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PS3 Playstation 3 Danisen League

I lost to ShakeyFingers 2-0
Smashblade Squigly/Parasoul/Fukua

1st Dan Match SmashBlade vs kong468 2-0
Smash wins
i'll play you today. hit me up on skype wen you ready
For the Danisen? We can do that right now if you want. In an hour I won't be around until after 9 Central time because of work.
Since I'm not in a higher rank, I'll try switching my team to Peacock, Band, Fukua. In case I end up doing another match sometime.
i'll join.

PSN is DJPlace.
Team is going be Fukka/Eliza/Big Band.
well I'm in first dan now cause I'm switching teams to Parasoul/Fukua/Bella
Ok so Kenin may have abandoned this thread in which case i'll be glad to keep this running. I need at least ten of you who want to continue so speak up in whatever way or form. I might make a new thread and I might reset everyone to zero but you can all vote on that before I make a final decision. Rules will all be the same; you can change your team if I do reset you back to zero.Also, just be aware I host the skullbats online tourney every Saturday at 8pmest so maybe you all could consider joining that as well.
Call me a pessimistic bastard, but I don't see this getting started again if we make a new one seeing how many people signed up and that was it for them. That said, I'll be the first of that ten to get the new one started up. I might be wrong, never know.

edit: Like Adeveis said, you should all maybe think about joining Skullbats if you have the time Saturday nights. There's no pressure of elimination like a big tournament; you get a set amount of opponents and it's all for fun. The worst that can happen is you lose all your matches, but hey, losing is learning. I've been playing in it for a few months now, and I have nothing but positive things to say about it.
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I haven't played anyone in awhile but you can sign me up to continue.
Didn't join in the first time but if you do a revival, I'll hop on in.
I played once or twice in the first one. I'm not expert-level, so I'm not sure I'll be on the level of some of you, but like being active in the game almost every weekend.
Big Band/Fukua. Thanks.
Adeveis, you know I only run Fortune sooo....
And here I am

Still waiting for skullgirls for ps4 :(