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USA [Dec 11, 2015] NEC 16 - Main Game & $1,000 Pot Bonus (King of Prussia, PA)

Is there anybody with a car around so I can avoid the transit struggle?
Start mashing buttons and believe in IPS!

If you mess up and get baited, you end up with stains and maybe a child
Who got uber for cheap? I need details.
An uber/lyft ride from the airport to venue cost around $~40.
Good luck this weekend guys! I'm sure I'm gonna get bodied, but I'm looking forward to meeting some other people that play this game. See ya around the venue!
Yeah the rooms are huge. not sure if you saw when you dropped SIG off, but our room is friggin huge. I love the room size.

pic or it didn't happen. also is there a stream schedule anywhere?

found it for anyone interested

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I thought I saw Skullgirls 3v3 up there for Friday earlier.
If you want to play teams sign up at the front desk of the current venue room. You have one hour.
Where's the room for 3rd Strike? Been running in circles and I'm completely lost.

I'm probably too late anyway now...
Where's the room for 3rd Strike? Been running in circles and I'm completely lost.

I'm probably too late anyway now...
It's hidden somewhere. Ask the guys in Big E shirts I've seen them giving directions. Also @keninblack ??
SG teams are canceled apparently?
To be fair, this isn't Big E's fault - the venue kinda fucked him with booking other events tonight
So.... SG curse for the 100th time.
In other news, mcpeanuts is retroactively knocked out of t8 and replaced with corn.
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When I dropped the double snap against dolfinh it's because @mcpeanuts invoked the curse of @FuLLBLeeD on me.
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It was said "twerk, karma will stick with you, always".....that karma was eliza
yeaaaaaaaaaah... Call me mean but I personally thought you should have tossed off Para, she really wasn't helping you out there. But hey congrats man for making top 16. again I'm sorry i'm stuck here and not over at NEC. Just tell me the easiest way to pay you back and I'll do it asap. (heck even if it's snail mail I'll do it)
Congrats! Although I gotta cheer for my boy Skarmand/Liam because Canada.
Yeah thats fair Im still gonna give it my best shot though!
solo 4/7 mirrors is the new meta