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Beginner Resources Thread


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Aug 30, 2013
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Ms. Fortune Robo Fortune
This thread is going to serve as an index of content around the net that may be helpful to players that are looking to improve. The idea is that players can be pointed to this thread as a first place to look if they are looking for advice to improve on a specific aspect of their gameplay.

If you know of a guide, article, or other content that you think should go here, reply to this link and I'll add it.
General Guides
Attack / Defence

Game Systems
Character-Specific Guides
Ye Olde Flowchart Repository (Reddit) by @Night Phyre

Big Band
The Mech of Music - A Big Band Basics Guide by @Jason
Big Band Compendium by @mcpeanuts
Alex's Big Band Guide by @Alex12898
Big Band Reset Guide by @Azginporsuk

Double Character Guide by @LuxadeSwag

Eliza Compendium by @Mr. X
Eliza Character Guide by @LuxadeSwag

Filia Character Guide by @ashxu (Steam)

Fukua Compendium by @Dreamepitaph
A more up-to-date Fukua guide by @joshb911 (Steam)

Ms. Fortune

Ms. Fortune Compendium by @CaioLugon

Parasoul Guide by @LuxadeSwag
A Better Parasoul Guide by @LuxadeSwag

Peacock Compendium by @mcpeanuts

Robo-Fortune Compendium by @Yomabuddy


A Complete Guide And Introduction To Squigly by @Meow-Professor


Valentine Character Guide by @ashxu

Archived Guides - Still very useful, but may not account to changes post-Encore


Other Resources

Intermediate/Advanced Resources

Articles for other FGs, still interesting/informative
A Beginner's guide to Training Mode by Silmerion (Dustloop)
On Playstyles and Useful Terminology by Digital Watches (Dustloop)
Universal Fighting Game Guide by In Third Person
Maj's Footsies Handbook by Maj (Sonic Hurricane)
An Intermediate Guide to Opening People Up by JennyCage (Dreamcancel)
Online training groups for new players
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I've cleaned up the list a bit and added a couple more. I'm sure there are a bunch of new guides I've missed, so please comment here if you know of any so I can add them to the OP.
Oh yeah. I'll add that now. Most of the guides listed are also from MDE/SQG, so I'm not sure how many of those are now irrelevant.
Jesus christ, I never really looked at this thread but it's incredible! Great job to everyone who contributed!
@Vadsamoht Dude I'm so f-ing honored to be apart of this I didn't even get the notification I wish I knew about this earlier. Kinda feel scummy for shamelessly plugging in a thread two seconds ago. But anyways thank you
It's cool. This is really just an index of sorts, so every guide out there should be added if we know about it.
@LuxadeSwag If you can post a link in this thread, I'd be happy to add it.
So I've noticed that a lot of the links are of general tactics to practice.
I made some videos of some slightly more advanced tech for people to practice and utilize.

So the first video is of the fan favorite "wavedash"
Wave dashing is a tactic utilized by Filia only but you can see it in other games also its just a way to move faster cause "gotta go fast!"

The next video is a demonstration of "kara" moves
A kara move is a means of increasing the range of specials and supers in this video we will look at kara throwing with Cerebella :)
If any one has any questions about these tactics just shoot me a message and I'll try to clear up any confusion you might have and hey if your on steam I might be willing to work with you on utilizing these things :)
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I don't think wave dashing with Filia is that much of a benefit unless someone can prove that it opens up new tech.
It makes you track the opponent so you can chase people that jump over you or jump backwards without having to visually confirm it, and I already told you that you can do tech chases with wavedash to chase both ways without guessing
Wavedashing is a lot faster than just Dashing/Running, and Filia wants to get in the opponent's face, and that happens sooner the faster she's able to move.

Why would you need "new tech" for 'faster movement' to be good? Completely lost
Wave dashing is also a very scary thing to witness when utilized. Now I'm not an expert by any means at this game but I like to think that when people see someone wave dashing they panic and do something stupid which can be punished
I added some useful threads from the gameplay forum to this and removed the sticky status of those threads in that forum, but I also made a redirect to this thread in the gameplay forum to make it more accessible.
Just noticed that the fortune compendium is under archived MDE guides for whatever reason?


Also I don't see how removing the sticky status is gonna make anything more accessible
Well, the beginner resources thread is in the beginner forum only, so I put a redirect in the gameplay section so people don't have to keep navigating to the beginner forum to get to the thread.

There are way too many stickies in the gameplay forum, so I'm trying to cut it down by consolidating the meaningful threads under one index.
But lots of those threads are very useful not only for beginners, a player from another game might miss them because he doens't feel that this thread is appropriate for him
Then, should it be renamed to "Gameplay Resources?"

Because that's what I was going to make in the gameplay forum, but it seemed redundant when we have the beginner resource thread with all the same info.
I would like that actually, but I also think that having "beginner" in the title is a good thing since it draws attention from those who need it...

Can you make a redirect with a different name from the original thread?
I think I might be able to do that, actually. let me try something.

@CaioLugon How's that?
It's good to get to know the community. I'd say the player compendium is coming along nicely, and has garnered a decent amount of attention. Any way it could be a part of this, or stickied in this section?
Really useful lists, pretty good stuff included here and great information tools overall.

Noted : Under the universal FG info list, the "on playstyles and useful terminology" link redirects to a 404.

Since we're on the topic of general Fighting game info, I'd like to suggest that http://drunkardshade.com/ has some neat info on their general guides. You folks could give them a read. Also keep in mind it's a growing site.
Fixed. Thanks.
Updated with a handful of character resources, among other things.