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Introducing Monday Night Blockbuster Series!

on sundays there's the brazilian weeklies and skullbats so i can play if its later than those
Saturday nights are psnbats' nights. Most other nights I'm free though. After next Wednesday, I should be available for daytime slots too
Okay so it seems everyone is wanting this on a Saturday more likely then a Sunday. How about this. On the week of Skullmania, we can have the main tournament on Saturday, but the royal rumble and the exhibitions can be on Monday Night Blockbuster.
That'd work for me and presumably Fizz as well.
Monday works for me. But I don't really feel like having the tournament super late at night, these things can take hours.

To be fair there is only 14 people in the tourny, and if everything goes smoothly it would end quickly. I would say on average for this size of a tournament, it will be around 2 hours.
anything after 10pm est.

So normal MNB time then? 7pm? Also forgot to mention this will be seeded, so You may not even play first round and won't play till round 2 cuz of seeding
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Okay going to contact everyone but so here is date for Skullmania part 1! The exhibtion matches, and royal rumble will take place on the 15th of this month. Then a week after(22nd) will be the main event, at 7pm pst. Does this work for everyone?
Hey everyone! So I have contacted the players that will be competing, and so far most of agreed to attend the 22nd for the main event. The 15th will be the exhibition matches and the Royal Rumble. There were two players that can not make it for the main event, so since in this case two are dropping out, two spots are now open. So MNB tomorrow will have two new players entering to compete for Skullmania. If the case where the same person who already qualified for Skullmania gets into grand finals, it goes to the next person in line (breaking my own rule here, but hey this may be something I do rarely). So one last chance guys for your guarantee spot for Skullmania!

Sign ups: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/bDAZ24482C

Also for those signing up for Royal Rumble, If you already have competed and are in Skullmania, depending on the number who signed up, will be either taken out of the royal rumble. Royal Rumble is specifically set up for those who have been in any of my MNB tournaments who did not qualify for Skullmania, and this is the last change to get in.

Royal Rumble Sign ups: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/74GTK1Jx1R
Hey everyone! I am getting things ready for Day 1 of Skullmania next week. In the mean time here this past week's Monday Night Blockbuster action from this past monday. For more information regarding everything Skullmania, you can find it over at the Skullheart forms: http://skullheart.com/index.php?threads/mnb-skullmania.9085/

Monday Night Blockbuster OVA Season 3: http://www.missionstartpodcast.com/...eason-3/monday-night-blockbuster-ova-season-3

Royal Rumble Sign ups (enter only if you have entered in at least one tournament of the Monday Night Blockbuster series either it be season 1, 2 or 3.)

Skullmania has finally ended, and wow great stuff guys! Could of adjusted the game volume a bit, but yea overall great tournament. So as I said in the stream, I am taking a month off of Monday Night Blockbuster to catch up intros that I been putting off, and plan to make season 4 bigger then ever! If you still want to see what I am up to with the MNB series, I will be streaming on my own twitch channel of my video editing on Twitch.tv/clawmaster4. Its been about a year since the Monday Night Blockbuster series started. It started with just two people in the very first one, to at one point over 20 entries for the MNB tournament. Not to mention my commentary has gotten better over time.

With that, I see you guys in a month for the return of MNB Season 4, and the road to The Meltdown 2!

Sign ups:

New Rules:

Monday Night Blockbuster will be now from here on out, a Canada and USA only online tournament.

The person who wins in a Monday Night Blockbuster episode, a titantron video will only be rewarded to 1st place. If the winner of Monday

Night Blockbuster Episode has already won a titantron, it will go to the 2nd placer. If both players already have a titantron, no one will get a new titantron.

After you signed up, you must post your upload speed to the challonge discussion tab at the top of the page. You can do so by going to http://www.speedtest.net/ and copying the image code, and pasting it in the discussion tab.


You must have at least 2 mb upload speed to compete in the Monday Night Blockbuster Series. I am sorry, but this is to reduce lag, and make the tournament series as best as possible for everyone.
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So for those who missed it, here is the big announcements I made regarding the future of MNB and other cool stuff:

  1. MNB is now only a North American, and Canada online tournament. We are testing the waters in regards whats a good upload speed for people to enter. After tonight we are raising 2 mb upload to enter the tournament to lower the chance of lag so that everyone will have a better chance to play. Post your upload speed in the discussion tab on the challonge page after entering as proof of your upload speed.

  2. Eightysixed will donate a prize to add on the list of prizes for the winner take all end of season tournament. Thanks again for the support of Eightysixed thus far!

  3. The Free Per View events at the end of the season will be streamed on Eightysixed's twitch channel! Very much in the same vain as WWE the main seasons will be on https://www.twitch.tv/missionstartpodcast and then the big events will be streamed on https://www.twitch.tv/eightysixed.

  4. Tonight marked the debut of Matcherino for MNB! So from here on out, every season any amount that is raised through Matcherino will be added to the pot bonus of the next SG major. There are donation incentives including:
-Special shout outs -Giveaways for free commissions -Exhibition matches

You can read more about this information over at Matcherino https://matcherino.com/b/tournaments/3868. The money that is raise for this current season of MNB will be an added pot bonus for Frosty Faustings.

  1. A new MNB tournament on Saturdays! Time, and date are still TBA, but I am proud to announce that on Saturdays I will be hosting the Brazil online only tournament named Battlegrounds! They will get the same treatment like MNB with titles, seasons, and prizes. Both tournaments will be separate from MNB, and Battlegrounds, but will both appear under the same big event. So expect to see two tournaments for The Metldown 2.
All of which will be on twitch.tv/Missionstartpodcast. All footage again will be uploaded to both the site, www.missionstartpodcast.com, and on www.youtube.com/Missionstartpodcast1. :) lets do this!
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Still waiting for my titantron tbh
Still waiting for my titantron tbh

My bad! I forgot you had an intro too! I work on it as soon as I can, I been pretty busy with the GUTS skullgirls trailer. Its coming don't worry!