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PS3 Playstation 3 Danisen League

I can play vs. people w/ping in the yellow or green. Not sure if I measure up to anyone's level in this topic, though...
So now that the patch is out can we try and repopulate this please? The only reason I stopped was because hardly anybody made it to second dan.
I think the only way to keep this going at this point is to start over with another Danisen league and try to get an actual, good amount of people to take part in it and not just sign up and forget about it like most of them did. Because when we talked to Kenin in the Skullbats chat about it a few weeks ago, it sounds like he doesn't care about it anymore because not enough people played matches in it, which is why he stopped updating all the scores. Or he said something along those lines; it's been a while, so I forgot what exactly he said.