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The Unofficial Official Beta Discussion Thread


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Sep 22, 2013
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I actually like this a lot. I could see Fukua benefitting immensely from this as part of her problem is she needs to use meter basically any time she wants to use throw in a low/throw pre-hit situation or mix for confirms. Fukua's zoning is relegated to one projectile whose meter gain is based off distance traveled (so when using the up close darts they barely give anything at all), and shadows that if held sap her health as well, and don't build that much. She doesn't get a great amount from her combos either. Not only would better meter gain allow her to spend it more freely for confirms, but she could also do more double level 1 super routing for better damage overall, making the tradeoff of losing her health feel more worth it since she'd get more out of it. PW I definitely feel needs this as well, especially if install is gonna stay level 2.
About Fukua:

To start, I don't play Fukua, I'm sorry Fukua players that read this (but I wrote it anyway so I'm not that sorry). One thing I thought would be interesting is if Fukua still loses health for holding shadows maybe her shadows can have a base amount of meter build (on hit or whiff) but to incentivize holding shadows we balance the risk/reward with meter so that on a successful hit Fukua still loses her health but gains bonus meter to compensate for it (she will still build whatever the meter is for whiffing upon failure to hit or blocked). This could be a pain in the ass to implement and balance though (she could end up too strong again) so an overall meter buff for everyone might be the better way to go. (and also she can just have a base meter build on the fireballs 'cause they're currently overtuned.) (I personally think her shadow mix ups are really strong but since somehow fukua is still bottom 2 [I don't agree] or whatever maybe that would help her a bit while keeping her mostly the same?)

I'm very cautious when it comes to Fukua because of her past iterations, she can be a hard character to balance though so maybe she could be re-tuned a bit. Though personally I think she's more on the weaker side in terms of overall utility than singular character strength but again, I don't play Fukua but part of why I don't play her is that I don't like any of her DHC options (I think M shadow assist is cool and her style of zoning is fun but that alone wouldn't get me to play her).

(I quoted the above post mostly because it made me remember this idea I had for Fukua.)
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