you. We love the game, just people never saw that and you helped shined the light on us and for that I am eternally grateful for that and wish you luck on your next adventure.

Until then guys, I will go back to training mode, in skullgirls in a couple of days when my batteries have been recharged.
I would like to give some shoutouts too.

Kraken dark spiced rum - Thanks for being so delicious and so high in alcoholic content

Pinnacle whip cream flavored vodka - Thanks for tasting so amazing with orange soda, and being in a bottle thats easy to carry around the venue and drink straight from when I don't have time to go back and forth mixing drinks.

Captain Morgan - Didn't get to hang with you much this weekend, but definitely hit me up some time for some sets. Always lots of fun.
...Kraken was there?
goddammit, who told him and why?

He was content with Sam Adams and you just had to go ruin it.

(but yeah, we went on a liquor run earlier and there may have been a chance we were going to buy Kraken, but decided to get beer instead :^D )
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sall good I like Sam Adams. I just didn't know my old friend Kraken was there. I would have at least liked to say hello, and maybe drink half the bottle.
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goddammit, who told him and why?

He was content with Sam Adams and you just had to go ruin it.

(but yeah, we went on a liquor run earlier and there may have been a chance we were going to buy Kraken, but decided to get beer instead :^D )

Don't pin this on me. I kept my mouth shut, even though I wanted to get him a bottle.
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Next time there's a ghost lobby, we're running the tournament down there. I legit bet that no one would have cared if we were down there.

still can't believe you were like "yep, got my soda goin' back up" for basically 3 whole days and just missed spirit colosseum
ok now that im not dead time for shoutouts

@[PME] congrats on making top 16 and making the EC team! you've improved a hell of a lot and you're definitely establishing yourself to be someone to look out for in the future.

@acfan always good to see you, thanks for the wawas runs.

@Beamsprouts i wish i'd had a chance to play casuals with you but it was still nice to meet you, thanks for the filia corner combo w/ brass.

@biz casual congrats on making top 16 in winners! I also wish I had a chance to play some casuals with you especially how close our tournament set was but I look forward to seeing you in the future.

@Blaise controller issues suck but you still did great in uniel of course, your sg team is really cool and once you get more comfortable with it it'll be really scary.

@Broken Loose I don't think we got further than introductions but you're a cool guy and I like your commentary.

@Broseidon Rex sucks of course that you couldn't make it until saturday but it was good to see you anyway and I'm glad we got to hang out a bit in the norcal room.

@cloudKing211 Y U N G double, congratulations on getting 3rd with filia this character is good hold that shit squigly players. In all seriousness though you played amazingly and I hope I can get some of your filia and double knowledge to rub off on me.

@Datagram first round is data(gram)

@Dhoppler congrats on getting top 16, we didn't really talk at all but you played super well all weekend.

@Dolfinh really glad I got a chance to talk a lot with you over the weekend, I really respect you as a player and a person. You keep getting better and better and I know despite you being disappointed you'll come back stronger because that's the kind of guy you are.

@Dreamepitaph congrats on top 16! always good to see you and I love watching you play, mike was right you have gotten a lot better. I really hope you end up being able to make it to combo breaker!

@fenster thanks to you there were more solos than duos in top 8 we fucking made it. You are one of my favorite players to watch and you keep getting better and better, I wish we had more of a chance to hang out.

@hilaryyy i didn't get to talk to you at all but good stuff with the ghost lobby

@Hirokuni good to finally meet you and hear you talk, stay silently protecting

@keninblack so great to see you, you never fail to put me in a good mood and it's really a shame I didn't get to hang out with you as much but I'm sure I'll be seeing you in the future. Everyone has said this already but great job running the tournament as usual.

@LazyBakemono glad I was able to actually talk with you this weekend, congrats on getting top 16 of course, I know you think you have a lot of problems in your game but you're a very smart player and your rate of improvement is actually out of control, you'll be winning tournament sets against the furry gods by combo breaker I have no doubt. also shoutouts to the no pickles at chilis, i expected it from socks but not from you how could you do this

@Lethalmind congrats on top 16 and making the team, you're a really strong player even if you don't always think so and I know you will keep improving.

@LSP where the hell did you go for like 2 days lmao

@mcpeanuts thanks for driving us 14 hours to PA and back again. Congrats getting top 8 at your first 64+ man major too, tbqh I predicted dolfin over you in my pool predictions because it seemed like you weren't taking NEC very seriously but you definitely showed you still have the drive to do well.

@Mike_Z I appreciate you saying I played well, it means a lot coming from the guy who made the game. Thanks for making me feel better after my loss, I liked your commentary too

@Mr Peck we didn't get to talk much but it's always good to see you, thanks for making the trip out from across the pond and I know once you get your team worked out you'll get really scary fast.

@Natezer the twitter god, you need to relax

@PrettiestMedic sucks I didn't get to meet you at all you were off doing hearthstone things :(

@Saske the sidebet legend, I have learned my lesson. Good shit at windjammers, sorry you brought the wrong converter, I'm glad I got to meet you when you actually knew who I was lmao it was a lot of fun hanging out with you.

@ShadeMoneh im glad we got to hang out, super congratulations on getting top 8 and making the EC team, you've had such a drive to improve in the last few months and I know you'll keep getting better.

@Skarmand a lot of people have said this but when we finally have a grand finals thats not sonic and sage you are one of the top contenders to be in it. Like you said a lot of people only lost to sonic and sage so don't get too worked up about the details of tournament placement, you played amazingly.

@trainedbydeath so glad i could finally meet you, good job holding down the shirts booth, your hugs are S tier

@Tommer congratulations the money cat paid off for you

@WarpedEcho don't beat yourself up too much, you played well the whole weekend just had some bad luck with brackets, I know you'll do well in the future, your painwheel is always really cool to watch, good luck with your new team.

i surely forgot some people but that's the way it goes with these things. Also everyone asking about dmags his car broke down so he couldn't make it, it was really unfortunate
...Kraken was there?
Thursday night in the Marvel room, yeah.

You missed out.
For all of about 6 hours

Shoutout to my dad, thanks for passing on that genetic alcoholism
Time for my shoutouts:

@Blaise I was more upset by what happened to you in UNiEL than by anything else that happened at NEC.

@Broken Loose I missed an opportunity to play you in SG for money again.

@Broseidon Rex Stay free.

@cloudKing211 You the real MVP.

@dapurplesharpie Glad to see KPB makes jerseys in youth sizes.

@dekillsage I liked that time you did level 3.

@Dreamepitaph You learn Painwheel yet?

@drewski See me in TFH.

@matlokholmes You jammed my wind. I must train harder.

@fenster I was going to kiss you for switching to solo, but the last time I almost kissed someone during an SG tournament, it was keninblack, and it turned out he had mono, so I decided not to.

@Hopscawtch Make good on your stream promise.

@IAmAphroDynamek Thanks for all the huge jugs on my FB feed. Also, for everything you've done for SG.

@keninblack I liked your shirt with the ass thing on it.

@mcpeanuts Stop putting me into losers, goddammit.

@Mike_Z I have One Must Fall: 2097 on my computer because someone said nice things about it. Was that you?

@mpgame99 DMV needs you.

@Natezer You can't run from me forever.

@POS Industries Glad to see I'll be carrying our SFxT duo.

@PrettiestMedic Same as Natezer, but in USF4 instead.

@ShadeMoneh Good work.

@Skarmand Better work.

@SonicFox5000 I mashed against PL in MKX like you said, but it didn't work. I'm asking a YOMI guy next time. Pffffffft.
I learned something
Hey, so, I've been seeing some tweets about NEC that are fairly negative, and so far as I can gather, some of the people there didn't think things went as well as they could have? Or that it was too crowded/busy? Sharpie mentioned there not being anywhere to do the ol' SG Diner, but was there anything else? I ask so that we might avoid any of those things at CB2016.
Keep the area consolidated and the set ups open. Also make sure the rooms are at least in the same wing of the hotel.
The fact that the combo breaker venue is 24/7 I think will alleviate a lot of the issues that NEC had (namely, that no one wanted to host the entire SGC in their room for casuals). Having food within walking distance would be nice too of course though.
shout outs to tags not working with your name
you're flat out one of those people that i cannot tag LMFAO!!!!
I can't change my name, and I don't want to make a new email... @Mike_Z is it possible? (you should also give me 2 hits of armor :^)
Thank you Liam <3

maybe you'll never see this, that'd suck
Man, you thought

General things first:
Shoutouts to my new job calling me THE DAY I GOT BACK from NEC to tell me they wanted me in the next day, Monday-Thursday is an OPTIMAL schedule for going to majors and stuff. I am SOOOOO happy I made it into Team EC AND Top 16. It means the past 3 months of hard work I put in didn't go to waste. I love all of you people because I LOVE meeting everyone offline. Now for the individual shoutouts
@IAmAphroDynamek MAN you looked tired as hell on Friday, glad you looked better rested on Saturday and Sunday. Just as everyone has reiterated numerous times: Thank you!

THIS is what kindled the fire, the fire of me wanting to hit the next level, so I followed that advice x3: at LEAST 3 hours a day for 3 months. I did level up at the speed I wanted... but I should have spent more time training, because I was still implementing new stuff the week leading up to NEC. Seriously though, I always remember you saying this right before I start my training sessions and thank you very much for saying this. Congrats on top 8! You deserve it. Shoutouts to continuing the almost year-long tradition of us meeting up and not playing each other in ether brackets OR casuals. One day though. I'm no where near being a god though, but maybe by CB I'll be close to being a demi-god?

@BrandX+ I was hoping you'd walk up to me so we can start talking about stuff : ( It was amazing seeing you again though, and it still amazes me you use a hitbox! I would be a hitbox user if there was one with a keyboard layout. But DEFINITELY let's chill at the next event we meet up at!

@keninblack Same to Peanuts applies to you (except the not playing you part). On the night coming back from Inflict way in October, you told me that I had a good chance to be in Team EC because I could probably beat *unnamed* people by then, and I did. Even though you sounded not serious while saying it, I still took it to heart and it added an extra log to the fire Peanuts already lit. Thank you for running yet another tournament so well. I was glad to keep you hydrated until you got water, you know you can always count on me to not let you thirst. Thank you for giving me a chance Pat, I really mean it.

@clawmaster Your cosplay was pretty dope, loved both of them, I could NOT tell who you were when you walked into Dolf's room. And then day 2, you were Squigly, so I thought, "Is this a new person?" But DUDE, we should have played casuals, next time though!!!

@Youkai_Shaw Your hugs! <33333333

@Pickles You getting a haircut weirded me out. I cannot believe we had to fight twice during the qualifiers. I watched your SJ9 matches against Natezer to see how you played against Fortune... but you swapped out BB so I just had to play my stuff. I heard that you tried to adapt to my playstyle after our first set, so I'm glad one of the things I trained for was to have different playstyles during the refights. Great games!

@WarpedEcho I was SO scared to fight you, not because of the Fortune/Painwheel matchup (cause I don't mind it to be honest), but because you're such a strong player. I HAD to give it 150% even though I never fought you before or else I would be insulting your skills. You shaving from one day to the next freaked me out. Same with Pickles, it was more difficult to recognize you guys due to me not getting to see you guys that often. Your team is gonna get scarier, I can already see it.

@Lethalmind DUDE! Our match was so close! Even when we played casuals at Cloud's place, you leveled up even more since then. You simply outplayed me and I have to hold that, I'm glad you're on the team too. I'm also glad we got to show the room a match that's hopefully as hype as a grand finals should be.

@ShadeMoneh You ran that shit back ALLLLL the way from SJ9. You've gotten so gooooood!! But don't think I won't catch up, congrats on top 8!

@Saske Socks, it was between you and me, and I was HUNGRY for that spot, so I could not afford to go easy on you. That scream after I landed the last hit WAS NOT me popping off, 3 months of stress just left my body in that scream. You're honestly a super cool dude to chill with and we should have spent more time doing so.

@Prince of Dragons HOLY SHIT YOU'RE TALLER THAN I THOUGHT! It was cool to finally meet you, we should have played sets though.

@mcpeanuts and @Prince of Dragons Undertale was pretty amazing, after talking with Peanuts, maybe I should give genocide run a whirl :^)

@Mr Peck You're also taller than I thought you were, but that's cool! I love the EU accent and I had hoped we could play games in Dolf's room, but you guys were really into it, so I didn't want to interrupt. Speaking of which....

@Dolfinh THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME AN OPPORTUNITY TO REPRESENT RK! You are one of the 3 major people inspiring me to get better for NEC simply by giving me a chance. I hope I made a show that is worthy of representing the team. Don't feel bad about your matches, I think you did PHENOMENAL, and we all did amazing as a TEAM!!! Let's chill at the next tournament we're both at and hopefully you'd be down for a casual co-op run of Ecco.

@fenster Good stuff dude. I heard Twerk gave you the advice of not running trio against me... it was good advice. The character I struggle against the most is Parasoul, one of the reasons is because of twitch blocking. That's a bad habit I picked up from the GGXrd's tutorial when they tell you to block Millia, so my skull's cracked from taking all those overheads. Good games though and congrats on top 8!

@Dreamepitaph Duuuuuuuuude it was so great to properly chill with you! Those casual sets were great (regardless of our state of minds) and I still hate the Parasoul matchup. Talking about the mechanics of fighting games... and just talking in general, was really entertaining. We DEFINITELY have to chill next time too... hopefully less drunk and less tired. I don't even know how you got back to the Radison (sorry about Derek's snoring).

@Skarmand Good games man, I wonder if the counter-pick stage actually mattered since you played more openly on Maplecrest, which allowed me to get a match. Hopefully I'll get better for the next time and not... keep getting taken out of tourneys by Parasouls. Pat put me in losers, then took me out at SJ9, and now you put me in losers, then Fenster takes me out. I really dislike Pillar, I get hit by every single one of them. But I'll DEFINITELY get past this by CB!!!

@drewski I feeeeeeeeeel you on the matchup, I just don't like to jump when I see LnL assist on screen for A Train.

@dapurplesharpie Good shit on (technically) going 2-2! You reached the goal you wanted for NEC. You were as crazy to hang out with as I thought you were. I'm definitely pitching in on the suite for CB if we all happen to get one (or two).

@Zidiane Were my nipples nice? But real talk... why?

@Datagram I'm actually afraid of trying to block Valentine resets regardless of screen position, so what I wanted to do was not let you touch me in the first place... that was it... that was my whole game plan. AT THE NEXT TOURNEY THOUGH, I GOT YOU WITH WAWA SANDWICHES!!! But I was really scared when we got paired up during the brackets since we already played the night before. Good games though!!! (I hope you know I was thinking about Peanuts saying happy birthday to the ground and felt REALLY bad for it lmao)

@Broken Loose Your attire! Dude, you have GOT to teach me finger swords next time we meet up and also play some casuals, that would be great. I'm also gonna make a $15 bet next time, you better be the trustee.

@Dhoppler YES! OMG! TOP 16 B O I S~~~! After actually getting to top 16, I don't know if you knew, but I got re-nervous. I had sooo much stress leading up to the Team EC qualifiers, after making it, 3 months of stress washed away in that scream, so I got to play my pool matches more optimally... but then I got nervous again. BUT THEN YOU WALKED UP TO ME, AND WE STARTED CHANTING TOP16 BOIS~, AND I STARTED FEELING GREAT AGAIN! When I'm feeling down at my new job, I just remember the chant, and I instantly have energy. It was amazing just talking about random shit with you, let's hang out again next time!

@Mike_Z Maybe you'll remember me next time now that I've (hopefully) properly introduced myself? Also, those Zots were something else, thank you.

@trainedbydeath please get some sleep...

@ShakyFingers Thank you for supporting me and giving me Peacock advice when I was training <3

@Adeveis Thank you for helping me train and helping me react faster to resets, it helped MASSIVELY. I really wanted to get both you, and Shaky, to NEC

@Hirokuni Don't be so shy next time, I was hoping you'd loosen up more by the end. Show us the ENERGY that I know you have!

@MotoEleven For taking the bullet when the hotel decided to screw us over with the room and charge us twice the amount. I got you back at the next event!.... just try to convince your girlfriend not to come next time...

@dekillsage Congrats on winning NEC!!!! Once I get a better ISP, you need to body me and mold me into someone who can make the team proud at CB!
To everyone else there, or that I forgot to give specific shoutouts to: I LOVE YOU!
If I'm around, either locally, or on skype or discord


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I can't change my name, and I don't want to make a new email... @Mike_Z is it possible?
MikeZ is far from an admin on this site lol.
There's a thread specifically for changing your name here.


@Skarmand Good games man, I wonder if the counter-pick stage actually mattered since you played more openly on Maplecrest, which allowed me to get a match.

I'd really recommend counter picking to dreamland or pokemon stadium vs Parasoul next time.

It was nice to finally meet you!