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USA [Dec 11, 2015] NEC 16 - Main Game & $1,000 Pot Bonus (King of Prussia, PA)

1. It was nice to see @Mike_Z again after FOUR YEARS! Watching you play VDO in MvC2 was rather nostalgic and enjoyable.

2. Having dipped my toes into most every community at some point, IMO SG has the best one.

3. You guys are just always awesome lol
Finally back home!

I'm not gonna give individual shoutouts to everyone because I really want to eat this cheesesteak, but just know that you guys are the best community and I love all of you.

However, I do want to give special thanks to @Zidiane and @Outlaw_Spike for giving me two of the most enjoyable sets I've ever played, and showing me the potential of both halves of my team.

Oh, and shoutouts to @Broken Loose for constantly being accidentally savage all weekend.
Well might as well do this now before I forget. I wanna go ahead and give shoutouts and such regarding this weekend.

NEC was a magical experience for me, a lot more than Summer Jam. The people I met, the experiences I had, the courage and determination I built through this entire weekend.

@dapurplesharpie: Meeting you was an absolute pleasure. When I was feeling bad about myself or needed to let off steam, you came to my aid and comforted me when I needed it. Your presence always made the atmosphere fun and enjoyable. I was glad I could help with the birthday celebration for mcpeanuts, walking into the room holding the cake gave me a feeling like no other. The butterflies in my stomach were beyond fluttering. You also gave me the courage to apologize to the person I had bad relations to up in person. Regardless if he forgives me or not, it was because of you that I was able to do it. Thank you sharpie for the wonderful weekend and I hope we meet again very soon. Make KPB proud!

@IAmAphroDynamek: Thank you for everything you have done for me. You gave me the motivation and drive to go to NEC when I was in dark times. You helped me bring SIG from Japan to NEC. You are one of the smoothest and coolest guy I had ever met. You honestly are like the big brother I never had. I can't thank you enough dude. What you have done for the Skullgirls community is beyond anything anyone has done. I hope you succeed in your new place and I wish you the best of luck. I hope we can cross paths again one day. The next time you see me, I will be a new warrior. Just you wait dude.

@keninblack: We didn't talk much this tourney, but you did a wonderful job as TO. Everything you have done is deserving of praise. Without you, things wouldn't have gone as smooth as they did. You help drive this community and honestly I respect you for that. You are funny and you just lighten up the atmosphere so much. I feel like we don't talk enough, hopefully next tourney we can fucking yuck it up. Keep on going fam. (Btw, you should really become a voice actor. I can honestly imagine you voicing a cartoon character :P)

SIG: I am so glad we were able to get him here to NEC. He had a wonderful time and he was thankful for what I did. Hopefully next time, he will come back even stronger. Careful guys, Japan may take it one day haha. Rooming with him was an honor and I learned a lot more Japanese just by hanging around him. Hopefully next time, my Japanese will be much stronger so we can communicate better.

@Dolfinh and @drewski : Thank you so much guys for helping SIG get to the venue. I was really worrying, but you guys came and helped him out. I am eternally grateful. You guys also had amazing play. @Dolfinh just keep on trucking, I hope to see you get further next major.

@Mike_Z: Honestly we barley talked, but I have to shout you out cause without this game, none of this would have been possible. This game has created such an amazing community and I hope we keep on supporting it for years to come. Thank you so much Mike.

@Sarcasmic and @Dreamepitaph for being great roommates! I hope we continue to see each other at these majors and getting stronger together!

@mcpeanuts: Happy birthday dude. I hope you enjoyed that cake, it was thanks to Sharpie for giving me the idea to get it. You are such a big part of the community and honestly it wouldn't be the same without you dude. The fact we held a huge celebration not only for your birthday but the fact you are such a huge part of the community made me shed tears of joy. Continue to be awesome dude.

I would also like to shout out: @Broken Loose, @Broseidon Rex (Love ya dude), @Verdant Brave (Hanging out with you was so wonderful bro. You are a great friend and I hope we can hang out again soon. Just keep on trucking with your art), @Skarmand (Don't stop being cute bae), @ShadeMoneh, @cloudKing211, @fenster, @Zidiane, @[PME], @POS Industries , @Datagram, @Prince of Dragons, the list goes fucking on. If I didn't write your name but we talked a good amount, than shoutouts to you too. I love all of you.

This tourney taught me so much, about myself and how much I should value the friends and community I have. These tournaments inspire me and help me remember why I love fighting games in the first place. Regardless of the differences me and other people have, we can all still come together and support the game we all love and cherish. If you don't like me, that's fine. There are plenty of other people in this community who do and I cherish them with all my heart. I hope that we all continue to make Skullgirls numbers high in tournaments and continue to make it leave an impact on the FGC as a whole. Thank you to the SGC, thank you to Lab Zero and thank you to KPB for making this all possible and happen.

I no longer want to compare myself to others like I did in the past. 2016 is where I walk my own path. 2016 I'm going to work harder like never before. Just you wait guys, I'm coming to get ya. And I thankfully have my friends to push me a long and get stronger.

See you all at Combo Breaker. Lets continue to make one of hell of a show. Skullgirls forever.
My shoutouts are coming when I get home. As of about 20 minutes ago, I've been awake for a full twenty-four hours and Biz Casual and I just found out our flight got delayed a bit. Yuck.

But really quick I just want to drop mentions to @Natezer @Pickles @LazyBakemono and @Biz Casual for listening to my long and mixed opinions on competitive game community dynamics. I managed to sort out a lot of my thoughts and I think I can use them to get Skullgirls growing in the way that we want.
@EFHRK, @Merlock, @Broseidon Rex-- thank you for literally making this weekend possible for me. Literally. I wouldn't have been able to come without a place to stay and without a way to overcome the Sunday night airport struggle.

The rest of you-- I'll do shoutouts once I unpack.
Shoutouts to, well, everyone. I had a great time. God I really should've, like, introduced myself and talked to people and stuff...

Also, um, did anyone happen to find a Wii Classic Controller Pro + adapter left behind? I could've sworn I put it back in my bag when I was done, but... sigh, well I guess now I have an excuse to go buy a stick or something.
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Also, um, did anyone happen to find a Wii Classic Controller Pro + adapter left behind?
Nope, hadn't lent it to anyone, that must've been someone else. I didn't even know I wasn't the only one that used one of those things!
They were quite popular actually
I don't usually talk a whole lot because I'm mysterious af and I frequently float around the venue but quick shout outs for @keninblack @matlokholmes @Dreamepitaph @dapurplesharpie
i'm always glad to see all of you

and @Kasumi i will check out Ace Attorney Investigations soon I REALLY PROMISE THIS TIME
Gentlemen & ladies, what can I even hope to say that could possibly or adequately convey how I feel about what can only be described as a monumental weekend for us? I'm eventually going to have a long rambling post, what with shoutouts & thanks, but I just got my ass kicked by an 11-hour day at work...

I'll be back tomorrow with a proper post & I'll also shed some light/set the record straight regarding my announcement.

For now, though, all I'll say is that this crew just set the FGC on fire!

You've always been my favorite player, even outside the context of being the best Double. Some may get tired of the Sage/Sonic grand finals, but I'm always happy to see you remind everyone why you're the best and how to reclaim the title when you don't have the trophy in your hands.

I'm sad that we didn't get more time to yuck it up, because being around you shapes some of the most fun and reinvigorating moments I have with this game, but I got you at NWM. Come through. <3

It was so good to meet you. I'm often rooting against you because everyone wants to help the underdog, but it's still inspiring to think about how quickly you rose to greatness from day 1 and how thoroughly you shape the game on day 2580148. You're a great person and I'm glad Skullgirls can claim you.

Mike Z:
I usually feel like an old man with outdated ideas of how to approach games and it's good to talk to someone that can help me reconcile that with a newer environment, plus laugh and talk about the old games/days. In terms of development as a player, this weekend was invaluable for me.

As you move out of full time SG development and into Indivisible, please remember how much this game means to people, and how far reaching and positive its impacts can be on an individual's life and the greater community as a whole. If SG hadn't gotten me back into fighting games, my life would be entirely different, I would be entirely different. If SG hadn't changed people ideas of the successes and happiness that could be shared as a community, fighting games would be entirely different.

PS: I'd mentioned some of it before you left, but the blessings you gave us mean more than you know. Thank you for helping me find such a good one. We both you a whole hell of a lot more than fifteen dollars. <3

PPSS: Jais said you suck, see him in +R

Mr. Peck:
You have a lot of talent and dedication, and it shows. I was so glad to have you as a roomie, and appreciate your patience and help when I dropped the ball on some adult stuff, plus just being such a fun person to play games or share the experience with. I can't wait to see Europe get bigger and give you a proper training environment so that you can grow and dominate. Much love. <3

No matter what event I go to, you are the lightning rod for fun. We didn't even stairwell boys and it was still completely lit. I daresay I L L U M I N A T E D.

You deserve every ounce of applause you ever get, as a player, or as the person that pushes this game's influence farther and farther every year. I'll talk to you soon about finding a way to get you out here for NWM so you can come kick it with the cutesquad.

I wish we'd had more time to laugh it up and get games, but I'm happy to trade tech with you in person for once. You and Liam are the closest comparisons I look to as a measurement of my own progress; while I'm really far behind now, I can't even get jealous of your improvements and strides as a player, and could not be happier to see all of your work paying off. I feel that when the greats finally do get shot, it'll be you two that are holding smoking guns. Keep at it and don't get too impatient; it won't be long before you're taking home the gold.

I don't think I need to repeat myself on anything we've talked about. I expect a lot of you this upcoming year, but only because I know you have so much passion and drive for the game. I will always be proud of you and your developments. You put in so much work, and seeing the methods firsthand are both inspiring and fascinating.

MY SON! Forever proud of you. I feel like we let you down often as a local scene, but I will work to improve that, both as a practice partner and as an organizer. Even if you're having a rough time with the losses right now, we'll figure it out and you will be the best.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PICKING US UP FROM THE AIRPORT! It says so much about you to have offered before we could even ask. Come to NWM and I'll get you back!

Beamsprouts, Biz Casual:
You two are chill as hell. PNW and Norcal have historically been pretty close, but meeting you two shows how much closer we should be.

It was so good to finally meet you. When I think of the love and dedication that New York has for this game, it's easy to understand why when they have you to keep everything hilarious and fun. Losing to you in bracket sucks, but I can't be mad when I know what kind of work you put in. No matter what greats you're learning from or playing with, feel yourself and do big things this year.

We didn't talk much, but jesus christ you are too cute. You've been coming up in the game and I'm happy to see you getting good runs in tournaments lately. If people aren't watching you and taking you seriously, RIP them.

I can't thank you enough for what you've done in the community. Even before there was Who Ya'll Like, your GU weeklies were the gateway drug for me. I've spent many a worknight watching the NE scene play this game, and your commentary is always insightful and fun.

Your Peacock is still the number one case to study, and your experience and ability serve you well. Sev and I have both spent a lot of time trying to figure out why you aren't the best or what's holding you back from winning everything, and we never have any answers. Bring home the gold.

PS: If you check for a tombstone near my signature, you'll be glad you did.

Aphrodynamek and Sharpie:
Thank you so much for putting in the work and helping SG grow. I think it'll be one of those things where the results (read: a sea of faces and a viewer count explosion) will mean more than anyone's thanks, but thank you anyways. <3

We didn't get to talk much and haven't played a lot, but it was cool to meet you. I expect to see you do really well this year, and while others might be surprised, I've watched a lot of footage and seen it coming for a while now. My roommate is picking up Fortune/Eliza and I'm glad to show him your matches and what the team can do, but even happier to show everyone your matches when they want to see just how fast/aggressive SG can be. Stay mean. :)

It was great seeing you again, haggard and short as the circumstances may have been. Wawa is a lot of things, but I'm gonna remember it as the recharging station for responsible adults everywhere.

East Coast and SGC as a whole:
It was great to see you and meet so many new faces. This game has the best community, and no amount of adversity can hold any of us back. We are the example in the FGC for what perseverance and tolerance can achieve. No matter how big we get, please remember where and how the love started.

If I don't see you at NWM8 or CB, come catch these hugs when and wherever you can find them. <3
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Made it back to Montreal last night. NEC was such a blast and as always, the Skullgirls community was the undisputed MVP that made the event so memorable for me. My only wish was that I could've spent more time playing casuals and hanging out with people from the community. Unfortunately, there's too many people to see and things to do when I go to tournaments ;.;

Time for quick shoutouts. This time, I'm going to focus on great moments instead of individual people just to highlight how much of an amazing experience it is to be around the Skullgirls community. Just know that I love each and every one of you even if I don't do individual shoutouts ^,^

- To the loudest cheering I've ever heard for someone getting DQ'd for not showing up, lol.
- To singing happy birthday for McPeanuts loud enough for the entire ballroom to hear us.
- To @IAmAphroDynamek for making it rain candy during Top 16!!!
- To SG crew coming out to cheer for Blaise in UNIEL. That was the hypest match of UNIEL I've ever watched just because of that, lol.
- To the FT4 Rounds 1v1s before Top 8.
- To a really awesome Top 16 and Top 8. So many close matches, so many great moments. I feel like I could easily pull out 30+ moments just from this point alone, lol. You should all give yourselves a nice pat on the back for the incredible skill you showed.
- To our cheering so loud and getting so hyped for the game we love that people passing by and from across the room would come over to see what all the fuss was about.

Well, that's it for me. I might not able to make it to Combo Breaker because of how close it is to my big Japan trip again but I'll see what I can do. Worst case scenario, I'll definitely be at CEOtaku and NEC next year so I'll hope to see you all there. Happy holidays everyone! Keep being an amazing community forever and ever!!!
Shoutouts time
This was probably the weirdest tournament I've been to in terms of venue/ spacing; everything being spaced out and people being in 3 different hotels made hanging out outside casuals really tough but besides that I had a fantastic time. Meeting people from the WC/ midwest for the first time was a blast.
Shoutouts to driving the general populous of the SGC to Wawa 4 times in a day, and having 20+ people in a Wawa at 2 in the morning on a Sunday.
Meeting @trainedbydeath , @Hirokuni , @PrettiestMedic , @Mr Peck , @Youkai_Shaw , @Saske (again after CB), @Dolfinh , and @Broken Loose for the first time was absolutely fantastic; you guys are hilarious, insightful, and amazingly supportive. Shoutouts to talking in a hotel lobby about gaming communities for 2 hours. @LazyBakemono @Natezer @Pickles

Rooming with @dapurplesharpie and @Zidiane was a blast, I actually had a whole hotel bed to myself for the first and probably the last time.
@keninblack for running the whole tournament and helping me get my monitor back after it got packed up.
Talking with @cloudKing211 about val/pw/dbl tech was a blast as well.

Overall I was really tired during the whole event due having a 6 1/2 hour drive but I still had a ton of fun. Congrats @Hopscawtch for winning Hearthstone, and @dekillsage for winning again.
You're all wonderful people and everyone I didn't get to introduce myself to (mainly PNW), I'll see you all again at CB. If I missed anyone I'm so sorry and feel free to add yourself in.
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Man, where do I begin? Okay, first & foremost, clearing up any confusion regarding my announcement:

I became a member of Kick-Punch-Block in 2014 at APEX. That's when KPB|Rodimus Prime (Roddyness, back then) approached me about joining the ranks. I jumped at the chance because while I was always in love with fighting games, I was laughably ignorant & oblivious to the actual workings of the FGC. Over the last two years, my understanding has grown exponentially. However, before all that, I was an author. I had released my first book shortly prior to APEX & always had intentions of crafting a series from it, but let various setbacks like doubt & self-loathing get the better of me. When KPB came knockin', it gave me something to dedicate all that energy to. Fast forward to now and I can say, with no hesitation, that it's been time well spent. I managed to raise my team's profile, build strong business relationships within the FGC AND help invigorate a game I love dearly. While there are some memories that'll always rub me the wrong way, I have no regrets whatsoever. Seeing the crowd that gathered for Top 8 on Sunday validated all the work I put in for KPB. I went out on my shield with a smile on my face. Although my physical presence within the scene has ended, I'm still going to be supporting SGNation any way I can with tournament bookings, keeping awareness steady & spreading any SG news that comes my way. Far as I'm concerned, my family has grown.

Okay, now for the shoutouts:

Obviously, there are never going to be enough words to express my heartfelt thanks for making this game. Skullgirls is honestly the title that got me back into gaming with the release of Encore. The only reason I pushed so hard to get this game what I felt was its due & proper respect is because it represents a serious turning point for me. Furthermore, thank you so much for spending time on commentary during NEC. I can tell people that I shared the mic with a game's creator... Bucket List Trophy Unlocked! And even though it may seem like I'm going full fanboy, thanks for all the compliments about my voice. It's actually something I've always been insecure about. Oh, and if you ever need a quick throwaway voice actor for some grunts or shouts in Indivisible... I am totally available!

Bruh, you may never allow me to fully credit you for this, but that day you messaged the KPB FB page about streaming at NEC last year was the spark that set this whole thing ablaze. Furthermore, I don't know of a more dedicated/attentive/accurate bracket runner. You kept everything at NEC running smoother that a supermodel's freshly waxed legs. If I had known Big E was gonna give you the props he did after Grand Finals, I woulda had one of the boys from the team help me hoist you up on our shoulders! Stay lit, brother...

Whether or not anyone knew before reading this or not is irrelevant, but you were right there along with kenin helping me get situated & find my footing in the SGC. I was always glad having you on the mic with me because, more often than not, you were the Cotton McKnight to my Pepper Brooks & I'm always gonna love you for it!

I want you to know that your joining KPB was destiny. The members on the team that have met you have nothing but praise for you. I already know that you're going to help KPB get to that next level that I've been cultivating for them over the last year. I expect greatness from you, little sister, and you proved yourself to me & the others in abundance. My only request/advice is that, while I dig your intensity & industriousness, don't burn yourself out. Do what you can when you as best you can & the rest will fall into place.

From one Mike to another, it has been a privilege to be anywhere near the same category as you in terms of supporting this game & its community. You, sir, are a living hat trick: a pillar of the SGC, a spectacular commentator & an amazing player. The day I saw you link FOUR Argus Agonies together in a single combo was -- to be frank -- a mind-altering experience. When the plans for your bday surprise were brought up, I couldn't agree to do it fast enough. I only hope the spectacle & celebration were satisfactory enough for you because lord knows you deserve it!

@Broken Loose
I know the situation leading up to NEC wasn't the most desirable, but I am truly humbled that you came out... and was looking outright debonair the whole time you did. If I do say so myself, I like to believe you brought a sense of class & elegance to our usual proceedings. Oh, regarding that "comic book" story you told... inbox me when you get a chance because there's someone from your neck of the moods that I'd like you to meet (provided you don't already know them). Keep up the good work, sir!

@POS Industries
I cannot begin to describe the elation that came when I was able to have you on the mic at the start of everything. For me, it was like meeting a favorite author & getting the opportunity to exchange notes. I just hope that no one listening got pregnant from the combined timbre of our decidedly masculine voices. In the event that anybody did, well... they should have known what they were getting into when they saw that it was you & I starting the stream.

I know things aren't always great for you & that you were disappointed in your performance, but understand that SIG being there to compete ALL THE WAY FROM JAPAN was your idea. Believe me, with everything going on upstairs in my head on a regular basis (both FGC & otherwise), I would have never thought of the idea. End of the day, all I did was talk... you're the one who handled all the arrangements and I don't think I will ever be able to properly commend for that. You're good people, little brother... never forget that.

@Broseidon Rex
You serenading me with that impromptu performance of your "Once in a Lifetime" FGC remix will now & forever be my go-to "special happy moment" when I'm sad... thank you for bringing a source of simple joy into my complicated life. Should the vote ever come up, I will totally support the idea of an honest to goodness recording of "Hype As It Ever Was" as a single!

To everyone else who came through, supported, competed and/or commentated
Each & every one of you represent why I've loved working so hard for this game. Every time the crowd roared at a major... every time we got to see amazing matches... every time I got to see the smiles on the faces of the SGC... it warmed my heart. My involvement with this game & its community has honestly been one of the highlights of my life and I mean that in general terms, not just gaming. The SGC is the most vibrant, dedicated, humble, ambitious & joyous crowd in the FGC and I will testify to that until my final breath. Thank y'all so much for making this a landmark year in the life of yours truly.

PS: None of this is to say that I won't come back "wearing the 4-5" at some point or another down the line...

NEC. Too many people. Too many hotel towers. Shout outs to @dapurplesharpie remembering Squid and Dallas but not @Ryden Onkars. #midwestboys #firstnameboys
Also, thanks for winning me $5. Hey everyone!! She confirms into the sharpie now!! Combos too!! Remember, head held high. Believe in your choices, and do your own reviews and make any adjustments you see fit. Don't let others run your show.

@IAmAphroDynamek much luck to you in the future. It was good to meet you. We won't let this crumble in your absence.

@[PME] Bando Namcai @FleekAlmighty it was great kicking with you guys.

@Zidiane you owe me your life, or at least your balls.

@Broseidon Rex you know SoR remake is on at Combo Breaker.

@Dolfinh it's great to meet you. Things turned out the way they did, but you'll have your chance at revenge plenty of times.

@mcpeanuts don't ever say you're bad again. Also, fuck you for the @FuLLBLeeD curse.

@ShadeMoneh we still gotta get games in. @cloudKing211 same.

@SonicFox5000 what were we beating you up for again? Doesn't matter, we gotta kick it next time.

@dekillsage same to ya, I'll blame the set ups this time.

@Mike_Z thank you for all of your hard work and dedication and the encouragement going up on stream. I wanted to say hi and bye and stuff, but I got distracted by everyone else.

@keninblack you keep bringing life to the party. If I knew y'all were competing against marvel players outside our room, I'd have been right there. Rambunctious bastards. We gotta make the combo breaker suite happen.

@Broken Loose thanks for the rundown on shooting craps. Can't see me in finger swords tho.

@fenster The saga continues. I'm only moving up from here. I'll catch up to you one day. My rank will definitely increase. Thank you for helping me out all weekend.

@drewski same to you. You've been invaluable. I can't forget you. Much more fun to be had in the future.

To everyone else, sorry if I missed you. It was a great time. Feels and stuff, yada yada. We will meet again.
My shoutouts are much later than usual. Had to write that other post. I feel the same as many, I suppose. There was simply not enough time to hang out with everyone.

Sylnic: Fancy meeting you in another FGC! And we still never got to actually play, but I will actually get on Steam soon I promise!

SempaiStevie: You came in with a setup I could play on, yeah! It was nice meeting you, and perhaps I'll see you locally for more SG.

Tommer: You radiate brilliance. I am not being sarcastic about this. I wish you luck in the interview! Also, it makes me very happy that there's a market large enough for games like the Zachtronics games that they're worth making. TIS-100 especially.

McPeanuts: Thank you for all you do. It was fun questing with you looking for a casual match room on Sunday.

CryptKiddie: Bonded by a love of Phoenix...

keninblack: Thanks for running the tournament, and thanks for always pointing me in the right direction for the SG goings-on.

Shademoneh: Congrats on top 8! It was excellent to see you again. You also got me into a room with pizza, so that's good. Next time bring comfortable shoes, though!

PrettiestMedic: I only saw you twice for like five seconds each, but it was nice to say hello and see you again.

Hopscawtch: Same as medic... you're still a big reason why I came into this community. Stream a bit more if possible. I want to see one of the princesses live long enough to actually become queen!

Broken Loose: You threw me right into Mike Z, so I'm glad I let you in on the secret early. It's a shame we couldn't talk much, but you're a cool dude.

DaPurpleSharpie: It's always good to see you. Thanks for giving me the pep talk! Your McPeanuts surprise was such a good and kind idea.

Mike Z: Thanks a third (or maybe fourth) time for spending so much fighting game time talking to me.

Drewski: I'll tell TylerX5 we met and complete this circle. I'm watching an Adventure of Little Ralph video right now and it looks pretty cool. I barely know the mainstream stuff for Sony consoles, so it's always worth hearing of new things.

Sorry to all that I'm so impossible to contact outside the once a year NEC deal...
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I mean thanks for the very nice words and the real raw emotions but
PPSS: Jais said you suck, see him in +R
Any. Fscking. Time.
Dude don't know what's good for him, I swear. :^P

My shouts out:
@hilaryyy @Skarmand @Mr Peck - Whenever any of you are at a tourney, I will be in that room. You are all great people, and anything else I've got to say I've told you in person. (One of my wife's coworkers went CRAZY about the fact that I came home with Jelly Babies, too. Apparently they're prominent in Dr. Who.)
@Outlaw_Spike - HOT DAMN THOSE COOKIES. My wife says the same thing. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I owe you whatever you want.
@dapurplesharpie - Thank you for turning out not to be the person I thought you were after meeting you the last three times. You're solid, and the community benefits greatly from your presence.
@Dolfinh - the same, except without the "I thought you were just some drunk" first part. :^P You shouldn't be so down on y'self.
@mcpeanuts - Finally saw you smile, it was like the sun breaking through the clouds for a brief moment. And now it's overcast again. Really nice to know you're as MUCH of a nerd as you are, too. Hee hee.
@IAmAphroDynamek - Your voice is like honey, or gold, or the sleep after a long day. You do what you gotta do, and follow your heart. Just make sure you record the audiobook version! (^.^) We'll be here when you get back, and when you do we'll only give you a supremely hard time for like, one tournament, how 'bout? :^)
@cloudKing211 - ORANGE VIAL!!!!!!!! <3 GS
@Zidiane and Bamdo-Namcai or whatever - I am never. EVER. Losing to either of you again. Expect me not to suck in the future. The far...far...future.
@Kasumi - Get a job as a programmer, stat!

Anyone else I forgot that thinks they should be here, you probably should. 'Till next time!
I don't know what was said.
nec was cool i got really fucking drunk
Can confirm. Thanks to you and @Merlock for taking me in on Thursday night.

Tell Joey D to see a fucking doctor about that snoring. I worry, is all.
I don't know what was said.
I thought mike was implying I was way different than when he met me the first time lol.

For what it's worth though, I wasn't really that hard on myself at NEC. I was emotional because I really wanted it, and I don't hold back that part of myself because I'm comfortable with it now thanks to sorting out some personal feelings. But I honestly did a really good job of staying kind to myself. I lost, I was sad. In the end though I'm glad what happened happened so that I can learn and move on. Every time I come back so much stronger, and this time will be no different. So let's get these shoutouts done:

@Dhoppler You wanted it as much as I did, you played better than I did, and you had an incredible attitude about it. You really deserved Top 16 at this tournament.

@Skarmand I get so inspired watching you play. You put in the work and deserve everything you know you do. Your talk with me after I was eliminated is the best advice I've ever heard. I hope I never get to stop being your practice partner. I am looking forward to seeing you at NWM , Combo Breaker, and a potential PNW visit during summer.

@cloudKing211 we got to hang out a lot more. I'm so proud of how far you got in the bracket. And I'm really happy I played that set on sunday even though it felt like garbage, because I really think you know how to think about the game. I don't need to be afraid of being wrong or guessing wrong. I'm also surprised that you think i'm as strong as I am, but hey I guess I can't complain.

@Mike_Z I really enjoy talking to you and was surprised by the amount of encouragement you gave me. I know I said "you're telling me this so much" like it bothered me, but the pain stuck for all weekend so it was really nice to hear it. I promise i'll visit SoCal in the near future.

@hilaryyy you are so encouraging, kind, and amazing. Talking to you here reminded me of how much fun I had being around you at NWM. I'm really excited to hear that you're motivated to put in the work.

@Mr Peck You're an amazing person and player, very respectful and very creative. I had a ton of fun playing Casuals with you (except i'm never sitting on the floor while playing EVER AGAIN goddamn).

@mcpeanuts Love you dude. You played amazing and deserved to make it as far as you did in bracket. I was mad confident against you but boy do I still have a lot to learn! Anything else I type will be a repeat of what I type every goddamn time I get to see you.

@LazyBakemono We're really similar. Loved every moment I spent with you. I admire you as a player so much, and I know that you have the determination you need to be at the level you want to be. Hopefully I won't have to wait another year to see you. Also thanks for listening to my long-ass rant about gaming communities.

@Blaise / @BlaiseGod you never check skullheart so you won't see this but whoop I really love you. Sucks what happened to you in UNIEL Top 8, but you constantly make me laugh both on and offline.

@Fuzzy_Snugs I was super happy that you showed up despite NEC directly conflicting with your finals schedule. Don't know how you managed to be in two places at once. Grats on placing 4th, sending dekillsage, sonicfox, AND cloudking to losers, and winning over $800 of Makoto money.

@keninblack didn't see enough of you. You're really an amazing human being who never ceases to make me smile, even when things are feeling bad. You did a great job running the tournament, as always. Even if you're not really feeling the game at times, you're such an important part of my event experience in one way or another. #freejavel

@dekillsage I know things were really weird and you were feeling under the weather for part of the weekend, but I'm really sad we didn't get to talk whole lot because we always connect really well at offline events. Hope I can catch you at NWM before Combo Breaker.

@Pickles @Natezer @acfan I got to talk to you guys a lot about stuff with game communities and it was really, really sick. All three of you never fail to put smiles on my faces. Pickles, I know you're not happy with where you're at but I think you have a lot of motivation and a lot of heart when it comes to this game, so I know that if you put in the work you will be someone to watch out for in 2016.

@ShadeMoneh I am not kidding when I say you are actually one of the most important people in the SGC to me. I give you CONSTANT shit online and do things specifically to annoy you, but I really love you to death and especially had fun chilling with you in the spooky ghost lobby at NEC. Thanks for everything.

@Saske Since I got involved with you & the rest of the illuminati in October 2014, you've made really painful days feel good just by being yourself online. I finally got to experience that in person. You are honestly a really encouraging and caring person, with a... chaotic side that makes everything great in different ways. I really, really do love you and I already miss being around you.

@trainedbydeath same as above. I really love everything you bring to events just by being you. Never stop being TBD, because he makes me smile even when it seems impossible.

@WarpedEcho I was hoping we'd get to talk more, but as always I loved seeing you and you're always an important part of my east coast tournament experience. I'll see you at Combo Breaker.

Shoutouts to everyone who I hardly saw during this event but promise to be with next time: @PrettiestMedic @FuLLBLeeD @LSP @Zidiane @POS Industries

I'm so tired, I know i'm forgetting more people that I love and care about. I'll do a follow up in my next post.
Um, I'm not very good at this, but I'll try. Sorry in advance if I miss everyone.

I met so many new faces and, well fuck, that's not an excuse, but more of a surprise to see our offline events growing so much. I love it.
Ever since Combo Breaker, more and more people have been approaching me and asking me for tips about SG, which I always take as a positive sign that the community is doing something right. Basically, @everyone keep doing what you're doing.

Okay. More personalized stuff:

@Broken Loose: You saw my fear, my stress, and my inexperience the first fucking time I asked you about commentary, but instead of ignoring it, you decided to help. For that, I am so fucking grateful. You really helped me keep everything together and I can't thank you enough for that. Also, stop pushing people out of windows. I can't get Zid to shut up about it. I wish you didn't have to leave so early because I really wanted to spend some balcony time together or at least some time where I wasn't being pulled five different places at once.

@IAmAphroDynamek: I'm scared. I'm really scared. I'm fucking afraid, but I'm going to do the best that I can. This is gonna be relatively short because I've said it a couple hundred times so far, thanks for everything. You really helped our community grow and you gave us the visibility we have today. None of this would have been possible without KPB sitting behind us, cheering us on. I am so proud to be apart of a team that cares so much about this community and I'm more than happy to help with anything and I'll try to start sleeping more often lol.

@Mike_Z: Thank you for the compliments. I'm not surprised you thought all I did at majors was drink and stuff (since that's like 97% of who I am lol). Glad I could surprise you. Also, thanks for hopping on commentary.

@Dolfinh and @mcpeanuts: Both of you guys really stepped up to the plate for commentary AND in tournament. I'm looking forward to watching your new show grow, plus I've only heard great things about the commentary while you guys were on the mic. I'm hype!

@Skarmand: I really appreciate the advice and the 1v1 talks we had regarding community stuff. I want to keep giving back and helping the community. I'm also really amazed that you can balance helping new players, giving advice to intermediate and advanced players, AND placing high at every tournament you sign up for. That's amazing. I'm totally taking you up on that offer to be on IWBTS. Don't think I forgot. :D

@dekillsage: You did great in tournament, fam. Plus, not only at this event, but in general, thanks for all the advice you've given me about how to run tournaments and streams. Your feedback is amazing. I really hope you're able to start up the DeFoxSchool again.

@SonicFox5000: We didn't get to talk that much, since we both were busy, but good shit in MKX, fam. I saw the set and that 3-0 was fucking brutal. Its crazy that with as many games as you play, you're still able to come back and help out the SGC even if its just for a little while. I appreciate it. Thanks for not going esports on us. :^)

@dMags: You get a mention because even though you didn't show up, you were super amazing about the room and stuff. I'll see you at next GU monthly. Get ready to get bopped. XD

@Dhoppler: Goooooooooooddamn. TOP 16 BOYZ. That backseat coaching is amazing, son. I didn't believe in it until I won that MM against Fraud. Keep making Mid-West grow like you have been. Both you and @FuLLBLeeD are key to what's happening over there. Its crazy to think that in a few weeks, you guys are gonna be making moves and hosting huge events of your own (hopefully).

@FuLLBLeeD: Would you fuck a emo bird? I would fuck a emo, brooding bird. Never said this.

@hilaryyy: Good shit meeting you! Sorry about that mini breakdown after McPeanuts saw the shirt, I was just stressed that the surprise had been compromised. Teach me GG pls.

@Saske: Your words meant a lot and I appreciate it. That was big, fam. CAN I HOLD THAT $70 THO?!



@POS Industries: Thanks for doing some commentary. I wish you best in whatever you wanna do moving forward and hope it brings you happiness. Things haven't always been cool between us, but at the end of the day, we're still friends.

Other people I saw that I am too tired to write a personalized thing for: @Crypt Kiddie, Geno, @fenster (thanks for helping me win $5), Munoz, @Youkai_Shaw, @Lethalmind, PME, @Snerd, @Datagram (cannot believe you kicked me into losers), @drewski (CANNOT BELIEVE YOU KICKED ME OUT OF ANOTHER TOURNAMENT and happy belated birthday), @Hopscawtch, Mews, @trainedbydeath, @cloudKing211, and @keninblack (for all your hard work. you deserved much more than that headset. we love you. smooches)

And finally, to everyone that helped with @mcpeanuts birthday present: thank you. He loved it and I really REALLY appreciate it.
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I had a ton of fun this weekend. You guys are the greatest to be around. I didn't get to hang out with some people as much as I would've liked, since there were a ton of people, but I look forward to seeing you all again at the next tournament <3