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Personal Drawing skullgirls is a metaphor

Great job, especially considering the length & amount of time to do it! Good feeling to finish a short film, eh? Seems to be getting rave reviews on YT.
Have a good trip, and thanks for that!
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I'd buy a body pillow of SovietZ just for the sake of it.

Then I'd send an entire prepaid shipment of those to L0.

Can you explain? I'm inexperienced in this area.
It's a thing about Steam Early Access. If you're not familiar with it, it basically is a different kind of release system for which games are released by the devs in beta or even alpha version instead of finished, so that they can keep developing them with the money they earn from the purchases of said beta/alpha builds.

This is how it's supposed to work, but because those builds cost money and don't go into solid discounts (usually only a max of 15-20%) some either ill-minded or lazy devs leave those builds unfinished or release them as full games while de facto being unfinished. It happens often but not always, like with Crypt of the Necrodancer which turned out awesome on full release or some other early access games that are still being updated by their devs and cared for.

Calling SG an early access game is, personally, wrong and/or inaccurate, as it was originally released as a finished game and PLAYED like a finished game. The development that followed didn't mean the game wasn't complete from the start even if there were only 8 chars.

It would be like calling TF2 and early access game just because it was released in 2007 and is still being updated, but it's not; it's just being updated with more content, but you could always boot up the day1 build and consider it a full-game build, at least for its time.
That doesn't mean you should play the day1 build though, it's just to say that this example (TF2) was never released as a developing game, but as a full game that then got updated more and more.

Back to the background of Early Access, add the troubled history that it had and it also assumes a negative connotation, hence the "YOU WHAT?"

Now back to creepy fan merchandise of Mike.
"But I mean, Skullgirls is complete"

But what about the 30 so other DLC Characters? RIP IN PEACE DLC Characters
Ah, never mind. Skullgirls is still an amazing game regardless.
"Skullgirls is still an amazing game regardless."

Yeah, it is. And even after Indivisible, L0 said something about returning to Skullgirls. I'm not giving up hope anytime soon!
Commission I made for Skullman, it's a parody of Sonic Classic Heroes ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

And some news:
-There's no one at home most of the time now I can stream at any time I want, tell me what time would you prefer so I can get ya'll in
-I'm thinking of doing a "small digital compendium" of the Skullgirls is done animation containing frames and stuff. Does anyone want it?
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I know I said it a couple of times, but thank you so much for this. It's better than I expected!
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Only now did I realise Carol has a render doll.

Where can I buy one, I need this in my life.
Razmi's stare in the second picture...Why does it make things funnier?
No Eliza, you don't know where that ass has been

But you know where it's gonna end up if you know what I mean hahaha hehea ehh alright ok we like to have fun here
now my favorite character