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USA [May 27-29] Combo Breaker 2016 (Chicago, IL)

Someone uploaded a top 8 video

I'm glad its been uploaded, but do we know if this account belongs to the original streamer? This youtube account looks like it just ripped all the Twitch VODs and posted them to a YouTube account.

I don't want to endorse people stealing content because I know @BGCallisto works really hard streaming and deserves all the $$ his YouTube videos get. Spooky deserves the same respect as well.

EDIT: Confirmed not the owner of these VODs. Please do not watch this video and report the YouTube channel.
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Totally agreed. These guys work hard, so let's make sure they get that ad revenue :)

SNS is up, now. I was really happy with how this went, this year. Excellent matches, and a super fun time.


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Late but thanks everyone who came out, and those who stuck around for SNS. Really love that you guys all have made Chicago your HQ and I love even more that our event was able to justify your choice.
Just saying if you had a major besides CB and FF id still be willing to go
*hint hint*
when you went "beat me w/ my character. Hah ok." I have mad respect for that pride.

I said this? When? But you have no idea the amount of tech and OS stuff I'm still keeping a secret
Not his first offense, he should be banned already from every major.
I dunno if Combo Breaker has the power to do all that
I feel that you took my post the wrong way. I didn't imply that you were goth. It isn't like I said you were wearing a black trench coat with piercings all over your face. For what its worth I liked your style a lot and you pull it off very well.

I was joking! I know you meant no harm, I'm just a barrel o lauuuuughs c:::::
I feel that group punishment would be best. Personally every time I see Noel Brown from now on, I'll just randomly grab his ass or punch him in the face. An eye for an eye.

We're better than this.
Even joking, we're still better than this.

Honestly, the response CB gave is fair, especially since this is the first time a player has been reprimanded for something like this. I'm very happy just knowing that the entire event was taken seriously and justice was given out.

It actually makes me feel a lot better about being in this community.
I've not really ever felt unwanted in the SGC specifically, but there are definitely times when I've felt excluded because I know there are certain things I can and can't say or do because if someone responds to it a certain way, I'll be attacked for telling them its inappropriate. I'm glad everyone took the right steps in this matter and I want to thank all of CB staff for their swift and professional dealing with this.

I feel much better about future events and can honestly say that I will never miss a Combo Breaker as long as its run.
That's a fucking promise.
We're better than this.
Even joking, we're still better than this.
Yeah it was a joke. Guess it was in poor taste. I deleted the post. I'm sorry if I upset anyone.
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Oooooooh yeah i also forgot, thanks @Broseidon Rex for the smores.


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I'm not saying majors should start hiring body guards or anything, but the FGC is growing and maybe in the pre-tournament staff meeting should address that if any incidents happen, to report it to the TO and write an incident report (not just for sexual assault, but for fights, verbal assaults and other matters too).
This, and work on getting the information out to attendees on who they can talk to if they're getting harassed. From the perspective of someone who's got some douche following them, there's no way to know who's going to care about you. It's been an issue at cons forever, but fighting game tournaments may still be small enough to start doing something about it effectively.
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So I'm not usually one to give shoutouts or anything like that, but I just wanted to thank everyone this year who helped out with the salty suite and basically forced me to rupture my voice box (not really but my throat does hurt a bit right now.) You guys helped out a lot and it was good to see it at least came full swing Sunday night when everything was wrapped up. I was happy with the results and it was good to see a lot of people, both new to tourneys and grizzled veterans, just hang out and play some casuals.

Hopefully anybody who's had this as their first tourney experience will continue to come out to more events and learn from the veteran players, because, yes, you want to win, but I feel more importantly, I hope you also want to learn. I feel that is very important and it makes for bigger and better competition. One step at a time I hope it encourages people who are hesitant to want to come to tourneys (or even their local events) and motivates them to be more sociable and more willing to learn and get good tips and suggestions from other people.

In closing, I love you guys. Don't look at me like that. I-It's not like I REALLY love you or anything...baka...

Also shoutouts to Mario Party money matches that was wild.
Swear I'm going to hit you up on that Parasoul advice next time I see you dude. Wish I could've gone to Salty Suite Sunday night (Salty Suite Sunday Stream next year, anyone?), but I was with a friend that day (one who doesn't really play SG, otherwise we might have shown up anyways).

(On the bright side, no Salty Suite Sat. night caused me to link up with @Lightning and crew for the rest of the day; shout-outs to ya'll)
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Shoutouts to So Cal representing pretty well over at combo breaker. Skullgirls was very hype at Fanime the same weekend! We had about 25 entries over here in Nor Cal and same crazy matches with K.Stacks and a few others and also ClawMaster as a dope Squigly cosplay.
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To the SGC,

May these recordings give you much pleasure, but remember: the proximity of a desirable thing causes overindulgence, and on that path lies danger. P.S. There are some treasures buried in there for you.

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You can get a shoutout for snoring! But, yeah, man, GGs. One of the few people I felt about even with instead of getting entirely outclassed.
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Damn it, I can't believe I missed out on the Mario Party madness...Pft. I'm top tier material, m8s.
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You were there and never said hello? I had a smack all ready and waiting, too! :^P
We played six fucking games together, asshole!
what pizza :| there was a slide of pizza i don't remember of?

Oh you're right that wasn't you it was Hobo. Damn I'm already forgetting stuff.
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I've been meaning to do a shoutout post for awhile now. The daily grind is so much worse after such a great time.