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USA [Dec 11, 2015] NEC 16 - Main Game & $1,000 Pot Bonus (King of Prussia, PA)

..Medic was there?
He was in my pool. He threatened to make me watch the entire Lord Of The Rings trilogy if he beat me. I was gonna mention something about it in my shoutouts once I have a chance to write them.
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i still can't believe i did the thing where i almost left hirokuni at a local but instead did that to acfan while he ate his food
FUCK ;_; <3
It's OK. You'll make a name for yourself in two years.
Wow, all of this and I get not a single mention. Talk about your unsung heroes.

Its okay dude, I'm on the same boat. Nobody mentioned me either besides Aphro XP (thanks dude).

We'll be good enough one day to get noticed!

In all honesty, I don't really care. I don't really need a shoutout, I was just glad I could go and people obviously were thankful for me regardless.
Do I need to separate you two again?
Stream Archive on youtube?
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Yeah. When's YouTube archive?
That was not up last night.
Hey everyone, I'm back from NEC and I had a great time!

I honestly was debating whether or not to do shoutouts this time, and I decided against it for this particular event. Aside from chilling with people Saturday night (you know who you are, that was a great time!), generally I really didn't spend as much time playing Skullgirls/hanging out with people at this event as I really would have liked. As such, my interaction with most people was pretty limited and going through and @ing people just to say "I wish I could have played you/hung out with you more!" is upsetting because it just makes me upset I didn't get to hang out and play casuals with people to the extent I wanted to. So I won't be doing that this time around.

So here are my general shoutouts: I had a great time once again with this wonderful community. If I made an effort to say hi/bye to you (and I tried to with everyone in the community) just know I value/respect you as a friend and wanted to make sure I greeted you in some way over the weekend.

Honestly, the hotel being set up the way it was was a contributing factor to the whole "where are games? where are people hanging out?" questions flying around Twitter Saturday and Sunday night, but more importantly the reason it was so hard to get things going was we had a lot of people. The Skullgirls community has grown tremendously. This means that it really isn't possible to fit everyone in one hotel room anymore. This is a positive problem to have, as the community is experiencing growing pains for the first time in awhile. The SG community has the advantage of growing out of an initial, tight knit, passionate community into something much larger. It's great because we get to carry that passion into the larger part of the fgc, but unfortunately gone are the days of us getting to hang out with everyone as much as we want all weekend. With a friend group this big, that starts to become impossible.

I think the solution to this problem is what keninblack suggested over the weekend. Everyone should chip in for one or two suites at Combobreaker. That way, we can bring back the SG salty suite for future majors (the best part of majors, let's be real). It never really happened at NEC, we all just kind of split up into our own groups.

Thanks to everyone once again for coming out and making this community a wonderful one to be part of.

I had a good time at NEC, and am looking forward to attending Combobreaker, Frosty Faustings, CEOTaku and potentially NWM in the future. At these events, I'll be able to play games and hang out with people to the extent I want, then I can do real shoutouts again like I have every other time. See you all there!

I guess if I were to give one shoutout, it would be to WaWa. Thank you for providing much needed nourishment over the weekend.
Okay, finally got a chance to do this. My Shout Out Post

First and foremost I want to thank everyone who was involved in planning my birthday surprise. I don't know exactly everyone who was involved in planning it or keeping it secret or helping in other ways so I don't know exactly who to thank but if you were involved then thank you. I've never had anyone do something like this for me before and I'm still blown away by the whole thing. I guess the closest thing is the week when I left my last job someone asked me to help carry some boxes into the kitchen, and when I got to the kitchen there was a cake. Fuckin got me with that one. This is leagues above that, though. I'm really humbled that my contributions to the community mean as much as they apparently do to everyone. All I ever wanted was to get people interested in the game so that when I went to GU I'd have someone to play with. It's like I was saying on the stream with kenin, we used to go to majors and have to run round robin because we didn't have enough people for a proper bracket. Now the community has grown so much and it's filled with so many wonderful people. I don't know where I'm going with any of this and I know I'm rambling, what I'm trying to get at here is I love all of you.

More specific shout outs:

@Mike_Z thanks for the advice on how to improve in Skullgirls. Also I really enjoyed talking with you about JRPGs, I'm even more excited for Indivisible after hearing your ideas and thoughts on the genre. I'm gonna finish Wild ARMS 4 but I need to figure out where the hell my PS2 is lol

@[PME] shout outs to tags not working with your name, maybe you'll never see this, that'd suck. Congrats on making team East Coast, I know how much it meant to you.

@drewski shout outs to Drewski for being the only person who wrote something on my shirt about one of my non-Peacock characters. Beat Extend 4lyfe

@fenster shout outs to fenster for being the only person who wrote something on my shirt about a character I don't play. Congratulations on top 8. Please IGNORE Mike's advice and continue to play the trio in tournament because seeing point Band in top 8 is cool as shit.

@PrettiestMedic holy shit am I ever glad I won lol I don't think I could have made it through the LOTR trilogy again. It was great seeing you, congrats on being the best Hearthstone player in the SGC, YEAH CHILLDOG I SAID IT well chilldog's probably not reading this but w/e

@Dhoppler congrats on top 16. I promise I will stop being so hard on myself. I do NOT promise I will not do the FuLLBLeeD chant again, in fact I will probably do it at the next available opportunity.

@ShadeMoneh congrats on making top 8 in back to back majors, I'm super impressed with how much you've improved as a player. Lost my shit at the cross under level 3.

@WarpedEcho thanks for getting me back my toiletries that I left at your house like months ago. I thought you played super good during the east coast qualifier and just got bad luck with the random brackets. I wish you all the best of luck in your quest to find a team that doesn't let the other player play at all, it's a noble goal.

@SonicFox5000 congrats on winning MKX! Thanks for trying to get a "how old are you now" going after the happy birthday song, super glad that didn't get any momentum lmao

@BrandX+ there someone tagged you lol. Thanks for buying the cake! Also thanks for your efforts getting SIG to this tournament, it was a blast to play him.

@Zidiane haven't gotten to the match analysis of your vids yet I have been swamped but I will get to it by the end of the week. I need to do it before Saturday anyways so I can figure out how to stop you from winning two locals in a row. Congrats on being the best Tragedy Looper player in the SGC.

@Broken Loose congrats on being the second best Tragedy Looper player in the SGC. Sorry I didn't actually get to play but now that I know the rules hopefully I'll be able to play it at the next one. Thanks also for running interference for Sharpie, I legit had no clue what was up and I was actually starting to get kinda tight like "FUCK I don't wanna miss top 16". You are a very good liar, please always only use your power for good. It's always a blast doing commentary with you. Hope it's not too long before we get to hang out again!

@dekillsage you did it dude, you broke the cycle. You beat Sonic two majors in a row! Unambiguously the best player in the game right now, you put the most work in and it shows. Hope you keep playing Big Band so we can hear more songs, you should put up a Soundcloud page for your work, I'm a big fan

@Lethalmind congrats on making team east coast. Don't get too down on yourself about this tournament, you played great! I fuckin love seeing someone win with a team of 3 fireball characters C:

@keninblack same thing I said to Lethal applies, you played great this tournament so don't get down on yourself. Thanks for running the brackets for the whole tournament, thanks for running the brackets for like EVERY east coast tournament since vanilla, you're an amazing asset to the community, you're a great friend, and I want you inside me. What who said that? It was me. I said it.

@Hirokuni ...

@Tommer it was an honor to have you in the room, you're one of the coolest dudes in the SGC and I'm super lucky that you're in my scene. Good luck in your interview today although I guess by the time I post this it will have already happened. Good retroactive luck. Congratulations on your ground money.

@Saske I cannot believe how lucky you are with majors lmao. The only 3 you've been to are like the best 3 ever. What if it's not a coincidence and you make these events great by being there??? Nah prolly coincidence. Gratz on all your side bet money I am going to make it a point to never bet with you on anything lol holy shit

@Skarmand GGs and congrats, I cannot believe how much better you've gotten since when you first started (speaking of which now that I think about it you were also the first one to show me the power of slow bomb assist so thanks for that as well). imo you're right up there with the furry gods so keep at it, I don't think it's gonna be that much longer before you get 1st place at a major.

@DaydreamingSorc there someone tagged you lol. Sorry I fucked up the room situation but I guess it all worked out in the end. Always love hanging out with my favorite kohai.

@Natezer anime isn't real

@FuLLBLeeD sorry that I started a chant of your name to get your training partner to drop a double snap, that said I will do it again the very next time I have the opportunity. Had fun talking with you about white person things like Friends and high fives.

@Broseidon Rex we didn't have the chance for my runback at crunches this time but I'm gonna keep training and I will be ready for next time.

@Blaise thanks for your advice against SIG, it was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. I wanted to repay you during UNIEL but I couldn't think of any useful advice other than "don't have a malfunctioning controller", which I don't think is actionable advice.

@IAmAphroDynamek thanks for everything you've done for the SGC and good luck in your future endeavors!

@cloudKing211 great shit this weekend, there were so many times when I was commentating your matches and you did something that neither I nor Mike had even considered. Like skar I think you're right up there with the three furry gods of Skullgirls, you've beaten two of them already this year so now you only need to beat Sage. But wait, how come I never see cloudKing and Sage in the same place at the same time...?

@Pickles you keep getting better at every major dude. I was losing my mind at some of those Double confirms against Biz, I can't do that shit. Mike's advice to you is the best advice you could get, you really have to push past it when you make a mistake. Go rewatch my sets with Dolfin and Temple Nut I make a billion mistakes lol

@Dolfinh GGs, I was very stressed out about our set from when pools were announced right up until I got the final hit on Squigly. I had been running through the match in my head all week ("should I snap out Fortune to get the head off?" "should I hard knockdown tag to Peacock or should I leave Double in?" etc). It could have so easily gone the other way, you're a really incredible player. Looking forward to doing the match analysis show with you in the future.

@dapurplesharpie I said this all up in that first big paragraph but again thank you for my gift, getting everyone to sign it, and getting everyone in on the surprise. It means a lot to me. Congratulations on KPB, I know you are going to do amazing things with them. I know they're trusting you with a lot and it's scary so if there's anything you need help with like with running a stream or brackets or having content ready for one of your streams or ANYTHING please let me know, you're doing incredible work for the game and the scene and I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

Fuck I don't really have any more time to write this before I leave work. I am sure I forgot like 9999+ people, I'm sorry, I'm a bad shout out writer. Know that if you were there and we talked that I love you. If you were there and we didn't talk I still love you.
I'm plannin on hanging with the SGC more at Winter Brawl and not having to babysit a Tekken Tag 2 pool that half the people didn't show up for.
Shoutouts to losing my voice
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My shoutouts post is coming tomorrow, don't even begin to think that I forgot.

The only reason I'm not doing it now is because my new job is bodying me freeeeee
I feel the job bodying SO hard.
Shoutouts to everyone I talked to, tho, seriously.
And huge shoutouts to those I marked out about WWE with.
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Oh my god I completely forgot:

Shoutouts to @fenster @[PME] @Beamsprouts @Biz Casual @Hirokuni for doing so well for RK's first big tournament appearance. All of us were so close to Top 16 and I think that's realy amazing.

@Dreamepitaph You've grown so much as a person and player. It's exciting to hear that you're really impressed with my improvement and have a lot of respect for me, and this goes both ways for me. It's also nice to be able to have a conversation with someone about the defensive mechanics of SG and how much of a role they play in the game at a high level. Thanks for your support. Don't be afraid to hit me up on steam if you want to play.
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Man all these in depth shoutouts really make me wish I could have done more in depth shoutouts. Most of my time was spent waiting for the Third Strike tournament to start (if my pools weren't at 6 PM there wouldn't have been a chance in hell I could have played in that tournament) and trying to find out where people were Sunday night. ;_;
Yeah I'm sorry to all the people who showed up to my room Sunday Night that I kicked out. I was really tired of having a hot and stinky crowded room during the weekend. I told Skar and Cloud they could play their set on my setups (as most of the people with setups had left already) as long as the room didnt get crowded with people watching. I felt really bad when people showed up and i asked them to leave.

A suite is seriously a good investment for Combo Breaker. Someplace where we can just leave some console setups, do the exhibitions / casuals in that room, and just hang out.
Yeah turning away tons of people and hiding the room number so that its a secret is really fucking lame.

I want to see everyone but I don't want to be in a 40 degrees (that's hot) room where I can't move or breath.

We MUST invest in a suite next time.

If we can avoid the trade off of seeing more people and being comfortable we are golden, but for now we're getting too big for single hotel rooms.

The suite thread should be made closer to the events.
Will we NEED a salty suite at CB? Its a 24-7 venue and we'll have four or five setups downstairs all the time.
The downtime between tournament and late night was bad for getting games in.

Four set ups wasn't enough.
There also wasn't table space to set up anything else.

It was great when I was there 8am to 11am downstairs though still playing.

But you do have a point and we can wait for more venue information to be revealed.
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Suites probably won't be necessary for Combobreaker because it is a 24/7 venue (which had slipped my mind). But for other majors it is definitely a good investment. I only see us getting larger from here.
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I think setting up a Salty Suite would be necessary at BigE events and possibly EVO.

At both, there usually isn't enough room for us to play in the allocated area. Even the BYOC was really out of the way NEC14.
Pooling funds for two hotel rooms would make sense at those events.
Using a suite with space we control as opposed to space we don't for peripheral events?

I'm putting my setups in the first stairwell I find.
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