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    happy birthday

    happy birthday
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    Introduce Yourself!

    The digital art compendium is in the store on the skullgirls website right next to the soundtrack.
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    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

    If you aren't hot on jojolion from the blue hawaii part I don't feel like its a significant change of pace that might win you over. Still pretty cool though.
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    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

    I've been enjoying jojolion, I like how its kind of a weird remix of part 4 with stuff mashed together. The current thing going on feels like a combination of the parts with highway star, superfly, and pearl jam. thats from a nate dogg song.
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    Indivisible: Lab Zero's Action-RPG! (General Discussion)

    man the tone here kinda sucks and I feel like people are looking at it the wrong way. I was super attached to the old vasco design, and my biggest problem right now with the new one is the disney shoes and gun. But from like, a gameplay perspective the change kinda makes sense. Vasco's old...
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    LazyDiablos Birthday/pre NWM Kumite

    Whats the exact date and time on this? I'm definitely not going to probably participate, but I'll watch the heck out of this. Assuming you get a good turnout I hope you plan on bringing enough stuff to sustain yourself over the 5 hours this is going to take.
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    5th Annual Seven Man Kumitelee

    ggs to everyone who participated thanks for coming have nice days eat your vegetables
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    Should I get a Hit Box ?

    A ps4 controller will work on PC, at least for Skullgirls. It should be just plug and play, but a hitbox player might need to hop in and correct me if there's some extra fiddling required. In any case, if you only want one or the other, it'd probably be cheaper to get an inexpensive mechanical...
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    5th Annual Seven Man Kumitelee

    This Saturday, February the 18th, I will be running a kumite running from 12:00pm PST (3:00pm EST) in which I will fight in up to seven first to seven sets of Skullgirls. I thought that I would get in on the kumite trend while it's hot, and since this is the only time I plan on ever doing this...
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    Pause in replay

    It's not really possible to pause and get rid of the hud, and Duckator wasn't watching replays to my knowledge he was watching a video of the footage.
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    SG2 Ideas/Speculation (Lab Zero Please Ignore)

    Filia's clothes dont fit her because she's borrowing from other people because she's homeless and couch surfing. I think in sg2 each character should have three moons so the cast size effectively becomes 42 characters. and then I want grooves.
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    General Bug Report Thread

    Still happens, I haven't really caught it being a problem in a match until just now recently though.
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    Gaming General Discusison

    Warframe is a cool game with a lot of problems. Its got a ton of different weapons, and a lot of different characters you can use with them. The movement and shooting are pretty cool and satisfying, but there are some issues. Most guns function in their own cool special ways, and the modding...
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    What am I even doing anymore?(Kyu's Diary)

    diamond deflector is active frame 1
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    Peacock Gameplay General

    peacock reset with a not very conventional assist. should work on everyone except big band, I tested it on all different weights and the weird characters. It could probably be improved by an assist or item drop, I'm not entirely sure but I like this team and assist.